Armed Robbers Shoot Janitor Out of Frustration After Failing to Break In

Armed Robbers Shoot Janitor Out of Frustration After Failing to Break In

A young man was performing his janitorial duties, including floor moping outside an office selling lottery tickets, when a pair of armed robbers walked in with an intention to bring the door down and steal whatever cash and valuables could be found there.

The janitor was just doing his poorly paid job and showed no signs of resistance. Still, robbers treated him like shit, threatened him and pistol whipped his face.

The bandits then tried to break the bulletproof glass door, but it did not yield. Frustrated, the scum retreated but not before shooting 28 year old Cleiton de Macianis in the head, killing him on the spot. The victim was a father of two boys, one only 2 months old.

The incident happened on April 11, 2014 in Luziânia, in the state of Goiás, Brazil and was filmed on store’s CCTV cameras. What absolute lowlife scum those two. What absolute infernal, Beelzebub’s cock sucking scum.

Two pictures of the janitor laying in a pool of blood after his murder:

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      1. Well, the difference between a massacre and a tragedy is media coverage.
        A bunch of cops kill a bit more than a hundred inmates in rebellion, they’re judged and condemned more than 20 years later.
        Over 100 prisoners escape the prisons and kill well over 200 cops who were out of their jobs and police isn’t even allowed to kill them, they have to arrest them so that in the next holiday they will be released once again.
        I’m sorry for the faulty information on the second case, you don’t see any reports on it, since media only cares about when a cop kills robbers and such.

          1. You can go to the whole southern part pretty confident. Dont go to North unless you staying in hotels or super resorts, the locals are kinda animals.

    1. the problem in mexico is just between the drug dealers and cartels, in my 26 years living in mexico city i have never been robbed, of course… i try to avoid dangerous zones and when i go out i try not to carry a lot of money, just enough for what im buying and a snack if i feel like on my way.

    1. This is disgusting human behavior. But karma will never let this go unpunished. These two cockroaches obviously can’t behave like civilized people and will soon bring the attention of the cops of a lynching mob to themselves. But just when they least expect it and just as they think they have gotten away with it, they will have some major life fucking event happen to them. God I hope it happens soon.

  1. These are the kinda bastards sons of low life gutters from hell that deserve to be lynched in mob justice. I wish these 2 scums would get some serious necklacing treatment very soon. Poor bastard didnt even fight and got murdered the same… I feel bad for Brazilians, I really do. Must have live in fear at all time knowing very well the next second could be your last second…

    1. A good shot! Were you watching the same video as everyone else? He shot the guy from less than 6 feet away, hard to miss from there. Bet he wasn’t even aiming for the head either. That robber probably couldn’t hit a barn door with a shovel.

  2. That poor guy, minding his own business.Just trying to make ends meet in a dog eat dog world and two shit-stains cross his path and end his life and probably cemented his children’s future with a split second act of violence!

    So incredibly sad.

          1. okay your right @killosopher and @dutchy I apologize to you @trepaneringsritualen for assuming you’re just being ignorant. I don’t know you and I shouldn’t have said anything bad towards you.

  3. They snuffed that poor guys life out without even blinking . These fuckers have no empathy , no remorse for anything . Interbred , imbecilic retards , they should be in the jungle or caged or preferably crushed by a semi on their way out .

  4. People should be outraged by this. This is the face of all middle-class (lower-class) citizens.
    This is what the crooks are doing to us, all over. Mother fuckers eliminate a father because they were upset.
    I wish I had a solution to this, this story actually hits home. A child is going to grow up without their father. I feel for the children as much as I feel for the father, a classic tale of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but NOT being in the wrong place. I will explain, this father was doing the best he could: working a job to support his family. No matter how shitty the job, this man loved his family and being an atheist, I am saddened behind belief that his life was ended.
    As a man of my belief, this is terrible, this was not god’s plan, this was murder. A man being robbed of his rights as an upstanding citizen, never to see his children grow.
    I’ve never had children myself, but putting myself in his position, this is a tragedy.
    I hope that the mother carries on and lets her children know that their father was willing to do anything for them. The least that could be done.
    A saddening story indeed. Parents, I would hold my children tight right now, if I was you.

    1. I have to agree @DabSet . This one ranks up there with the very worst . Poor fella putting his kids before anything , which is a trate to be proud of , loses his life because two fucking morons couldn’t rob a fucking sweet shop if they put their tiny minds to it for a year .

      Let’s hope they get caught and thrown in with some equally retarded inmates who will treat them with the same lack of empathy .

      And the guy looked to be well on top of his job too . Tragic as fuck .

