Assassination with Single Shot in Head Caught on CCTV in Dwarka, India

Assassination with Single Shot in Head Caught on CCTV in Dwarka, India

Assassination with Single Shot in Head Caught on CCTV in Dwarka, India

In the city of Dwarka, located in the state of Gujarat, India, a man was assassinated with a single shot in the head. The hit was caught on a CCTV camera outside a store.

As the man’s lifeless body collapsed on the sidewalk, the street dogs came to comfort the corpse. The white tail-wiggler was particularly cure with his head rub on the victim’s hand.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive a bullet to the head? Like, do you feel any pain at all? Is it instant lights out or you have a second to contemplate on your situation until the consciousness leaves you? What if when the brain is damaged and you loose control over your body, you’re still conscious and like falling to sleep as your brain gradually cease it’s functions over some period of time (1, 2, 5 seconds, I don’t know).

    I’m very curious, but don’t want to check.

    1. Addition – obviously there’s no doubt if your head is blown to bits by the shotgun, that’s instant lights out. But, if we’re talking about small caliber pistols, like .25, which can leave most of your brain intact…

    2. Well, the brain itself feels no pain, but your skin & bone would for a split second.
      But as for remaining conscious..
      Famously, R.F. Kennedy was shot in the brain, yet there is pics & film of him looking at some guy, and trying to talk to him, but quickly fading into the darkness of evil night
      ..But then again, some people have got a falling steel pole right through the brain, and survived intact!
      ..Although one’s personality had completely changed, he went from shy & quiet, to radical loudmouth risk taker cunt!
      What this proves is that your personality is not an invisible ‘soul’ but is totally part of the cells which make up your brain.
      And when you get your head cut off clean, like by guillotine, your brain, ears, eyes, nose would be fully working until the blood level leaked out beyond a certain point.
      You should be fully awake & aware for 1-2 minutes.. Yuck..

        1. Oh okay cool, ’cause back in the 19th century, one official/guy was present at a guillotine execution & picked up the guy’s head, looked into his open eyes, and called his name, and said he couldn’t respond but seemed to be fully conscious for maybe up to a minute, he couldn’t really say.. Yuck!

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    3. Bloodloss would probably cure the uncomfortable effect of having your optical nerves crosswired and being unable to distinguish reality or communicate a coherent thought as your neocortex is likely fucked.

      If I were to be shot, I’d rather take it on the chest like the soldiers of old. I can cope with making my last peaces as I drift away, rather than being a gibberish, undignified, disgusting mess.

      1. Your description makes sense, yet I can’t even imagine how it would feel. I guess you will loose consciousness immediately, but parts of your brain will still function for a short period, so you’ll be like in a coma, and then die completely.

    1. well… they are a little fact too that killer are more easy to shoot men than women.
      soo if someone get shot , if you a man you have chance to be shot too… if you woman, you have chance to pussy pass.
      happen a lots too. (and never know if killer wont come back for deal with witnesses…)

  3. That guy in blue is retard or what? If it was here in Brazil, everybody starts to run like hell the moment a gun is spotted. The guy was like “hey dude, what you will do with that gun? Take care with that or you will ending up killing somebody, ya know? Guns are bad!”

  4. i love the white dog.
    the way he just grind his head on the dead body arm…
    when he stay and look around like : ” is somebody gonna help him instead of just passing by and looking ? ”

    i love how he/she is super calm and all.. great dog. hope its not the owner of that dog that get killed, that would be a bad luck for the dog to didnt have master anymore… he/she deserve it.

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