Assassins Kill Driver in Colombia, But Fire Also Seriously Injures 3 Year Old Girl

Assassins Kill Driver in Colombia, But Fire Also Seriously Injures 3 Year Old Girl

This Happened in Cali, Colombia. A vehicle driven by Christian Fernando Morales Daraviña, 32 years old, was attacked by a pair of assassins on a motorcycle who killed the driver. However, a 3 year old girl, who was in the car with the victim, was also seriously injured by the fire.

According to the local reports, the victim was out on probation after serving time for kidnapping and illegal gun possession. The police believe he was targeted as part of squaring up between criminal gangs.

Props to Best Gore member @jess0518 for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Assassins Kill Driver in Colombia, But Fire Also Seriously Injures 3 Year Old Girl”

        1. If the father had used a properly installed child safety seat, this injury could have been prevented. Another example of parental neglect.

          Regarding the driver, although using a seat belt would have set a good example, it may not have been enough in this case.

          1. I’m not exactly sure how a car seat would stop bullets.. maybe don’t have children if you’re set on being involved in gang shit.

            maybe don’t be involved in gang shit if you have kids..
            scum fuks

  1. And more than likely the shooters could care less they shot an innocent child…..what’s it going to take to stop the madness, the killing because of drugs or territories?!! Have we become the very things we hate? I pray this baby survives.

  2. Geez, was there some sort of ‘1/2 price admission if you wear pink’ event going on?

    Can anyone else tell where the kid was hit? If you hit pause in the right places it looks like it went into/through her lower jaw but from other angles the jaw looks fine. Weird.

    Oh, and what kind of idiot leaves their toddler in the care of a convicted kidnapper? Talk about begging for trouble!

  3. The dead guy, got free from jail in 2015. And had a record of kidnapping and ilegal portation of firearm.
    The baby was submitted to surgery, and has reserved status. Sorry for my english, i’m just translating from the newspapers in spanish.

  4. It,s always quite troubling to myself, “and most certainly others on here” when we witness such a Young, Innocent Child (A Little Girl, in this case), made to Suffer, and Maybe Even Needlessly Perish as well. But what makes this tragedy become, “For Me” increasingly Upsetting And Levels Rise To Epic Proportions, is when i read that the other Person in the Car on that Fateful Day, was the ONE who should have made this 3 yr. old little angels “Safety/Security” (A Thing of Utmost Importance, and Paramount, And Over Anything Else), happened to be her loving Parent, ( Her Daddy In This Instance). And although i rarely say This,, In this case, i will. I am glad that HE DIED as a direct result of his associating with Gangsters, because “if for a miracle” this little one happens pulls through, (And I Pray That She Does So) she will at least have a fighting chance at life. 🙂 But on the other hand, if her Father would have also survived, there is a strong possibility that these (Killers With Zero Fucks Given, and no Conscience Whatsoever) would have undoubtedly tried the same exact shit again, whether the little Munchkin was in the Car, or not would still not have mattered to these murderers.
    I guess The Father in this case, felt a “Dying Need” ( Pun Intended) to associate himself with a bunch of Colombian Cocaine Dealing Gangsters, making myself believe, that his train of thoughts had to be, adversely affected, from what i think “”Was something troubling him, in his head”” cause it surpassed ANY of The Logical, Or Critical Thinking Abilities that This guy might of had, Before loading up that precious little bundle of Pure Joy, in his, what has mow turned-out to now be,, (His Custom, And Bullet Ridden, Rolling Coffin.) When a Car Accident happens, it,s unexpected, and awful enough to begin with, because you never plan accordingly for it this to happen to Yourself, and Yours. But when a Planned Murder happens, because of your (Utterly Retarded Decision) to get involved, and maybe hooked on Coke with gangsters, and their “Assassins Pure Greedy Mentality ” knowing damn well what could happen, if you get on their wrong side, but deciding to take your little girl with you anyways, in the hopes that she can be used as a human shield??? And I think that this was the case unfortunately, and a Little Girl Payed the ultimate price for her Coke-head Dad, and his thoughts! 🙁
    *************So below i explain what i think happened******************

    – I think that this guy Was On Coke,,,
    – I Think he knew that he was going down for drug debts, that he fronted while in The Pen, and not
    telling them that he was about to be released on probation, and tried to avoid them once he got out.
    – I also think he was hoping that if he took his Young Daughter In The Car with him, that this fact
    alone, would save his sorry, low-life-ass, by thinking any that the chance of himself getting Hit,
    or whacked, by having “The Hit Going Ahead Anyways” would end-up being very slim, as a result.

          1. Yea,,, i am a Father of 4 boys, & 1 Step daughters. I am also an Uncle to many, many Nieces, and Nephews,,, so yea, I Hate When Shit Like This Happens to ALL Little Ones. 🙁

  5. Reality kicks in when you see that helpless child in the guy arms, humans are the most brutal species to ever live on this earth and doesn’t deserve to inhabit it, we cause pain and suffering on ourselves and every other living thing on this planet

  6. “Don’t fuck with me!
    I told you no fucking kids but you won’t listen!! Look at you now!”
    Scarface was the man, badly needed there.

    How the fuck they could open fire to a small child for fuck’s sake!?!???

  7. Breathing air is an accomplishment if you think about it. Imagine if you will, a 2 year old child and a 32 year old man. separated by half a lifetime, seems like a lot huh?

    Let’s play a game, I like to call “The Focus of Eternity” let’s say both of the above die such as in this video. It’s a shame no? The 2 year old barely lived and the 32 year old lived half his life.

    Let’s jump ahead 100 years, the time of a year spent living still has relative meaning to people.

    Let’s jump ahead 1000 or 100,000 years. A little change, the difference in their age is starting to grow much smaller as time goes on…

    Now jump ahead 100 million years, the difference in the amount of time the 2 lived is in the 3 place decimal now. At this point, they basically have lived the same amount of time (relatively speaking).

    Now multiply the 100 million years by 100 million. The difference in their lifespan becomes “microscopic” on the timeline.

    Stay with me…

    Jump ahead in increments of 1 vigintillion years. The difference in lifespan between the 2 is all but next to nothing.

    Now jump ahead to undecillion x vigintillion years, the difference mentioned directly above is divided by an unimaginable number.

    You see, the more that time goes on the less of a difference in time there is here in our present time. Therefore, merely breathing a single breath should be the measurement of life. Not the length of it.

    The longer time goes on, the smaller our time becomes. I’m drunk as fuck, I hope you like my rambling…

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