Armed Robbers Shoot Dead Man, His Son and Wife in Sitapur, India

Armed Robbers Shoot Dead Man, His Son and Wife in Sitapur, India

This happened in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India. A businessman was returning home when he was accosted by a group of armed robbers eager to steal his motorcycle.

He resisted the robbery, which caused ruckus that attracted the attention of his 25 year old son and his wife who stepped out of the house to assist him. All three ended up getting shot, and all three died from the wounds.

CCTV of the deadly armed robbery:

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35 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Shoot Dead Man, His Son and Wife in Sitapur, India”

  1. Ok, let’s review this simple message one more time, a motorcycle does not equal three lives. Got that, stupid Indian. This message is not only for stupid Hindus, but also for the general public. People that want to steal your property will kill you if you don’t let them take it. Be wise, let them take your property, but keep your life.
    That’s the lesson for today for all those stupid Hindus and stupid people in general!

          1. In India, small goldsmith shop owners carry their ornaments to home after closing their shop. Here looks like the shop owner carried ornaments in a bag. Thieves first took that bag and then while running away the shop owners son and wife came out. So for safe rescue they shop all of them.

    1. Don’t put up a fight against an injustice and let the country become as crime-infested as yours? Indians are not used to getting robbed at gun-point like your fellow country men and may be this is the reason they resisted.

      People here work hard to earn money. Its better to die fighting rather be spineless and let your hard earned money looted away just because some one has got a a gun. This type of cowardice doesn’t exist in India and that’s why you don’t find Indians getting robbed quite often.

      1. Sometimes you have to act like a coward to protect your family. His actions put him and his wife and his kid in danger, now they all dead. If he was more wise, he would just have given the robbers what they wanted to avoid any damage to his family. Because thats the number one duty of all men. To make sure your family is save.

    2. The only reason I could come up with, as to why they were stupid enough to resist when the robbers had weapons, is that they wanted to choose their own death.

      I imagine sooner or later, we would of seen at least one member of this family, ride their motorcycle in front of a semi.

      “Death with Dignity,” I think it’s called in India.

  2. Plain stupid to have lost their lives over junk of a motor bike . The business man could not have imagined that his resistance , his son and wife’s rendering assistance would prove to be this ugly
    All three of them were fools and should have let the bike be stolen and taken away and reported the robbers to the cops later on .
    Now all three of them must be triple riding beyond the black rainbow and they don’t need to worry about any fuel the keys and the tyre pressure no more . I wonder what was more precious their own lives or the inanimate bike.
    Ride on Ride on Ride on Ride on.

  3. Looks like the dad was killed and maybe the mom. But looks like his bike is still there or unless the robbers left theirs .. And looks like the son ran back in the house.. maybe he was shot and died in there but he most def ran into the home

  4. And then people say Indians are smart…yeah totally!!!

    What kind of businessman desperately tries to protect a motorcycle worth $2k at best vs armed robbers?

    Thats a whole new level of stupidity…

    1. In India , its rare to find criminals with actual guns. I guess this guy probably didnt expect any guns. and after so much struggle , one of the filthy scum just decided to kill em. theyll be locked away for life.. but really they should be castrated and beheaded with chainsaws. I hate thiefs.

  5. UP & MP are more dangerous places (although every place sucks here).
    these are most illiterate states and people there even have temple for rats!! yeah you are right they pray to rats!
    Our PM was a mass murderer and US government didn’t allow him to visit US untill recently after he got elected as a PM.
    And our stupid people elected him as a PM , intolerance is high since he become PM. I suspect sooner or latter our already a shithole country will become like Brazil.

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