Argentinean Businessman Stabs His Gold Digging Wife to Death

Left Hand Pointer, and Right Hand Middle Finger Are Epic

Claudia Schaefer (44) and Fernando Farré (52) where a couple going through a divorce process. They lived in one of Buenos Aires’ (Argentina) wealthiest neighborhoods (Recoleta) and had a Country
house at Martindale.

According to Claudia’s lawyer, she had obtained a restraining order against Fernando on August 3, after they had a heated argument in which he ended up choking her with his knee in front of their 3 kids (8, 11 & 13 years old), one of whom is autistic.

In the restraining order she also mentions he had been in psychological and psychiatric treatment ever since he lost his job in October 2014 (gold digger had no interest in staying with the man who’d lost his lucrative job).

Somehow they agreed to live separately, and she stayed in their Recoleta place, while Fernando stayed at the Country Club. One day, Claudia made arrangements to return to the Country House to pick up some of her clothes and belongings.

On August 22, 2015, they had a meeting in the Country house, Claudia accompanied by her lawyer, and Fernando by his mother. At one point, the estranged couple was left alone in the kitchen, where they started to argue.

Fernando supposedly took 2 knives from the kitchen and kept pushing Claudia into a walk in closet, where things got physical. He locked the door, and started to choke her. He then slashed her throat with one of the knives.

The screams alerted the lawyer and Fernando’s mother who rushed to get to the fighting couple by breaking the closet’s windows from the outside, and trying to tear the door down.

Fernando also stabbed Claudia in the chest, who quickly bled out and died. Fernando, who was a business mogul, came out of the closet (unintended pun), sat in a garden chair and waited there for the police to come for him, apparently not resisting arrest.

Props to Best Gore member Beta Gom for the pics and backstory:

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  1. Relationships shouldn’t be death or suicide pacts.
    There will always be hard times….that’s when you find out what the other person is made of and about.
    No excuse to murder the other.
    Years from now instead of probably being in another relationship and happy he will be living in a box and 3 children will have no parents.
    Go for a walk….maybe a really long or permanent one before you put your hands on someone.

    1. If she really was a gold digger, she was a greedy and spoiled person. I’d say its best, she only lives for a mans hard earned money, therefore she shouldn’t get a chance to take another mans money. One less superficial, materialistic bitch in the world..plenty more to go around

      1. Can’t tell much other than there’s a dead woman on the floor and a butt hurt douchebag in custody.
        I don’t go for the menanazi or the femanazi line of thought…I’m actually pretty happy being married.
        I’ll throw out a new ideal on what it could have been…I mean a grown man with kids doesn’t bring his mommy along to help him sort his bull shit. I know I wouldn’t subject mine if she was alive and I found myself in a messy divorce.
        But is it possible Mr. I Had It All
        became un-hinged when he lost his job ?
        Could be a lot of things and in the end she could just be an evil cunt….but killing your spouse is extreme.

        1. @rayf seems like a good possibility on him losing it after his job. Also , after freaking out in front of the kids the wife probably was afraid to let them go over there anymore. Losing your job, your mind, your wife and kids could make someone do something crazy.

    2. @rayf
      very well said

      But in this episode I may like to add that loss of his job and the other compounding frustrations accompanied by more of the other house hold woes had him pull that thin thread of insanity over sanity .
      He went murderous because he felt he was doomed .Getting argumental in front of children showed how worse were both in their behavior .

      Its funny why didn’t he go killing himself as he can’t be with the kids no longer but in the jail serving a life term . There is no excuse taking someone else’s life just because someone is going through a bad patch in their life.

      The couple in their madness has left the children bereft for life and nearly orphaned .

  2. They’re both fucking scumbags. The rotten gold digging kunt got what she fucking deserved but the husbands a piece of shit himself for beating her infront of their kids. I’ve known both gold diggers and abusive fathers and honestly I don’t know which piss me off more.

  3. I thought a ‘gold digger’ was a person who is in a relationship for money, not love? I would suggest this woman did love this man, she had 3 kids to him, 1 was 13 years old, so they have been together a long time, there must have been love at some stage? She might have been right there with him at the start of their wealth? A stay at home mother is not a gold-digger. A women who wants a divorce because her cunty husband beats her is not a gold-digger either. I bet he was a cheating prick too.

      1. Most rich businessmen have a mistress/girlfriend, it’s not usually a secret from anyone, THAT type of woman is a gold-digger. The mother of his kids, the one who has to put up with all his shit, the wife, that’s not gold-digging, that’s marriage.