      1. It drew a tear from me. I cried, I could go on and on about how this, in a way reflects my own personal relationship with my own father, but I won’t.
        This is so sad to me. I hope that good can rise from the ashes of cowardice and treachery.
        These children deserve the best, and we are providing them with shit.
        We, as adults are responsible for the future of all children, this is an injustice to them. I hope we as humans will band together and fight the corrupt as we do the coward.
        Bestgore is our best platform. We DO mean something here, our voice is heard, we just need to be louder. People will soon learn that we are for change, a change of good. There are so many good people here, we just need to be louder.
        Thanks for the reply Ewe.
        And thank you for the post Ate.
        This is the one place where I know that we are making a dent on corruption.
        Long live BG.
        I love this community.
        Especially PD 😉

  5. That’s such a waste, it makes me angry.. Hopefully these two will be starring in the next lynching video featured on BG.

    I do find it interesting though that people are making so many assumptions about this mans character. All we know from this article is that he was a janitor with kids who got shot. Not sure what logic takes you from ‘dead janitor’ to ‘upstanding citizen, father, husband, etc’.

    1. The very fact he’s out there , well , was out there , doing his bit as a low paid janitor , obviously for the sake of his kids ( I doubt he’d do it otherwise ) is very commendable .

      It’s a fair point that you make @ByDemons , but in this video we have the difference between chalk and cheese right there .

  6. If that was my son or brother id find those two cowards and il kill their mothers first for having them,their brothers,sisters,aunts ,uncles etc,and then them.
    Simple as that.I dont just blame the inbreds,i blame their mothers for having them as well.

    1. Poor moral, usually the best thing to do in a situation like this is exactly what the janitor did, comply. In this case the guy got unlucky but 9 times out of 10 it will save your life to comply with the gunman especially if there is more than one. Unless you are professionally trained it is not a wise move to take on somebody with a gun and even if you are trained it doesn’t always go your way. This guy was no threat at all to the gunmen but they shot him anyway, probably just to prove a point to theirselves, low life scum that they are.

  7. This is the reason I better myself. This is why I decided to start to train, to start eating right, to work harder, to be smarter, to be a better person; anger. This entire site has opened my mind to the horrible world around me and the things like this that happen to people who absolutely have no business with terror like this. Someone trying to make a living and provide for his family, minding his own business gets shot in the head because someone was angry that they didn’t get what they want, simple as that. I’m appreciative of seeing this. I hope one day those two pay in full.

          1. I would never say something as lame as a janitor deserves to get shot in the head or that its funny. And no im not a chick, im a guy with a big dick.

          2. would you mind if I keep calling you”girl”?and why does only my comments affect everyone I’m not the only one who laugh of this

          3. @Boozer I have a elder sistet,I hate her,my father I hate him,I love my mom but I wouldn’t mind if it happen to them after all we all gonna die some day That’s the way I see things

      1. It really does seem that you all gang up on hanabi just because she has a differant state of mind. Sheep mentality at its finest. We are all intitled to our own opinion and to not be judged,insulted and degraded for sharing said opinion.

        1. I totally agree. People here criticize others for being sheep all the time, but sometimes they seem to conveniently forget that ganging up on someone for having a different view is classic sheep behavior.
          You don’t have to agree with hanabi on this being funny. I don’t. But insulting someone for sharing their opinion makes you look ridiculous.

          1. @wicked mama
            I don’t believe that just because some people are annoyed by her presence, she must be here to divide the community.
            There’s plenty of people I’ve seen who come here to do that, but I don’t think hanabi is one of them. I don’t think it’s right to cast such suspicion on someone just because they might cause conflict with their own opinions and such. Call me too trusting if you like, but I give people the benefit of the doubt unless they’re pretty obviously stirring up trouble.

          2. I think you are too trusting. This person talks in a little baby voice but is constantly attacking members, it may be too subtle for you to appreciate.

          3. So just becuse you think ‘something is amiss with her’ it give you all yhe right to gang up and single the girl out on practicaly every post she writes. Its disgusting how you people are conducting yourselves its just like being on the playground again.

          4. Okay, so I think maybe I can address the naivete and “little baby voice” as @wicked mama put it.
            Two things come to mind.
            Some people are really stunted emotionally or socially, not everyone gets a chance to mature in those aspects, hence the naivete.
            That’s the first thing that comes to mind. The other thing that comes to mind, she makes no secret of being a fan of anime. Maybe she’s letting those cute characters she likes dictate how she acts around others. Think what you like but some people will act that way.
            In either case it might be annoying but I don’t think her actions are malicious. Obviously she’s stirring shit up around here but what if that’s not her intention?

  8. All niggers should be microchipped so we can track them. Poor guy working hard at a shitty thankless job and these two good for nothing apes kill him for no reason. What the hell are people thinking letting these niggers live in our countries?

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