Assassin’s Gun Jams, Victim Stares Down the Barrel Completely Frozen

Assassin's Gun Jams, Victim Stares Down the Barrel Completely Frozen

Caught on CCTV camera in Brazil – two guys are talking on a sidewalk when an assassin with a gun approaches one of them from behind. Assassin attempts to shoot the man in the head, in cold blood at close range, but his damned gun jams. So he fiddles around with it, trying to un-jam it to finish the victim off and as he does that, the victim stands there completely frozen in time.

It is unreal what it does to a person to stare death in the face at close range. That guy was looking down the barrel of that jammed gun, realizing that he should have been dead and it got the best of him to a point that he didn’t know what to do. So he just stood there motionless until the assassin got his gun working again and shot him for real.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Assassin’s Gun Jams, Victim Stares Down the Barrel Completely Frozen”

    1. that never happens to me at all and i cant understand it im NOT making fun of you but i over react to little things i guess im always ready for something bad to happen but if your not i still dont understand how you could just stand there

  1. Ow wow -.- there were two guy there and only one guy with a ducked up gun why did they not do something when they Guys gun jammed if that were to happen to me I would of beat the shit out of him then shove that useless gun up his ass who knows I never faced down the barrel of a gun before -.-

    1. I have, it was during my angsty teen years. My boyfriend at the time worked graveyard at a garage on the outskirts of town. I didnt think I was afraid of death at that point andnlike a moron repeated a line I heard in a movie “you lack the courage of your convictions” lucky for me the guy was too stupid to realize what I said and I lived on to marry and pop out two future angsty teens of my own.

  2. I have had a gun pointed at me before, and believe me it’s very easy to just freeze and not know what to do. Luckily someone shot the guy before he could shoot me or I would not be here today enjoying BG.

      1. All this happened about 25 years ago. A guy I worked with took interest in me, but I was not interested in him. Anyway lots of shit happened and eventually he pulled a gun on me and told me if I he can’t have me, then no one will. Well me freezing up is what saved my life because he wasn’t expecting that and he hesitated; that hesittation is what allowed the cops to shoot him. He survived was went to prison for attempted murder and other related charges (which I won’t go into). Last I heard he died in prison about 5 years ago of natural causes.

          1. @1girl1cup I feel the sane way -.- I have a boring depressing life >.> the only fun I have ever had was going out for the first time on my birthday yup it was the greatest day of my life /: fuck my life

          1. @Sagemoon, funny you should say that, I bout a mega lottery ticket when they had a prize of $550 million and won zip – so my luck is still holding up hahaha

    1. @gunkgirl,what’s so merry about it? Just another day that I want to blow my brains out with a shotgun after killing everyone who brought misery to my life. I was dissapointed that the world did not come to an end and I hope that Santa Claus crashes his sled into a plane sending him and his raindeer crashing to the ground splattering them for all the kids to see.
      But ya, you have a nice Christmas too…and a happy new year to all.

    1. @1girl1cup no the problem is that us free thinkers automatically get judged by sheep they think just because we love going to this website and enjoy watching gore we are sick minded fucks but the reality is that none of us would really have the balls to kill someone and lets say *takes his organs out and eat it* O.o they point their stupid fingers and say *thats the bad guy* how I hate these stupid ignorant individuals especially minorities -.- is rather fight for my life than die like a little bitch like that guy

  3. I’ve never faced down a gun but I have on a few occasions been threatened or attacked by a person with a knife.

    The last time it happened was at night when I had just withdrawn some cash from a cash machine. The would be thief put a knife to my throat as I turned around and demanded my money, well, I wasn’t in the giving mood so I grabbed his arm and wrestled the knife off him before hurting him quite a bit and leaving him in a pool of blood.

    Make no mistake however, its not like in the movies, I did need to have quite a few stitches in my hand and forearm. The doctor and police officer said I should have just handed over the money but you never know with some people, he could have easily took the money and then stabbed me.

    I must admit however that I have never just stood there frozen, I suppose it is because I grew up in a rough neighbourhood where fighting was an everyday occurrence and maybe because I am a bit morbid and could not care less whether I live or die, just so long as my pants remain attached to my body.

  4. Well if he’s just gonna fucking stand there and gawk then he deserved it.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to think if it was fake or real… ————->ESPECIALLY IF I WAS IN BRAZIL. <——–

    Fucking dumbass. I can't feel sorry for him… just can't.