          1. @tas Not like movie blood, her blood really gelled. An amateur murderer wouldn’t expect that if they think they could clean up a murder scene.

          2. Her blood got everywhere! That brown checked suitcase to her right, that’s Louie Vutton, that case would have cost $3000! Someone will try and clean that!

          1. Some, but not as many as men who kill their wife (and kids) just like in this article, the man killed the women, because he couldn’t control his anger. You are not allowed to just stab someone, anyone to death, it takes a special type of psycho to stab your kids mum to death. He doesn’t like his kids either to do this.

        1. Tas Tiger you are so right, but to some men if a woman leave a man, even if the man is beating her or choking her, is a gold digger no matter what. I know if I had a husband that choked me, even just one time, I would leave his ass so fast, I would not care if he had money or not I would not stick around no more.

      1. “In the restraining order she also mentions he had been in psychological and psychiatric treatment ever since he lost his job in October 2014 (gold digger had no interest in staying with the man who?d lost his lucrative job).. “That’s why she left him! She was with him before he had his business also. It’s typical for a man who looses so much money to go off the deep end. She was bailing to keep herself and the kids safe because of his behavior. How that even is close to a gold digger… Is anyone’s guess ..

    1. Actually, she was rich. She was the one that helped her husband set up his business oh, and he also used to beat her. She filed for divorce and he decided to be an asshole and killed her,

      Source: I’m an Argentinan bitch who loves reading about this kind of stuff

      1. @Wizzilla, he probably lost and spent HER money, no wonder she nagged at him or whatever. I bet he spent money on a real gold-digger (girlfriend who knows about the wife, but doesn’t care) I hope he gets beaten in jail for this.

    2. I wouldn’t think that just because they had kids for an extended period of time that there was any sort of fairy tale romance. There were probably just staying together because they thought that would be best for the children, or essentially putting what they assume is best for the children ahead of their own interests.

      And a stay-at-home mother isn’t necessarily a gold digger, however if the man is the only one employed in that home and she is not bringing in any means of income to the household itself it means the wealth going into that home is very lopsided. It’s also not divorcing a cunty husband that’s the problem, the problem is when he loses his job and therefore his income where the women might start demonstrating “gold-digging behavior”, because what better way to get cash then through a divorce settlement?

      Women do have a predisposition to marry a man based on resources (aka “hypergamy”) partly because the man has been better equipped to gather resources then the women has (a product of sexual dimorphism within humans favoring the males), so I’m betting this women was willing to put with his abuse for all these years so long as she was gaining something in return. This doesn’t mean the man is an angel, but there wasn’t anything else stopping her from leaving before they procreated and things really got messed up.

      Finally, I’ll finish with this- she wasn’t married to a guy in a slum, she was married to a guy whose income was apparently enough for them to live in one of the wealthier areas of Buenos Aires on his paycheck alone. Or as Kanye West would put it:

      “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger,
      but she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas…”

  4. Wait a sec Fernando…You’re a business mogul with BIG bucks? And now you’re SHIT and pretty much…life over…because of some dime-a dozen parasite rag? You fucking asshole! You could’ve cried like a little bitch in your fat bankbook for a bit and then had the world at your feet…Zero fucking sympathy

    1. Lawyers have a way bro…probably going to represent the husband at his murder trial now and soak his mom for all her stuff too….as usual the only winners are the lawyers.

        1. hey i’m a lawyer. how exactly are lawyers scum of the earth? are you saying when cops come and arrest you and throw you in prison and then you are charged with a crime you’d rather not have legal representation?

          1. I wouldn’t put myself in a situation to where I’m being arrested and put in jail or prison. If something did occur and that happened I would have no choice other than to represent myself or find a scuzzy lawyer to try to help me, even if the majority of the time I don’t think they do. I don’t have to like them.

    2. When I was married I had a big house with a double garage, sports car, two motorcycles and a snowmobile. After my divorce I ended up moving into a two bedroom apartment and all I had was my car, a bicycle and my penis pump…and the memories of fucking my lawyer’s secretary.

    3. @Empty soul
      There wasn’t any hint of their reaching any settlement out of court. The reason why lawyer’s accompaniment was thought upon by the lady was to have her reach not alone but with the others to further avoid impending altercations .

