Another Man Chilling in Plastic Chair Shot Dead in Brazil

Another Man Chilling in Plastic Chair Shot Dead in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with flip flops, Da Silvas, and stray dogs making it on video, but for too long it’s been overlooked that it’s also the country of plastic chairs.

In Governador Dix-Sept Rosado, which is a municipality located in the Microregion of Chapada do Apodi, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a young man was shot dead while chilling in a plastic chair. He took a few shots in the head, and died right in the chair he was sitting in.

The town of Governador Dix-Sept Rosado is named after Jerônimo Dix-Sept Rosado Maia, who was a Brazilian politician, mayor of Mossoró, and governor of Rio Grande do Sul. He died in an air disaster in the Rio do Sal region, off the coast of Sergipe state, before completing one year of his term as governor.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Can somebody pls explain why Brazil is such a ruined shitehole? I mean theres a lot of utter shite coming from Africa and Asia but Brazil is still a classic. Thais or Somalis, I can deal with that and do understand, but Brazil? I cant get behind.

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          1. We are also are quite isolated, so no one bothers to drag us into lots of wars (which happens in part due to the fact that people here are easy to manipulate), despite the occasional government toppling, although you never know…

          2. Latinos are very emotional and impulsive, that may contribute to the violence. Nevertheless, the aggressiveness, or perhaps it may be also called energy/vividness, inside me is not necessarily a bad thing, though, it may be channeled into something productive. It is also good at times to have a notorious fame, it is funny when you travel abroad, people are afraid of you, in a good sense, for it helps to scare away the niggers with their friendship bracelets…

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  3. No shit. Give it a quick rinse and it’s good as new. It’s not really worth sitting down on any proper leather or textiles if you live in Brazil given the high probability of bleeding out all over it.

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