Assassination in Poland – Mayor of Gdansk Stabbed on Stage During Charity Event

Assassination in Poland - Mayor of Gdansk Stabbed on Stage During Charity Event

Assassination in Poland - Mayor of Gdansk Stabbed on Stage During Charity Event

During the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity live event (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy – the largest charity event in Poland), the mayor of the city of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz was stabbed while appearing live on stage. After multiple surgeries in hospital, the mayor succumbed to the wounds.

A 27 year old man who has a criminal record has been arrested. He used a media badge to gain access to the stage and shouted he had been wrongly imprisoned.

Pawel Adamowicz was a good goy. He was an outspoken supporter of LGBT degeneracy and multicultural terrorism.

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116 thoughts on “Assassination in Poland – Mayor of Gdansk Stabbed on Stage During Charity Event”

      1. That’s not a coincidence. He planned it very well, knew when to perform the attack. When the schedulled count down started as every year, everybody’s hands were up exposing the undefended chest of the President. He immediately came up and made 3 stabs knowing exactly how to do it precisely in heart, using a tactical knife.

    1. In Poland , we even begin to have interracial couples on the streets of big cities, something unthinkable a decade ago. Some people believe that Poland is a bastion of safety in Europe, but this is simply not true. Maybe now it’s a good place to be, but our current government, though commonly perceived as “conservative”, is HIGHLY influenced (controlled would be a better word) by the (((USA))), just like every other country in Europe (except Belarus). And we know what does it mean…

  1. What a crapulously shite way to go. Shit music, crap sparkly fireworks, surrounded by gay cock-wavers munching former Soviet horse gristle flavoured McBurgers at a rimming charity night in Gdansk. Then some fuckwit ex-con with a knife kebabs you.


    “Was it for this the clay grew tall?
    …. O what made fatuous sunbeams toil
    To break Earth’s sleep at all?”

      1. .. I’ve forsaken myself from reading the good lairds works long ago, for they’re written with such eloquence and put together so elegantly that they started to bring tears to my eyes……. But, I still read’m anyway…!

        .. Chim, chim, churry m’laird…

        1. I mean really… what a fucking 1975 Soviet Yard-Sale way to die. .. the Mayor holds a celebration of rimming in his hometown of Gdansk with toxic karaoke, leather-clad homos stinking of sperm and shit, mutual cock-sucking…. and then a guy – who got sent to a Gulag for stealing a second-hand food-mixer back in 1968 – decides to kill you with a Beetroot Peeler. What a fucking soul-crushing disappointment. What a pathetic way to die. What an un-event.

          I would want at least a flat-topped Mexican Aztec Motherfucker Pyramid, forty nude women dancing with shiny dripping minges and marvellous tits, enormous phallic fucking monoliths all around, 50 000 cheering natives dressed in weird feathers and pornographic tattoos, children sacrificing baby monkeys for fun and practice, a high priest dressed like a Shit-Demon from Satan’s anus, a brutal Obsidian blade 18 inches long, my heart and lungs ripped out and… and… you kinda get the picture?

  2. Good on Poland. About time they rid themselves of their libtard “multicultist” traitorous goy politicians hell bent on destroying Poland and the indigenous Polish people.

    We British killed off one of our own libtard traitorous goy politicians (Joe Cox) and there will be many more to follow if the paedophilic traitorous fuckweeds in our Parliament attempt to thwart Brexit, the greatest and biggest democratic decision ever made by the indigenous people of Britain.

    I am sick to fucking death of neo-liberalism, globalisation and uncontrolled immigration. Shove your “enrichment” and your “diversity” right up your fucking ass you fucking hooknose shylocks.

    If our own Brexit doesn’t go through and is thwarted I will dedicate myself and my life to creating and bringing in another Adolf Hitler like character to force change upon nations denied it.

    Fuck you EU you race traitorous cunts and well fucking done Poland.

    1. Curious you as a Brit do you see your Cuntry surviving this century? Ever seen that movie “Children of Men” by the way? I see your Cuntry looking like that in the future. Honestly I see the big European countries going all out civil war this century except maybe weird ass countries like Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary or Switzerland etc with those Balkan countries probably starting it.

      1. “Curious you as a Brit do you see your Cuntry surviving this century?”