      And If it wasn’t for the moment when they were left alone . Sanity would have prevailed and they would still be alive .
      And remember Lawyers are never at a loss for revenue as they have many a goats to slaughter instead they make the party go inconsolable when they have to go paying their fee.

    4. Felt like settling it this way with the ex wife and her jew lawyer a few times but not worth it….definitely know how one gets pushed to the breaking point like OJ if the woman uses the kids….just had ex father in law shoot and kill kis ex son in law…ex husband got order of protection on his ex and she was arrested for violation and jailed…father was no doubt thinking you SOB dont getmy little girl jailed…he shot him and than burnt his mothers home down….when you get police, lawyers and most anything its like throwing gas on a fire…wouldnt wish divorce with kids on anyone…sad that it got to that point…

    1. more like mental illness. I don’t think money had anything to do with the murder. you have to be mentally ill to do something like that. let me see what makes more sense to a normal person, divorce your gold digging wife and start your life over or murder her and o to prison for life and get butt raped and have 3 orphaned kids.

  5. Pic #1

    Surprise mutha fucka!!

    This is why I will never get married. Ive worked my ass off for what I have and I’ll be damned if some uppity bitch is getting it. Fuck and chuck is the way to go. Inseminate and exterminate.

          1. Jack, I’m going to be gutless and stay Switzerland (you know, not taking sides) on this one, but as a fellow Aussie I’ll always have your back, *wink wink, nudge nudge

          2. @tas tiger

            stay swiss !! and still go taking sides .Hey that’s bizarre and not the rule of advocacy tas . You saw it coming because beyond few words he limits his commentary and goes all out retard . Add to that he was nudged hard and has little of that boil in him still left over one of the past thread where he acted fucking like only the droolers do But I ain’t gonna go shaming him more

            LOL your vision seem myopic as always .Well you ‘d be able to see celarly if you take that fuck of a hat off your perennially pissed up head
            I had read that already and given you back in the same coin .
            Go buy some candies for ya.
            you are one cry baby who needs to be consoled and I got no time for this.

          3. “I ain’t gonna go shaming him more” lol I swear you really are a fucking retard. Now you see the only difference between when I do it and when you do it is that I don’t expect an online romantic relationship like you do you fucking idiot. I already explained to you that just about everyone here flirts to some degree but we all keep it to a fucking limit, I don’t see a pretty face in someone’s avi and think to myself “a female! I MUST talk to her!” And I’ve never once taken up an entire thread with that shit either like you have on multiple occasions. Btw it’s also pretty obvious that I’m not the only one that you fucking annoy here, I’ve noticed that some of the women you talk to here are just too fucking polite to tell you otherwise. A lot of us are thinking it… But right now I’m the only one who’s saying it…

          4. Look who’s talking!

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            I had even told you
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            You had started it all in the first place and now don’t try pulling strings

          5. You colossal, fucking idiot.

            “Romanticizing avi s here and sucking up on an entire thread is not my type”

            Go back and look through some older threads then you fucking moron.

            “to me you?re rant sounds like one of the weirdos one finds in town seeking every woman?s sympathy and calling shots”

            To me, almost all of your fucking comments make you sound like a loser who can’t get a fucking girlfriend so you try to do it here.

            “Flare up !!cause I have stepped on your tail once again or listen up cause its about how you feel and If you go this personal then you are the one who must be called a true retard.”

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          6. @blucon, please, I don’t want you to be upset at all (I can tell you really love this site) I will still ‘chat’ with you, I usually answer any of your comments, don’t I? Chin up, mate, just about made me cry (if fact I had to go blow me nose!) I hope we are still BG buddies?

          7. @tas tiger

            ummm …didn’t see ya cry nor seen ya blowing your nose at all tas ..just kidding
            is that sarcasm or something .?
            Hey but I do appreciate the fact that we’re BG Buddies by the end of it all ; and for pete’s sake I wouldn’t want ya starting to get me to lock horns with some sissy of a twat who’s seems to be hollowed down with his own miseries and pains.

            Now just whisper to me why did ya want it all started ? ……….

            I think I’ve gone chinning up but then again .. anyway let the gore times roll.

          8. @tas, I know I don’t always show it but I like you, ok. I do. But if you really wanna keep talking to him then just give him your email. I’m fuckin sick of this idiot posting one fucking comment after another all over the place and taking up entire threads like he’s done again on the post right after this one.

