Armed Robber Kills Three Including Toddler in Thai Mall

Armed Robber Kills Three Including Toddler in Thai Mall

Armed Robber Kills Three Including Toddler in Thai Mall

In Lopburi province in Central Thailand, a masked robber armed with a silencer equipped handgun entered the Robinson mall, shot three people in cold blood and robbed a gold shop. The entire robbery lasted about a minute. The gunman then escaped on a motorcycle.

Among the three casualties is a toddler. The robber shot four more people, but they survived with non life threatening wounds.

Thailand has a high gun ownership rate, but as of 2017, foreigners are banned from owning guns. Taking further into account that more foreigners are murdered in Thailand than in the rest of the world combined, it’s really not the type of country that would rank high in my list of attractive countries to visit.

Props to Best Gore member @bosszyzy for the video. I put the different CCTV camera angles together for easier viewing:

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        1. Maybe he was a meth head. Meth rots your brain and makes you crazy. Long term meth use produces the same symptoms as schizophrenia.

          The following is an exact quote from a meth head I lived next to.
          “I’ll kill a motherfucker, I don’t care if I go to prison, I’ve been fucked in the ass before, it’s not that bad.


          1. Yes, he probably is a drug addicted piece of shit. I live by a meth head right now and he is a complete psycho along with his wife who I had a hand in putting back in prison. He’s going to be there too in the next ten days over a burglary he did this past summer. They bring all the criminals in town around with their drug dealing and stealing shit all day and night. Their condo is nothing but a drug den and their landlord hasn’t done anything about it. They go out all night and steal shit from construction sites, sell drugs day and night, steal packages the UPS, Fedex guy or the mailman leaves, things in our building, go through our outgoing mail or just steal it, break into people’s storage units. Hit one of my god damn vehicles, doesn’t have a license or insurance and of course hasn’t paid for anything. Been here over a year and a half and neither has ever had a job, both are felons. Has another warrant for his arrest right now for not paying restitution. Funny they always have money though to bond out so they can do more drugs. Since they’ve been here because of them and their criminal friends that hang around basically anything that ain’t nailed down gets legs. Unfortunately, the law says I can’t go over and blow his fucking head off with a shotgun, even though it would be doing him a favor. I’m gonna throw a god damn party when it’s finally over and he’s out of here too.

        2. You would think that drugs is the reason why this thing did what it just did, but it did not look to me like he was under the influence of drugs, (unless somebody more expert can clarify). Which leave you with a creature with a complete and utter lack of empathy combined with a high level of stupidity. Why would you shoot unarmed average punters, when it was totally unnecessary and increase your personal jeopardy to the maximum if you got eventually caught. Leaving bullets/slugs behind that did not need to be fired could lead to your arrest. In fact he could have done what he did with an unloaded gun and got exactly the same result. He’s ruined lives and if he gets caught, he’s dead meat in the thai system. Makes you realise that once shooting starts anywhere, you must assume the worst scenario and act appropriately. RIP.

          1. I was going to mention that usually druggies are not as organized as he appeared to be, but there are some druggies out there that can function like this and appear normal.

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          1. @janiel
            Don’t even get me started. My neighbor listens to that shit in the shower and their window is right next to my bathroom window.
            It pisses me off even more that she takes hour-long showers with the water running and the music blasting on speakers the entire time.
            I’d rather hear a firetruck siren or a donkey braying for an hour straight than that vile noise pollution they call “kpop”.

          2. @slothman, there must be some correlation between koreaboos/weaboos and their showering habits, because my sister will also take 1-hour showers while blasting some anime soundtrack nonsense. My theory is that there’s some hentai included in the mix.

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        1. I also knew a bloke just like that too. He wasn’t an Army Officer, but he was a fag, and later found out he was a nonce. Apparently he got caught a few years ago, lucky for him that his wop uncles were top lawyers…

          1. I worked with a guy like that as well. Apart from his paedo despicable urges and going to the Philippines he was a nice guy. He would show around albums of himself “swimming ” with little boys in waterfalls.

            He was lucky ,paedo shit outside of Aus was not illegal -at the time- for Australians if it was not followed up by the country involved.

            As an Aussie you probs know ,Australia then set a major legal precedent which i believe was unheard of world- wide at the time. It is now illegal for an Australian to be a paedo in Australia or ANYWHERE ELSE in the world even if it is LEGAL in the country they paedo in!

            Also we banned all packaging for cigarettes. They ALL look the same now! BigBusiness bitched but we did it. Also the nosmoking in restaurants or buildings. Also the much- trumped Border policy by Trump? Ie fucking off the “catch and release “? We did it first.

          2. @HopingforNemesis
            That’s how they get away with it. They are always nice guys liked by everyone.
            I know of another officer who adopted a male black kid. Nice guy, but I’ve always been suspicious of that. And he generally kept the kid away from everyone too. You know how it is… how dare anyone say anything, even when you have a gut feeling.

          1. Many of the White guys that I know and see with Asian wives are not losers financially, but just physically not very good looking guys. Either tall and lanky or obese. Or just weird, strange acting guys with strange mannerisms and habits.

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    1. Agree there mate what an arsehole this robber was shooting innocent people doing their banking business.All i can say is disgraceful and disgusting lets hope the cops find him and blow his dumb head apart.Also where was the armed security officer and why didnt they lock the security exit doors.

