Apache Pilot Murdering People in Afghanistan Shot in Shoulder with AK-47

Apache Pilot Murdering People in Afghanistan Shot in Shoulder with AK-47

FLIR footage from an Apache gunship shows a group of ZOG mercenaries and drug traffickers murdering people for fun and profit in Afghanistan. The mercenaries are stationed in Afghanistan to protect poppy fields that produce $63 Billion a year worth of heroin for their masters in Tel Aviv.

This video contains the perspective of two Apache gunships. At around the 4:45 minute mark in the video, you can hear the pilot say “1-2 going down”. The response is: “Hey 1-2, why are you going down?” The pilot responds with: “1-2 is hit. 1-2 is hit. Going down. I’m pretty sure I’m hit in the shoulder.”

Toward the end of the video, at around 12:50, I believe you can see the burst of gunfire that hit the pilot. The same gunfire from the other gunship’s perspective takes place at around the 4 minute mark.

The original uploader of the video said that the pilot was hit with a fire from an AK-47, which would have been a remarkable achievement on behalf of the shooter (modern version of David vs Goliath), but it’s possible that a bigger gun was used. Perhaps a Kalashnikov’s PK machine gun?

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    1. First i have been on this site for about three months. just looking then decided to register . with that you know i’m not just a pop in. Let me tell you all something if you’r an american,even if you don’t agree with every thing that happen’s keep in mind. THIS is life! an you should be dame proud of our men there just pawns in a big chess game that will never end. so next time you see a vet. SAY THANK YOU. because it was there ASS out there NOT YOUR”S. this goes for any video of our men.

  1. It sounds like one of the pilots has a vagina. Maybe somebody will shoot her in it and then she will need a bitch stitch. Why are the americans there? I forgot, if I ever even knew and understood to begin with. Is this where the 9-11 Saudi terrorists came from? It makes perfect sense if you’re stupid.

          1. I love all you guys & gals on here. Although we sometimes disagree and have little fights its all good as most, if not all of us here are very forgiving. I myself know this because of my retarded actions about a month ago that came out completely wrong. This is why i love this place. 馃檪

  2. Excellent footage. The American Government are trying to force Hamid Karzai into signing an agreement that would see ZOG troops staying in Afghanistan way beyond the 2014 supposed withdrawal. He wants them out. I guess he (Karzai) woke-up & smelled the coffee. John Kerry, on the other hand is heading to meet his Puppet President in Ukraine,,, get this, saying that Russia is invading a Country under false pretenses. The only People operating under false pretenses anywhere are the Israeli killers and their American buddies with their New World Order Agenda. Hats-Off to Putin & Russia.

        1. Hamin Karzai is first and foremost a politician which in itself makes him a slimy and arrogant character. He plays both sides for his own and nobody else’s benefit. He is stringing the US Government along for money and support and throws temper tantrums when doesn’t get his own way. Then he tries to circle jerk with the enemy to say he was one of them against us. Dumb puppet thinks he will survive once his strings are cut. He is trecherous self serving arrogant prick who deserves what’s coming to him when the US pulls out. We shouldn’t even be there anymore. al Queda has for the most part pulled out of Afganistan and into places like Syria, Iraq, and North Africa.

          1. Yes, i agree Senor. but the reason he is pissed now i think is because he does not have control of his Poppy-Fields and therefore much less coin to run his country with. The U.S. will not leave completely for years to come because of this new found Poppy riches. He was telling the U.S. that they should concentrate their efforts along the Pakistan mountains where most of the insurgents are coming in from, instead of killing innocents in small villages surrounding the Poppy fields claiming that there was insurgents in that area instead.

          1. @Broke & Ali, I would have more faith in both of you to run both Canada & the U.S together. I honestly think that if Justin Trudeau gets elected, we Canadians will be shocked at the many good changes he will bring to our country including legalizing canabis 馃檪

          1. Your right Senor. I really loved John F. Kennedy! He said that one of the first things he wanted to do is make all Secret Societies Illegal which would have made a huge difference in local & global affairs. All for the good of the American public of course. But Israel would have none of it and assassinated him. That was a sad time for Canadians & Americans alike!

  3. Ummm….haha…uhh…target practice!!…it’s no different in the poppieseed farms in whatever Asian area I’m thinking of right now..I just woke up so I cant think of it…WAIT NO these fuckers got it nice compared to the Asian heads on a stick..lost their heads just for fucking around in the same areas as their drug field was…ooof…these people should be happy they didn’t lose their heads to die..meh..

  4. There is a block of support in the U.N. for Iran (believe it or not) in an agreement to curtail the opiate traffic into Iran which is reeling from drug addiction. This is part of an agreement to slow the nuclear development in Iran.

    1. And the reason behind slowing down the nuclear development program in Iran is due to the American government being scared shitless that if Iran manages to develop a nuclear missile program they will then use it to fuck up Israel meaning the American government would lose their middle eastern puppet country and any advantage they have in that part of the world.

    1. It was a very cool vid Juicy. Off topic, but are you and LadyWicked ok with all the floods and mud slides that happened lately in Cali, or were you gals lucky enough to escape natures fury ?

  5. I could watch this shit for hours, it’s like a computer game. The brutal reality of death is certainly reduced for the chopper crew, just shooting at little white snackbars, with no blood, and no “alahu akbars”. That’s must be the best part of the job, you can’t hear the fuckers death chant.

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