        We have survived many thousands of years so far.

        The last 17 years encompassing free movement of labour and libtardation is not really going to change things as much as you think it will considering such incredibly small differences happened within such an incredibly small time span.

        Was Britain able to survive and operate 17 years ago and before?………….well, that’s your question and answer.

    2. you’re wrong, man!

      In Poland , we even begin to have interracial couples on the streets of big cities, something unthinkable a decade ago. Some people believe that Poland is a bastion of safety in Europe, but this is simply not true. Maybe now it’s a good place to be, but our current government, though commonly perceived as “conservative”, is HIGHLY influenced (controlled would be a better word) by the (((USA))), just like every other country in Europe (except Belarus). And we know what does it mean…

      1. i personally think its ok, to have a girl/boyfriend which is from foreign origin as long as they fit in society (speak language, go to work, have no rare “religious”/cultural behaviour). the problem are always those useless people that dont know what to do with their time and lifes (no job and no language skills while freeloading)

        1. So you’re part of the problem.

          it out with them all, regardless of religion

          The problem IS race. Not culture, not religion – Those are concepts that change. Race is our genetic materials and it is sacred

          The focus on islam Usually comes from Jewish activists who are trying to hijack the anti-replacist movement. But from the point of view of race replacement, Islam does not matter at all. And from the point of view of violence in the street, it does not matter either. “Christian” countries (brazil,Colombia,south africa , haiti etc) are more violent than the average of Arab Pakistani.

    3. Will Brexit halt mass Third World immigration? Will Brexit undo the fundamental flaws of the banking and financial systems? Will Brexit halt the decline of the manufacturing industry? Will Brexit really “save” Britain?

      The answer to all of these questions is, of course, no. The reality is that mass Third World immigration—which has destroyed almost all the large inner city areas of the UK, created no-go zones, —are all policies which have been pursued by successive British governments, and not the European Union.

      The destruction of Britain’s manufacturing industry—and the wholesale exporting of the UK’s industrial processes to China—happened outside of the European Union.

      Many other examples of policies which have—and still do—seriously damage Britain can be given. For example, the UK’s “foreign aid” budget—which next year will exceed the local government budget—has nothing to do with the European Union.

      The reality is that every single major issue which is leading to the destruction of Britain, is completely independent of, and separate from whatever economic dictates are imposed upon the UK by the European Union.

      Even the much-vaunted “EU immigration”—used by the “leave” camp ad infinitum—is, for the greatest part, European in origin.

      In fact, all of the ills mentioned above—and many more—inflict many nations already outside of the EU. Canada is possibly the best example—a veritable lunatic asylum of political correctness devoted exclusively to destroying every last vestige of Western civilization—and the same thing is happening in the United States of America, to a very large degree.

      There is no direct causal link to what many British people seem to perceive as the “ills of the EU” and the European Union as an institution, and it is a seriously mistaken delusion to think that Brexit is going to make all of these problems disappear.

      1. “There is no direct causal link to what many British people seem to perceive as the “ills of the EU” and the European Union as an institution, and it is a seriously mistaken delusion to think that Brexit is going to make all of these problems disappear“.

        Oops. My mistake. I was under the impression that Angela Merkel invited the whole fucking third world into Europe when she made that infamous speech inviting them all in to Europe a couple of years back.

        Guess I was wrong.

        I was also under the impression that Britain, a tiny and already full Island, has had over 12 million immigrants arrive since 2002(official ONS figures so likely to be higher) and that the EU keeps sending more our way whilst making speeches that freedom of movement is a 100% part of EU membership and cannot be questioned or refused.

        Guess I was wrong.

        I am getting on in years nowadays but I do still remember what life was like in Britain before 2002 and it was very different to it is now and far far better so yes the EU has had a direct negative impact on Britain.

        Will leaving the EU change anything, will it make all the problems disappear?. I really don’t give a shit. I voted Brexit in revenge for what has happened to my country and to get my own back on the immigrant loving libtards who have been squealing and pissing and shiting their collective pants ever since.

        In the very least Brexit shouts out to the world “no more freebees for you boat jumpers, you are not welcome” whereas previously any new arrival received a free house, car and free medical treatment courtesy of the British taxpayer all thanks to EU policy.

        To conclude. It won’t make it all go away in an instant but it’s a start and a start is better than no start at all.