  2. Thailand is a great place

    All you need to remember is the 2 wallet rule, understand not to badmouth the royalty and learn some buddhist respect – you will be fine

    Oh yeah, and don’t use the roads unless you are in a bus

      1. 3 expired credit cards, $10 on the lowest local denomination and some pics out of a magazine in your “wallet” in the pocket

        Spending money in a pouch down the front of your pants

        I worked there and Vietnam for almost 5yrs, never got mugged, but had to give up my “wallet” once… 😉

    1. According to the news. The second “mall cop” got it through his shoulder, Which somehow the bullet just pass through and reach the toddler’s head right away. Talking about shit out of luck there.

    1. but its not enough to own a gun. you must be FIRST to use it for it to be of any effect.
      Once another gun is drawn upon you? you are again defenseless.

      you must still be alert enough to react instantly, as this video shows. that guy came out of nowhere.

      1. Very true. Must be alert and have intent. I’ve known showboats that post photos of themselves on social kitted out in boxing gear, swinging at punching bags etc. Fast forward to a real life conflict situation, and all you see is the soles of their shoes. People…

      2. Situational awareness is everything. But just because someone already has a gun drawn doesn’t mean you can’t draw your own and fire. Or do other things. A lot of things can go down differently in a situation like that.

          1. Get real. How do you even know they properly loaded the gun. Or did at all. You can hide your draw in different ways, draw attention away from yourself, basically anything is better than just standing there like a bitch hoping you don’t get shot. Maybe you still get shot, but going down like a bitch is way worse. Maybe you’ll survive getting shot if you make them hurry. Or they aren’t as fast as using their gun as they think, maybe have no practice. Or are high on drugs. If you have an edged weapon you can close the distance real fast and not have to draw your own gun. Or break their wrist or fingers if you can get close enough. Like I said there’s a lot of variables.

          2. only a coward won’t acknowledge what we all know what you will do. you will attack without warning, from behind, without a warning blow, but intending for a swift kill. And if you can’t admit and relish it? then STFU.

            because its fun to murder a thug and get away with it and you know it.

            and. gosh dern it, its just fun to murder. and you know it

  3. Yeah, am I suffering with Macular Ejaculation or something as I seen no fuckin toddler at the counter in that vid??????. Or was the toddler the one who was serving the folks who copped the grim reaper? I believe you start paying Tax and National Insurance in Thailand at 17 months old….or sumert.

    1. Yes, please he was masked, so not like they would know his face either. Which also makes me think he was on drugs. Because drug addicts just don’t care. A normal thief would just steal and leave knowing that it would probably never be known beyond the local police, now he killed three people and we have seen it here. How much more attention and resources does that bring on solving the crime… a lot more. They will be looking for him forever. And probably family members and who knows who else.

  4. That was pretty shitty really, buying something for ya kid, and a gook comes and shoots you, hope he gets very caught and raped every day in prison by a ron Jeremy sized cock,gay rapist… that will do nicely…

  5. only the fully besotted alcoholics or whore mongers don’t realize what Thai people truly think about the farang in their country. I’m here to say the majority only tolerate us to a point, and only for the money we bring them. There is a limit to this, however. and thailand is SATURATED WITH foreigners.

    Its FAR more dangerous than most know. you go there with nothing but a backpack, you dont really offer them much to take from you. but once you become an expat? you start building possessions and making investments. that’s when you get noticed

  6. Oh, I want this dick to die or be knocked down along the way, but the fucking life thinks differently. Good people leave early, but the bastards live and don’t think about others, because they are selfish, which I realize that I want to shoot or torment many people, they must understand the feelings of others in at least this way, I want death to settlers, torment and only death. Lol

  7. Yet another shooting video that shows a female covering her ears instead of getting the fuck out of there. Nothing against women, but I am intrigued as to why the first instinct of some women in these videos is to cover their ears? It’s not like they cover their ears and run for it. It’s baffling because they seem to react only to the loud noise. They even seem to waste valuable time trying to shield their ears from the loud noise and they continue to appear as if that’s the most important thing at that moment. Why is this? Why are men never seen doing this in shooting videos? This phenomena can be seen in the Brazil school shooting video from last year and the Mexican drug cartel-related jewelry shop shooting from several years ago. There are many more but those are off the top of my head.

    I think it is one of those innate traits that collectively form your typical male and female temperament. I think males are overall more cautious and aware of their own mortality so when these things happen, they instinctively get into survival mode. I believe the reason females tend to instinctively cover their ears, freeze, and appear oblivious until they see a gun is because they are overall more trusting and that makes them more likely to instinctively assume the noise is non-life-threatening, like fireworks or someone pulling a prank.

  8. I think the reason is before the fight or flight response is the “fright”

    We learnt the fright response to get your head out of harms way before you get a chance to assess the threat. Most people will instinctively duck, but some will do other things like cover the ears

    Men are conditioned to not display fear, so they resist many instinctual behaviours

  9. Just to let you guys know .
    This robber is 38 years old ,he is a school principle , master degree graduation
    he has money issue. his earning per month is $1,000 but he has a debt in credit union around $56,666 so he force to pay debt each month around $500 and he had debt from other source too ,still he pretend to live a good life on facebook.
    After incident he go back to live a life like nothing happen and not running away but the police could track him and now he got arrested
    he hide and destroy most of the evidence

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