Armed Robbers Steal Money, Kill Businessman in Surquillo, Peru

Armed Robbers Steal Money, Kill Businessman in Surquillo, Peru

CCTV cameras in the Notary Paino in Surquillo, Peru recorded 30 seconds long assault that ended with 280,000 Soles stolen and one businessman dead.

In the video, 52 year old Pascual Cusilayme Yanqui is seen entering the premises on Aramburú Avenue with a suitcase containing the money with which he intended to close the property purchase transaction with Félix Rómulo Gonzáles Victorio.

Shortly after, at approximately 3pm, two vehicles carrying 3 armed criminals wearing balaclavas over their heads and surgical latex gloves on their hands pulled up next to the notary, one of them went straight for the security guard to disarm him and prevent him from interfering with the accomplices who meantimely entered the premises.

A robber stormed the room where the transaction was being closed and threatened the parties with a gun. Unwilling to surrender such large amount of cash to the criminal, Pascual Cusilayme resisted the handover and was assisted by Félix Gonzáles, whom the robber fatally shot. Pascual Cusilayme was himself shot in the leg, however his wound was not fatal.

Latest investigation by Peruvian authorities indicates that corrupt police officer(s) were involved in the assault. A vehicle used by the robbers was located in downtown Lima with four pistols, three revolvers and 11 phone chips inside.

It happened on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. CCTV video of the assault is below:

And a couple of reports on the robbery (in Spanish):

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    1. Yeah from the angle of the last CCTV camera it looks like he had a fairly good chance of popping both the look out and the other two guys with his service revolver when they ran out, but he stayed on the floor. Had to be involved or just a pussy when it comes to gunfire WHILE carrying a gun…

  1. The guard showed no resistance whatsoever…Two men ran blindly in while the other went to the guard. A guard is the biggest threat in a situation like this and you don’t send one man on him, who removes the guards’ gun so clumsy.
    So yeah he was either part of the crew or he’s just a moron, most likely both.

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