        Good luck to the rest of Europe when Africa moves into you in it’s entirety. Enjoy your Wakanda.

    1. “One of the reasons I was so successful with women in Poland was because I made friends with a bunch of Nigerians with Polish girlfriends and wives. They are all on expired visas and treat the Polish women like trash. It isn’t all too bad: the Polish women love the company of Africans and prefer it over their own alcohol-obsessed men David Duke would have a heart attack if he saw what I saw in Polish nightclubs.
      All good though. Thanks to my Nigerian friends, I was able to get introduced to several Polish girls at nightclubs, places I couldn’t have sneaked in on my own. Just pretending to be “one among the Blacks” served as a magnet and I was able to break the ice with Polish girls very easily. I discovered to my delight that Polack chicks are the ultimate combination of “pretty and slutty” and really know how to please a guy. They have those old world charms from a bygone era which you don’t find in Western White women. They are like Russian girls, but far sweeter.
      As for the Nigerians, they are masters at deception, and run rings around local law enforcement in every conceivable petty crime. But, not all of them are the criminal types. Just on the dangerous edge of law. You just don’t mess with them. They will do anything if you’re on their wrong side: spike your drinks, steal your wallet. Otherwise, they’ll invite you to their homes. And will offer you fried chicken. I have done that.
      The reason I hung out with them is because they’re ferocious, and make excellent wingmen in nightclubs. I’d say they’re more masculine than almost any other race of men. I have been in groups of 5-6 Nigerians and would always stick out like a sore thumb. I’d pretend to be “Black” and they’d accept me in their groups. It’s a rare thing to watch An Indian thinking he’s Black hanging out with Nigerians.”

      1. I don’t normally agree with what you say but I do today with almost every thing you mentioned.

        Brexit will not solve all ills but it is a symbolic first step and people need that.
        I also liked your stories re Polish girls and @masterplan also said they are nice in form and personality.
        So you are a Subcontinental living in Poland for schooling who had Nigerian friends. Haha.
        Funniest thing ever happened to me was being in Hiroshima and being probably the only white guy there at the time. I was walking down the street when i saw a Russian wife with her Yakuza? Husband walking toward me.You should have seen her eyes fly open!

  3. Translation of the stabber:

    “Hello! Hello! My name is Stefan Wilmont. I was in jail being innocent! I was in jail being innocent, Platforma Obywatelska tortured me. That’s why Adamowicz is dead.”

    Platforma Obywatelska is a Polish policical party leading in Poland in 2007-2015).

    This charity is really big in Poland, it’s a cultural phenomenon. The guy who’s at the top of it is very famous. After this incident, he gave up his role after 27 years.

    1. Very sad indeed. I wonder what impact this will have on the organization as a whole. I remember the govnerment always trying to halt the big summerfestival, which has almost no safetyguidelines (which is not true but feels so open and free) and several other activities involving this WOSP which i do not understand. This current event could trigger a ban-wave on all those activities. Jerry is an amazing personality and it’s sad to see him leave.

  4. Apparently Prince Harry and Meghan Meerkat were doing a whistle stop tour of Liverpool yesterday to see how the masses struggle to live on 23p a day. During their tour they visited a ‘Social Supermarket’ where families who have absolutely jack shit and loaded with substance abuse issues can go and get a MONTHS shopping/groceries for £3.

    (Earlier that day at Buck House)….

    Meg : What’s the script for today lover?
    Harry: We’ve got to shoot up to Scousepool and open some fuckin place where the peasants go for a free feed.
    Meg : Fuck! Well I’m not getting fully tarted up for that, I’ll just go casual and try to blend in with them. Pass me that £18k T-Shirt please ginger bollocks.
    Harry : Cheeky!
    Meg : Is Liverpool that place where there’s so many houses boarded up the Window Cleaner uses an orbital sander?
    Harry : Yeah! My Dad likes to go to Liverpool once a year to visit his fuckin Hub Caps. And when we get there try and talk with a Scouse accent for fucks sake. Go in the front room now and watch some videos with Collette Rooney talking about when Wayne was screwin that prostitute and talk like that. When we get there and the Mayor of Liverpool shakes your hand, just say “alright la” and ask him if he’s got any ‘gear’?
    Meg : And what do I do when we are walking round this scrotes supermarket in Fazakerley?
    Harry : Just pick up a tin of Beans from a shelf and look really fuckin interested in it. Say to one of the peasants that you’d like to buy this tin of nourishing Beans so that you can have it with a £15,000 bottle of Boërl & Kroff Brut for your tea.
    Meg : Ride on! And what the fuck do I do if one of these people touch me lover?
    Harry : Just grin and bear it babe like Fergie did when she was married to Andy, they were in America and someone passed her a Wog baby with HIV to cuddle….she just passed it back and immediately dived in the shower back at the Motel.
    Meg : Thanks lover….

