Assassins Film Their Own Chasing After Truck on Foot and Gunning Down Driver

Assassins Film Their Own Chasing After Truck on Foot and Gunning Down Driver

On CE-040 ring road in Eusébio, Ceará, Brazil, a pickup truck driver was assassinated by a gunman chasing after his truck on foot. Identified as 29 year old Caio César Siqueira Sisnando, the driver was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The victim was reportedly followed by the assassins in their vehicle. One of them got out, and as his accomplice filmed, fired several shots at Caio Caesar, causing his truck to crash into a traffic light of the road.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Assassins Film Their Own Chasing After Truck on Foot and Gunning Down Driver”

    1. @IPConfig
      Exactly, Guys/Gal, lol. And near the start of the video,,, If looking down at the accelerator pedal, you can clearly see that this *Neanderthal-Sounding-Tranny* is wearing a pair of Cheap White Plastic Pair Of *Giant Tiger Sandals* a cheap discount store (for those of you not residing in Canada) Quite A Tough Look For A Person About To Commit A Murder No, lol, ???

      But he should have gone “All The Way,” and at The Very Least, have Obtained a tight little outfit, like a “Spiderman-Jumpsuit,” yea? while he was already in there at the G-T Boutique. Because this would have matched to a “T” with those white, 0.99 cents Plastic SCandals, and That Fucking Retarded, & Extremely Annoying, Neanderthal-Sounding Gibberish, that they call a Language.

      If any of you Guys/Gals on here Are, or Simply Speak The Portuguese Language, then could you *Please Explain To Us All* if this is indeed, how (This Portuguese Language) is really supposed to sound like ??? Or are these (Little-Cunty, & Murdering-Bastardoniens),lol, just simply-Speaking A Slang-Type, & Super Broken Version of it???

      1. Dre, you can buy Halloween favela outfits – Bozo shoes, action figure outfits and spook masks – 361 days a year at Ed’s in Lake Orion, Michigan.

        The prices are a bit higher and you require a legal vehicle, documentation and the dog sniff test, so you can keep your fucking Canadian dollars and jive ass where they belong.

      2. Wow we got a star wars fan here, this guy coming from a place where everyone wears Superman shirts, Batman, people pay 1,000 dollars for star wars “swords” where people worship neegers, with buying Jordan things, where people pay money to see a bunch of neegers in the sports, so they can say the blacked their fans wifes, where all there is in the streets is old Toyotas not like in the UAE where the minimum wage is 2700 dollars monthly, where kids wear the cars movie merchandise until they are 16, where gay marriage is legal, seriously I was in the USA and there was marvel clothing everywhere, they a superhero it seems, and this guy picking on the country where man wear long sleeve pattern shirts and normal clothing and not their little sisters tight jeans and pink shirts ,the place that makes the best looking planes that the USA airlines buy, the place that can easily wipe USA in a war, since all their military planes are Breiner and all their guns are Taurus, both Brazilian brands, and if you go on a map you will see that Brazil is much bigger than USA, which means it has a much bigger army.

        1. Vhega, I was being facetious with Thedre, following his hilarious story. Where are you coming from?

          By the way, your map of Brazil is fucked up. Even if you include all the dead bodies and turds that are flowing out the Amazon, the country is only 5th in land mass.

          1. @casualobserver

            I’m sure that this guy’s & keys are totally worn out & fucked by now

            How many times do we need to read this bullshit line?

            “UAE where the minimum wage is 2700 dollars monthly”

            My monthly take home minimum is around $20,000. Why would I travel to a fucked up poverty-ridden country like the UAE?

        2. LOL

          fucking hell

          thought this dude had a clue then he says brazuls army is bigger / better than the usa

          Fucking Hell.

          Brazils army is less qualified than i am, i could be supreme commander in the brazils army, yeah theyre STRONG BIG ‘men’ but seriosuly… its not rocket science. brazils army have done FUCK ALL.

          ha hahah ahha ha

          1. Ha. You are correct. These fags still think an F-150 is a fighter plane. This guy got shot down on the runway.

      3. In Brazil we have a myriad of accents and variations according to te region you live. Each accent differs too much from others, so I say there is not a single way you should expect brazilian portuguese should sound. Anyway, if you set regional differences apart you find common features that could be the nearest you can get to a standard brazilian portuguese accent. It would sound far from these scums accent. Accents from Rio and São Paulo feel more standard.

