Arkansas Police Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

Arkansas Police Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

This video dated April 2011 was recorded on a police cruiser dashcam in Trumann, Poinsett County, Arkansas. It was released to public on August 7, 2012.

Officer Jonathan Schmidt conducted a routine night time traffic check on a vehicle he suspected was driven without an insurance. The officer also questioned the driver, whom you can see in handcuffs in the video for an unrelated warrant.

Officer Schmidt later opened the rear door of the stopped vehicle where a passenger by the name of Jerry Lard was seated. Being a Gun Snackbarist, as soon as the door opened, Jerry Lard shoved a gun in the officer’s face and opened fire, hitting officer Schmidt in the chin, neck and wrist.

With the officer down, the pecker deprived Gun Snackbarist walked around like a chav loser who carries a gun to feel relevant and addressed Jonathan Schmidt by yelling “What you got, bitch?” I would expect nothing less from a Gun Snackbarist. Got to compensate for insecurities somehow.

Jerry Lard also fired at officer Corey Overstreet who was at the scene with Jonathan Schmidt. The latter is then overheard off camera to plead for his life: “Please don’t shoot me. Please don’t shoot me again.”

Gunshot wounds Officer Jonathan Schmidt sustained claimed his life. Gun Snackbarist Jerry Lard was arrested at the scene and later sentenced to death.

Like I haven’t said it enough already – non career criminals kill because they have a firearm. Firearms make killings easy. Without a firearm, the person would get over themselves and life would go on. With a firearm, they take lives. It happens all the time, always the same. Gun Snackbarists are a danger to everyone. They are a time bomb waiting for the right trigger to set it off.

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129 thoughts on “Arkansas Police Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop”

  1. america fuck yea rednecks are kinda the most dangerous freaks in the world, sharing the podium with mejicano NARCO SICARIOS perhaps. The latter seem to be even bolder and crazier, but are handicapped by their inability to hit a target once with an auto weapon without wasting at least 2 clips of ammo.

    1. the mistake is believing that STATE regulated monopolies or prohibitions will solve anything.
      I can bring you the case of 2 or 3 cities in countries with heavy regulations of firearms where more cops get killed per year than in all USA together in the same year. Obviously, criminals almost never use legal weapons, so the controls are pretty much completely irrelevant to reduce crime.

        1. Thats very nice Dahmer, but I dont carry -even- pocket knives with me, I have temper management problem and if stabbing or shooting someone was an option for me, I would use this option, thanks god I opt to get my ass kicked instead of shooting someone during a fight, even if I am %100 right. I am sure my type of people are more than normal people like yours in today’s world.

          1. @rooster
            Sounds like youre putting unfair pressure on pro gunners to accomodate your lack of self control. So because you have a shitty temper i shouldnt be allowed to carry a gun to protect myself from you and other people with shitty tempers who have weapons such as a rock or bottle(yeah its not that fucking hard to kill someone with things other than knives and guns) that can be used to kill? Great fuckin plan sir.
            I dont EVER start fights. Ill be the first to walk away from a confrontation. I have many times. (Probably too many. Some of those fuckers deserved an ass whooping.)
            I mind my own business when i can and treat people with respect until they give me a reason not to. You and your ill tempered friends are the ones whose rights should be put on a leash.
            Sorry if i sound like a dick. But im just trying to say it how it is.

          2. Jamal…

            Methinks that Rooster is chatting bollocks.

            He claims that him and his friends are an awful bunch of ruffians who aren’t afraid of murdering people…

            We believe you Rooster.

          3. @trooper
            Methinks you could be right.
            And either way, it only strengthens my views on being a “snackbarist.”
            If i remember right, youre living in the UK? The laws concerning self defense and firearms are very strict there arent they?

          4. You are right Jamal.

            Yes, the laws regarding self-defence and firearms only benefit the criminal…

            It is against their ‘Human Rights’ if they are hurt or offended in any way during their quest for shiny things… Usually hard-working, law abiding people’s shiny things.

          5. I don’t carry pocket knives, but my pockets have such holes that all what it contains ends on the floor. I can’t imagine how it would be like if I carried knives inside them!

  2. Yea, pretty fucked up mark , but so true. No gun = no dead cop . That stupid prick looks like he sucks sausage on a regular basis . Goof probably would have begged that cop to hand cuff him for another reason had he not had that gun. For that officer (R.I.P.) For that degenerate queer (may your arse hole explode being everybody,s bitch inside).

  3. Very sad.

    My sympathies are with the Officer’s family.

    However, I think it is wrong to categorise ALL Pro- Gunners into ‘Gun Snackbarists’… Take for example, I only believe Shotguns and Rifles below a certain Bore/ Calibre should be made available for civilian usage.

    If a person would like to use any other weapon… I believe firing ranges should make the facilities and weapons available on a ‘rental’ basis.

