Assassins in Delhi Block Driver from Leaving and Open Fire

Assassins in Delhi Block Driver from Leaving and Open Fire

Assassins in Delhi Block Driver from Leaving and Open Fire

In the Rohini area of Delhi, India, a group of assassins waited in a car for a man of whom they knew drove a specific vehicle. When the man got in his vehicle, they used their vehicle to block him off, and opened fire at him.

That one shooter got close to the front of the mark’s car, which was pretty much in the line of fire of his accomplices. He could have easily gotten shot. It didn’t happen, but you can tell the killer were some gung ho shooters, not a trained group.

CCTV footage:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Driver was a pussy.
    Didn’t even get out of the car until the deed was done.
    Looked like he forgot to put the transmission in park.
    Then walks up and fires a few shots when there’s no chance of getting shot.

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