        1. I know, I just got a little upset with this article. As a mum, I can sort of identify, her last thoughts would have been for her children and how upset they will be by her death, especially at the hands of their father, this is domestic violence turned murderous, nothing more. I love reading about this type of crime though, I mean I don’t like it, but I have read a lot of true crime. At least he didn’t pay someone else to do it, I guess.

          1. True, this was very selfish of the father in this case. The children are the real victims here. Now they get thrown in the system or with a relative that prolly doesn’t want anything?to ?do with them. Sad really.

  6. I don’t share too much personal stuff but his seems like an appropriate time. Some may call me stupid but in the end it worked exactly as I knew it would. When my ex and I divorced I agreed to a lot most would laugh at. I paid a huge amount of child support, took on a lot of things she wouldn’t do. It frustrated the shit out of me! However, everything I did for her was thru emails. Then one day I learned her piece of shit boyfriend hit my 5 year old daughter and bloodied her noise!!! Thru all the appropriate agencies I have gained all control of my two kids. They are now happier and safer. When she tried to take me to court they laughed at her and basically told her she needed to learn parenting skills and a whole lot more I won’t bore you with… BTW… the boyfriend does not get a pass. My wife is very good at researching anyone… Found out he was making money and wasn’t paying his taxes. For 5 years… So, she turned him in. And, I told him if either of my kids so much as loses an eye lash and he’s anywhere near by… I’ll be there.

    Sorry for the rambling… I’m still struggling with this mentally.

  7. “Cuts Like A Knife”

    Drivin’ home this evening
    I coulda sworn we had it all worked out
    You had this boy believin’
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    Oddly, modification of this “song” was not needed.
    Oh and Bryan Adams, learn how to spell “Brian.”

    *farts in Canada’s general direction.*

  8. This guy is such a selfish asshole, i don’t know why there is hate against the wife. being a gold digger doesn’t make it right to murder her like that and also ruin the life of this innocent kids. now the kids are going to be orphans without a mom or dad, that’s selfish as hell. also to the people calling her a “gold digger” this guy most likely married her just for her looks which is also just as shallow as being a gold digger.

    1. also all people are shallow as fuck. all women are “gold diggers” to some extend, they either love a guy bc he is good looking or has money or combination of both, and men are the same minus the money part, if a chick is cute / has a nice body they’ll love her. it’s shallow both ways, if you think most women marry a guy without caring about his looks or money then you are delusional. try being ugly / poor and see if you’ll find an attractive women that will want to be with you.

      1. @Persian
        For some of the witch heads of the modern times what’s primary on their mind is “LUST AND MONEY ” and being in a true relationship for as long as parents have been I need not comment any further .

        It turns out to be blood and gore

  9. @ate – just curious as to what formula you used to arrive to your conclusion that Ms. Schaefer is a gold digger? Can you offer any proof of your accusation?
    I did some research regarding this story and I must tell you that your charactisation of this women is totally off base. She had a job, he did not. The person with the problem was him, not her. He was the one on Medicine and he was prone to violent mood swings. He is a coward. She had suffered his violent moods swings for the past ten years and she had enough of his violent behaviour towards her. She wanted a divorce. She did not want to be with him because he was physically abusing her, but in a final cowardly act, he made sure that no one else could have her and killed her.

    And you @ate and others want to call her a gold digger? Go do some research and get the truth. That’s a nice shot of her snatch.

    1. Whether @ate was being serious or not is debatable, the common perception being the catalyst for the description perhaps. Either way, it got a few tongues wagging, or rather, fingers flapping, which was likely the reason behind it.

  10. Why does she have to be a gold digger? They had 3 kids together and the oldest was 11, so they were together for a long time. It seems he became mentally disturbed after losing his job and therefore more than likely becoming abusive.

  11. funny how fickle a bitch can be over money. this is what you call karma for the falseness and materialistic desires of the female nature. this piece of shit got what she deserved and no doubt she had been taunting him over his loss of employment. once again the true evil nature of woman shining through, well not anymore for this one and i hope her spirit is trapped on the lower astral planes as she screams and shouts for attention and still does’nt realise she has now left her selfish body and now must drift aimlessly through the lower astral planes and maybe hope to start again on the pathway as an insect or some species of fish.

  12. I don’t really understand the moral behind this one… I suppose I’ll just start dating homeless men from now on, then everything should be fine?

    Also she looks a bit unkempt and frumpy. Real gold diggers wear the best designer clothes and keep themselves pristine. This one just looks like a common case of “if I can’t have your venereal diseased pussy then no one else can!”

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