    And was this Lard character carrying the weapon legally or illegally I wonder?

    I suspect the latter.

    Not all of us are loonies. I have seven shotguns in my house. Yet nobody in my family has killed anybody with them.

      1. Never.

        Not even at our most angry do we pull the guns out.

        In all fairness. The gun laws pretty much make it so difficult to load a gun in your own home and use it as a weapon in anger.

        Take for example, the gun (unloaded) has to be stored in a separate room to the ammunition.

        I think that even if one were allowed to keep a loaded gun at the side of the bed (to use against intruders)… It would never be used I anger.

        Famous last words! Hahaha.

          1. Rooster.

            You are chatting out of your arse a wee bit now. Acting a bit of an internet Hard man.

            If you were such a ‘trouble maker’… It is not to difficult to get your hands on a firearm (legally or otherwise).

            I never said that we would NEVER shoot anybody under any circumstance.

            All I said was that we wouldn’t shoot EACHOTHER under any circumstance.

            If indeed a ‘trouble maker’ had came into my house. I would find it much easier to wrap a baseball bat around their / knife them/ kick the shit out of them… then run upstairs and hastily load a firearm.

            I would do it if I had the time. No worries on that front.

        1. @ trooper I as always am with you on this one. Growing up as a kid , had lots of fist fights when drinking, but trooper, that was it . no guns, no shooting or killing and we all knew where our fathers rifles were & sometimes we would brag about who,s dad had the better rifle. But after these fights we would buy each other a pint and wobble down the street arm in arm. Never , ever ,did we think of using a gun. Ah , the good ol days, where have they gone ?

      2. What the hell do you keep talking about fist fights for? Thats irrelivant. I kinda get your point. But if youre suggesting that a law abiding peaceful cw carrier should let their ass get kicked without drawing, you need to rethink your logic.

    1. The size of a projectile is irrelevant I could kill a person with a .177 Cal BB and a slingshot if I hit them in the eye! The monster of Florence killed several couples with a .22 caliber handgun and has never been caught. So like I said before anti gun laws of any kind are bullshit because criminals don’t care about laws

  4. thats a sad video…….at the end of the day they are ordinary people (most of them) out trying to do their job…….

    well maybe its the fact that i dont live in america and our police are not armed that makes me feel a little different

  5. Was that the guy with the gun that was still walking round when they brought the stretcher out? I watched this 3 times, and i’m still confused – mainly because I just can’t believe that they would let that happen after such a shooting spree?

    RIP to the cop’s family – just shows what a dangerous job it is.

  6. I looked to see if i could find any info on whether he was carrying illegally. But no luck. I would however bet that he has a violent past as well as a criminal background barring him from owning firearms. People dont typically commit a cold blood murder of that nature without having previous violent experience. A lot of anti gun supporters suggest that gun owners can snap at any moment and kill someone yada yada. But ive heard from people who’ve had to defend their families during an attack or burglary that they STILL to this day remain traumatized at the reality that they were forced to kill another human. Its not an easy thing for an every day person. Just ask a veteran. Guarantee they’ll tell you the first time they used lethal force it was traumatizing.

  7. I’m with you killajamal.. don’t see the relevance of talking bout fistfights.. bottom line guns aren’t going anywhere.. the world revolves around guns and the wars they fight! I will not allow ANY government to tell me how or to what extent I could protect my family!

    1. Thanks bud! Gun control is kind of like saying that criminals will magically break every law out there EXCEPT the law that tells them they cant own a gun. If firearms were banned, you, me and all the other peaceful people out there would be sitting ducks. I dont have a family yet, but god forbid someone hurt them and i could do nothing to stop it.

    2. I see gun snackbarists still use the family excuse to justify carrying guns whether they are with their families or not. Someone who doesn’t even have courage to admit that they have guns cause they need to compensate for a little something is exactly why gun snackbarists are dangerous.

        1. @blondie, I’m a female who owns a handgun, what am I compensating for? I don’t carry it around, it is legal, stored properly and its sole purpose is to protect myself and my son. I hope to God I never have to use it, but I would if someone broke into our home and I felt our lives were at stake. I have had gun safety classes and have practiced with it enough that I’m comfortable using it. Not everyone who owns a gun is irresponsible.If guns are banned, only crimminals will still have them, they don’t follow laws anyway.

          1. I like you. I also hope you never have to use it. There are a lot of predators out there. Gun safety education and regular practice is how it is supposed to be. When you run out of bullets, beat the scum with your stiletto pumps.

      1. @ Blondie what for you do when someone breaks in your house and you have no protection? You could be raped and dead in minutes but if you were smart like my wife you would have a mossberg 500 home defender 12 gauge shotgun loaded and ready to blow a creep away

  8. Killa Jamal, nice nick name, once I met a lady who can analayze your personality with he nick names you choose on cyber space 🙂

    Anyway sir, you are completely right, because of low life “shitty” tempered people arround (like me) guns are very dangerous, specially for the normal guys like yours, I am very serious and agree with your comment %100, precautions are for further limits, not for the good citizens.

