Assassins Interrupted by Store Visitor After Killing Owner

Assassins Interrupted by Store Visitor After Killing Owner

Assassins Interrupted by Store Visitor After Killing Owner

An assassin walks into a place of business and shoots the owner. His accomplice enters shortly after, and appears to go raid the place. The shooter then seems to frisk the victim’s pockets for valuables, but then the pair is interrupted by a visitor to the business walking in on the murder scene.

I don’t have much backinfo about this video, but there seems to be a safe in the room. The assassins dressed up for the hit, and the shooter looks like he had the gun with a silencer, but despite pretending to be pros, they fucked it up with by not preparing for or anticipating a surprise visit. The language in the recording of the CCTV footage sounds Spanish to me, but I don’t know where exactly it happened.

Props to Best Gore meber @carnage-2 for the video:

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56 thoughts on “Assassins Interrupted by Store Visitor After Killing Owner”

  1. Yeah this happens if ur playing too much Assassins creed and taking a big dig up your. Using a gun with a silencer and not locking the door is just the typical stupidity of people who dont know that you should lock up something when ur killing someone, just because the sand dweller from assasins creed doesnt do it doesnt mean that he was doing it right.
    Hell, even Ass-sinners from Miami know this.

      1. yeah dumb and dumber or laurel and hardy, they fikkin shit themselves when that bloke walked in, amateurs. Where do you think they got their matching outfits ?

      1. tell me about it…..

        its like theyre on a mission to work in every off licence in the whole of england.

        they have a paki points rating system… if you own more than one paki shop you are highly thought of in their behind the curtains community. where they communicate in that fucking hilarious paki language.


          1. capitalism makes people feel like failures, it’s never enough, no matter how rich people get they always feel like shit, there has to be another way. I mean take trump for example, he had to become president before he could feel successful

          2. @sloth12

            its true the english govvie caps love the pakis because theyre 100% happy to live a life of earning money and are happy with just a decent income… england is paki paradise…

            trump is hilarious. i favour US governements over any other. but theyre still scum.

            politics is like… do you care about your people? check. are you a scumbag? check… then the gateway of politics is open to you… its one of those things

            maggie fucking may is a cunt she lives in her own world and thinks everyone is part of it.

            i can tell the government are all schizophrenics….

          3. haha Maggie may i like it, the only way we’re going to win this one is out and out civil but maggie may’s isis buddies are all in europe now ready and waiting for round two , they’ll be armed by may and merkel and we have no guns, that’s why i support the yanks bearing arms

  2. I’ll put my money the victim and the faggot hoodie ninjas that offed him were Turkroaches.

    Even the last guy has that red vest thingie those icecream turkroach assholes wear when they’re jewing kids outta their icecream with their invertebrate agility.

  3. The guy who Showed at the end must have been pizza deliever, they forgot they ordered pizza, he came at the wrong minute and they fucked up… They just were running after that pizza guy with money so they can pay the pizza…. Those hitmen were In need of it

  4. There is no such thing as a gun with a silencer. All guns make sounds when they are fired. This also looks like it could have happened in Saudi Arabia by the language that was being spoken. If it was, or if it was in any Arabic country, the shooter and his partner better get out of town pronto. They can lose their heads very quickly for what they did, and there won’t be much of a trial.

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