  5. And *MAJOR PROPS* Should Also Go To “Pawel Adamowicz” For being The Brave, & Christian Man That He Is, By Going By The Old Saying That Says (Actions Speak Louder Than Words) By Ridding The World Of Yet Another Zionist Sock-Puppet Government Official,,, *A City Mayor* Pawel AdamowiczIn This Case.

    Now Since Poland has been Completely taken over by the “Zionist New World Order Thugs” a few years ago, it was done in order to give their (ZIONIST RUN, AND CONTROLLED NATO) the ability to close any gaps remaining by building Military Bases All along it’s Borders with Russia. They NATA Have Been Shipping in Vast Amounts Of Military Hardware, Like Tanks,,, Personnel Carriers,,, thousands of mortas, & troops, just to name a few.

    And When Russia asked them, “NATO” why they Continue Amassing Such A Massive Amount Of Military might along it’s borders,,,, The Jewmuricans Simply answer that it’s in case of Any Threats Posed By Iran, lol, IRAN??? LOL. Yea, Ok,,, So They fill Any Remaining Gaps between it’s Eastern Borders “EASTERN BORDERS),lol, in case of a threat from Western Neighbors Iran, makes sense eh?? Well I For One Am Very Happy that Another Jew-Boot-Licking Pig That helped Push Filth, & Corruption On Our Brainwashed Patents, & Youth, who Believe Everything that they See, & Hear on The Mainstream T.V. Is Gone. Good Ridden You Piece Of Shit Evil-Satanist-Cunt. 🙂

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        You my friend are 100% on the money. The promises made by Reagan with Gorbachev in Good Faith which helped bring down the Berlin wall, Almost cost Reagan his life, just like they succeeded with John F. Kennedy, they failed at their Assassination Attempt on Reagan. And Like The Old Saying Goes,,, **Close, But No Cigar** Thank-God For All the Security guards that were tightly surrounding him, he could not get a Good/Fatal shot off.

        You know what brother,,, you are very well informed/Educated on World Politics brother,,, Kudos. This is why i always loved conversing with you nemes, and still miss-it. It is because we could both carry-on these intelligent conversations touching just about any subjects, that sometimes i would learn something new, or othertimes you would learn something new.

        And that’s what nice when you get two like-minded people that clic like (We Instantly Did), when we first met. And I Honestly Believe that we can get there again by taking “baby-steps” lol, a term often used by my wife quite often during her many meeting. For example, when they are opening a brand New Residential Project, like in Florida per say where everything is different as far as building codes, materials needed, and all that jazz, you know!

        In Other Words,,, it’s like starting anew, & from scratch, but at the same time bringing along your inter-professional skills needed, in order to not repeat any of the same mistakes twice, or making new ones before thinking first, cause then people can carry-on some great conversations. 🙂

        And with us being two Strong As Bulls Characters we are bound to buck horns together sort of speak, lol, and sometimes happening quite often as a result, being that we are both are also very Like-Minded Individuals. But That’s ok with me as it is part of who we are, and we are No Homo’s that’s for sure, as we don’t put up with shit from no one.

        And seeing that we are both very (Strong-Minded Individuals) i can see why we’d sometimes butt-heads, it’s unavoidable with 2 such strong Characters As Ourselves, lol. But like they’ve always said for Centuries,,, it takes Men with Strong Will to Run Whether It Be A Castle,,, A Country, Or A Cave, lol, Cause Either Way,, It Takes Tough/Strong Men to Lead A Troop Into Battle, And To Make Tough Decisions right?? lol, lol. 🙂

        It’s nice chatting with you again Nemes,,, it really is! 🙂

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