    1. @roostermayne
      Thanks d00d. That nickname was actually created as a joke. Its the exact opposite of what one would think if they met me for the first time. Im a very personable friendly guy who’d do anything to help just about anyone. Farthest thing from a killa. And i was born to a white ass family who’d never dream of naming their child jamal. I began telling women my name was jamal when theyd try hollering at me and the name became normal.
      We enjoy acting like rappers and gangsters and so the name just kind of fit with our daily shenanagins.
      However, im not sure i understand the second part of your statement. You agree? Or you think guns are just so dangerous that they need to be outlawed completely?

  9. @ Trooper

    “Acting a bit of an internet Hard man” , ok Trooper I quit…., you are one of my favorite posters and I dont want you to have wrong conclusions about me, I am not a killer nor my friends, anyway I am out.

  10. i pretty much hate cops myself simply because they’ve robbed me many x with undeserved fines and represent a revenue collecting oppresive government but some [very rare] have helped me on occasion. i would never pull a gun on them tho cuz they do represent the law which keeps most of us safe most of the time. i hold mucu much more respect for firemen who risk their lives and have helped me on many occasions without robbing me of what little income i have. cops are all about taking your money anyway they can. most are corrupt greedy bastards beyond belief.

    1. Couldnt agree more my man. The idea to protect and serve has been ruined by corruption which makes it easy for me to have ill feelings towards them. But in this day and age they are a necessity. Those officers out there who go to work every day for the right reasons have my utmost respect.
      Its unfortunate this guy didnt make it home to his family.

        1. @traiin
          speaking of shooting people. Are you the kind of person who’d visciously attack someone right in the face with kisses as they walk out of court? Because i recently had to visit the local office.
          Im sure i could rack up another fine real easily. (My insurance would bump up again but thats okay.)

          1. @traiinn
            A bg marriage!??? Fuck no. Serious bidness. (Or at least as serious as it can get from across the internet.)
            You can fly out here and tie the knot with yours truly babygirl.
            Fuck. Everytime i see your screenname i think about the Unforgivable videos when he talks about him and his “nigga bovice ran train on that bitch ALL NIGHT!” :O

          2. Oh no:( you didnt likey? It was the best i could do as i assume you live nowhere near Washington state.
            I can visit the local Forever 21 and cop a sweet ring to make up for it.

  11. Weed has been illegal since forever, and I got some in my pocket. If guns were illegal, everyone would be fucked. If Canada was ever invaded, Canadians would be speaking the language of whoever invaded them. If the states were invaded, god help them whoever did it. I got 7 guns to myself. They would need 10 people per one person to take this country down. To be serious, god help whoever invades Canada, cause I would start driving there to fight for my friends of the north.

    People that think guns should be illegal should think twice. Yes, innocent people die all the time by legal and illegal guns, but more lives are saved by having them on hand. Back in the kid days a bunch of my friends avoided robbing houses because of the possibility of being shot… Now think about it, crime NOT committed because of the fear of guns.

    I believe people should have a hard time getting certain guns, and no they shouldn’t sell AR-15’s at Wal-Mart, but they should sell them to hunters and law-abiding citizens. The law-abiding citizens sometimes trick you and go on a killing spree. I call that a chance we will just have to take.

    Rights = Freedom

    That’s why this is the freest country in the world. The more rights, the more freedom. It isn’t MY problem that you don’t like guns and won’t exercise your freedoms. (I’m talking to you Americans)

    I know Canada has strict guns laws and not many people die because of gun related deaths. But, have you seen the statistics of how many people die of boredom in that country? WAAAY more than any gun deaths in the states. hahaha I’m joking by the way.

    Forgive the spelling, I don’t type this much usually.

    1. I agree with you. Guns(or weapons) is what has shaped the world we know and live in today, which is one of the reasons guns will never go away. Even if they did become illegal at some point in the future, all it would cause is the expansion of the black market.

      I’m glad there are people out there like you who have common sense and don’t jump onto the “omg guns should be illegal” bandwagon. Guns are designed to kill, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them for that purpose. Cars are a form of personal transport, but that doesn’t mean you have to run every person over with it.

  12. I’m sure the shooter referred to himself as a responsible gun owner before killing the cop. It’s also what Wade Michael Page called himself before opening fire at the Sikh temple goers, what James Holmes called himself before shooting diving girlfriend shielders, and so on and so forth. Responsible gun owners are responsible for senseless deaths.

    1. Responsible gun ownership is not a title or a badge. It’s not something you are and then you aren’t. You are one for life.