        The scums in this video speak with a northeastern accent (someone more knowledgeable of that region could find the exact state) and in top of it, a lot of slang. So still it isn’t standard northeastern accent. So yoi can say they speak a horrid subset of brazilian portuguese accent. Chances are you would have better luck outside Best Gore, because here you’ll probably hear mostly criminals.

    2. You HAVE to document the event for the guy who is paying you.

      It is the first rule of assassination – just ask Zapruder.

      PS. Also a very cool close-up of the flip-flops at 0:03 on the clip. He got to wear the gang’s pair because he was doing an important job.

    1. Laws do not work, are outdated, the political system is a big mess, most of them enter into politics to steal and conquer a luxurious life, are not caring for the conditions of the country, crime has reached a point where you can not be combated, not with the omission of government.

    1. 3 seconds in we do see a flip flop. Look closely. Then after the killer returns he’s w no flip and no flop. DNA was left on those flips. Shit, so much crime could be solved if they just swiped the cheese off the flips.

    1. Yes very shameful. But there needs to be worldwide education put in place on how to film a stupid fucking gore video properly without tilting the camera. This education needs to start at kindergarten or no later than 1st grade, I am fed up and fucking ashamed to call myself a fellow phone owner while this shit still happens daily! I dont give a shit if you are from Brazil, Africa or fucking Tasmania, these are basic human skills one should have even before learning how to feed oneself. Jesus fucking christ

      1. The plethora of disgraceful vertical, blurry, out of focus, and poorly framed videos found on Bestgore from around the world, is testament to your claim.

        It’s a very sad day indeed that this blight on humanity needs to to be highlighted.

    1. Not a terrible idea. Quite a good one actually. The whole game should start out with you commiting some heinous crime (like stealing a lettuce) and getting sent to their worst prison… From there, the possibilities are endless. Prison riot with a face peel mini game would be nice. I couldn’t pre-order that shit fast enough!

    1. Ugh, like Sphincter, I wanted him to accidentally shoot himself but seeing brutal knee damage makes me flinch more than almost anything else lol. I don’t know why, even more than seeing someone get kicked in the nuts. Am I alone on this one?

  1. What the fuck is wrong with Brazilians, there must be something wrong with their culture, mindset or inherited way of thinking generally because I don’t see any other countrymen do this shit. BG taught me to avoid so many countries, I should be thankful. Absolute fucking shithole country, I’d kill myself instantly if I was born there.

    1. The Brazilian Penal Code (article 75) says, in gist, “the maximum prison sentence can’t be longer than 30 years and, if so, the sentences should be combined and made no longer than 30 years.” The Penal Code was created in 1940 by then-President Getúlio Vargas and, at that time, the average life span of a Brazilian was about 43 years. Creating a 30-year maximum sentence was, with twisted irony (considering the Constitution), basically enprisonment for life at the time. Today, despite the actual expectancy being over 70 years of age, the original law was never updated.

    2. Yup, I use to think that ALL countries acted upon a civilized model. Untill I stumbled on best gore, I soon realized why these countries are called “Shit-holes” by many, and labeled “3rd world” by our government’s. There is many people who took that romanticized vacation to Brazil or Colombia or whatever else deemed tropical/exotic only to be murdered on the spot never to see another living day ever again..

  2. I’d love to know the statistics as to how many of these retards filming themselves committing these murders ends up in prison because of it. I mean, their stupidity is incredible. But then again, most of these videos are coming from shit-holes like Brazil where law enforcement’s homicide clearance rate is abysmal. Anyway, fuck’em, dummies. I hope they end up getting ass raped in Brazil’s notoriously hellish prisons.

  3. “Vai ser aí a pegada. Filma aí.” = “I’m gonna do that. Film it.”
    “Agora?” = “Now?”
    “É.” = “Yes.”


    “Pisa! Foi sal, viu? Foi sal, meus irmãos. ‘Escambotei a bruca no boneca’, foi mais um” = “Step [on the accelerator]! It was salt [I never saw this expression before – he is from north -, probably means that he succeeded], did you see, my brothers? [Again some words that definitely does not exist in any portuguese dictionary but is more easy to say what means] I shot him. He was one more [victim].”

  4. Would you look at that!

    Obvious improvement in performance from our Brazillian murderers:

    1. Removal of flip-flops before murder to improve mobility.

    2. Finger off of trigger and gun pointed in safe direction afterwards. (At least safer than usual.)

    Movin’ on up!

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