    1. Yeah well thats easy for you to say behind the keyboard, safe and sound. When you get a gun pointed at your face when you least expect it, you may not know how to react. Hell, for all we know, maybe the guy knew the assassin and he was like “wtf”.

  5. When I was about 18-19 I was walking from my house to a friends house to smoke some people out, my place at the time was way out of town and at 9-10 pm not many cars came down the road.

    I was walking along and I heard a little MR2 with glass packs and instantly knew who was in the car, a friend of mines older brother who is bat shit fucking crazy, his girlfriend owned the car, and they often had physical fights so I knew it may be him.

    Anyways as the car got behind me I could hear the exhaust winding down with the gears…. Yup they were stopping… So I turned to look at them and our comes Jason,, he says “what’s up man, need a ride” and as he walked up to me he pulled out a 380 and pointed it in my face.. Now somebody else did this I probably wouldn’t have been so freaked but I knew Jason for a long time and he is a fucking looney bastard.

    So what he wants is to rob me, has me empty my pockets where I had about and eighth of weed and a pint of Yukon… He takes that and says to me “have a nice night” … Gets back in the car and pulls the clip outta the 380 and shows me that its empty… Then drives away.

    I was fucking pissed, I called his little brother,, went to get my shotgun and head to his house,, I had my dad drive me to his house and he would have had to shoot my dad before he bashed his skull in because my dad was pissed too.But he wasn’t there of course and we went home

    Anyways Jason is now In OSP on attempt murder charges,, he shot the power guy for trying to turn off his electricity. Dumb motherfucker.

  6. I think your reaction would depend on the situation. In the one above, the shooter was standing next to him. That’s close enough that I’d have at least tried to grab it and wrestle it away from being pointed at my head. I know, thats easy to say. I’ve never had a handgun pointed at me, but I have had a shotgun. Nothing makes your blood run cold like hearing the sound of a shell being chambered, knowing that a few feet separate you from the end of the barrel, and even if you tried to lunge for it, you’d be shot before you could get close enough to attempt to grab it.

    1. Yeah, but maybe it was the shock, suprise, the confusion, the fear or combination of all.
      If I was in that situation I would back peddle and try and pull out my own pistol… although I never open- carry, even thoughts legal in CA.
      I guess I would grab the guy and neutralize the guy but I can use the gun to kill him, or run away.

      1. @Hawk, yes, I agree with you. The shock, suprise, etc. probably did overwhelm that guy. You have had Military training, right? So you’d probably be much quicker to react than a civilian, unless they were familiar with guns!

  7. wtf this guys thinks he was playing or something but obviously if someone points a gun at me whether friend or fo i am gonna react either violently or abruptly running for cover. i have one rule never point a gun unless your intent is to hit your target. Your a friend of my and you point a gun at me whether loaded or not im going to take it away from you and beat you sense less. I am sorry but im going to be a victim of accidents or mistaken execution. I fallow that rule cause of my military training and i hold it to this day i point my gun only down range or to my intended target and i hold everyone to that same level of respect for guns. Guns are real, and in this case he thought he was expecting god knows what.

  8. knowing how to disarm someone is one thing; but are you going to be able to strike his wrist the right way when he turns his head or moves the gun from you in a real life or death. spur of the moment situation?
    and if you cant make him drop that gun immediately, wresting with him is dangerous as the gun can go off and hit you in the side or chest, because that man’s first reaction when you grab him is going to be to pull the trigger regardless
    my point is you cannot think about shit in a situation like that, you have to react immediately or you might die, and i’ll be damned if i just let someone walk up and take my life

  9. I’ve stared down the barrel of a .357 revolver before. I froze. I was 16. Dudes product that I facilitated for him was 3 dollars worth short and he got stupid over it. My delivery driver skimmed some.. I was smack in the middle of a cargo van full of hippies. I think he just wanted to scare the “kid” that got it for him but I knew I would’ve suffered badly had I jumped. His hand was steady tho so I didn’t believe he would do anything rash..

  10. “How are you today Sir?”
    “You don’t know what’s in my hand, hu? Good. Just stay right there while I fix this damn stupid thing. …
    “I really appreciated your co-operation. I hope I’m not taking too much of your time. Are you guys having a good day?”

    “Uuuuuhhhhh,” vic 1.
    “Uuuuuhhhhh,” vic 2.

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