      If you own a gun your whole life then decide one day to shoot innocent people, you NEVER were responsible, you were just a pain old gun owner.

      I think you meant to say is that UNSTABLE gun owners are responsible for senseless deaths.

  13. Hello from the republic of Ireland,
    long time fan of the legendary site that is BestGore.having viewed the wide spectrum of conversation and kick ass humour ,I think (if I’m welcome that is) I would fit right in?

  14. Hey Mark, if you ever see this post (or anyone for this matter), anyone remember seeing a video where a cop get shot in the face and killed as soon as he walks up to the driver side window? Cop never saw it coming.
    The whole thing is caught on dashcam as well as another man who witnessed the shooting as he was driving by.

    Here’s where the story gets crazy/awesome. The man witnessed the cop get taken out, then (within like 1000yrds of the cop car) speeds ahead of the criminal pulling away, cuts him off on the side of the road, then gets out of his car and goes nutso-vigilante on the shooter, in turn shooting the cop-killer 5-7 times in the face and chest blasting his pathetic life away the same way he did the cop within 2 minutes.
    Once the dashcam is reviewed the vigilante who took quick action and put his own life in danger was ruled his shooting to be justified, even though cops will tell a man not to go vigilante by any means.
    The vigilante shooter is hailed a hero by the dead cop’s family and friends.

  15. Hell yea killa.. my favorite example of vigilante justice was the dad who shot his sons abductor in the head as police where escorting him (US). Shot him point blank in the head! Chomo had it coming, he’d raped the poor guys son!

    1. Straight up. Proven rapists should be killed like that. Except it should have been more violent. Poor guy. Knowing someone did that to your kid would be awful:/
      PS that had to be one messy dry clean for the officers uniform. Hahaha.

    2. @J the gigolo, I remember it! Correct me if Im wrong…the scum had raped the little boy, and the poor child was terrified the guy would get out of jail and come after him again…the perv was being brought through the New Orleans airport and the dad was at a payphone,pretending to be on the phone,when he was escorted past by the detectives, the father shot him point blank in the head. The perv dropped like a sack of potato’s, dead instantly. The cops grabbed the dad and wrestled him to the ground. He didn’t get much jail time as I remember, did he? TV crew was there filming the perv being brought back for trial, caught it all on tape.At least the dad ensured his son never had to worry about that guy EVER getting out, and hurting him or any other child.

    1. He’s a piece of shit who thought he was awesome for killing a cop a cop it’s disgusting and the fact that you feel any sort of sympathy for this man is sickening, just because he’s was handed a death sentence doesn’t mean shit he probably won’t die for a long time he got off quite easy 3 meals a day a place to sleep its probably better than what he was used to and a cop is dead he should have been the one to die not the cop

  16. So Sad. A bright, young officer taken from us.
    He had so many false charges and perjured testimonies left in him.
    Life will never be the same without him.
    Oh, give me strength lord, to go forward.

  17. It’s sad. RIP.

    Most of the anti gun comments come from countries that have for the most part what is called a homogeneous society. You can’t fist fight a nigger it’s like kickboxing with a kangaroo. Their muscle structure is different. And they wild in packs. They breed like cockroaches.

    No, let every man (and woman) be armed to the teeth.

    1. What is with you retards and this masochistic need to live in a dystopian shithole where everyone is on tiptoes in constant fear because EVERY OTHER FV cunt can and will blow your brains out for whatever reason their 3 neurons can muster up?

  18. What’s a ‘gun snackbarist’?

    The dude, despite having a meth habit or whatever, had balls for sure, to engage, spontaneously and greatly outnumbered, in a running gun battle with the fuzz. I’m amazed they didn’t just shoot him there and then. They should’ve.

  19. I’m from Arkansas and people always think I’m some dumbass redneck who owns 100s of guns and chew tobacco and sit on my front porch in my rocking chair shooting squirrels. please, can you be any more ignorant? not everyone from arkansas is a hick or redneck that is trigger happy.

  20. I am also from arkansas and we aren’t all gun toting, sister fucking shit kicking hicks we are made out to be. At least where I live there is a university , walmart home office and many respectable business practices. So the people are educated. However, if you go on the back roads or out of the city it turns into the hills have eyes and wrong turn real quick. You mix meth with ignorants and this is what happens.

  21. my step dad has been a police officer for 12 or so years now and when he first started, my mom used to walk him out to his car and they would tell each other bye and when he drove away he would flash his lights certain way. it’s really really dangerous being a police officer, every time you pull someone over, you could get shot in the face.

  22. Not only do I own a gun… I keep it loaded. Would I shoot someone, odds are no, but if my children’ s lives are in danger I would defend them with my whole being. That is why I own a gun. And yes I can shoot what I aim to shoot bc I am a “redneck” & have plenty of practice on toilets & junked cars!

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