Assassination Attempt on Ahmed Dogan – Turkish Party Leader in Bulgaria

Assassination Attempt on Ahmed Dogan - Turkish Party Leader in Bulgaria

A video from January 19, 2013 shows an assassination attempt on Ahmed Dogan, the chairman of Movement for Rights and Freedoms – a Bulgarian liberal party composed mainly of the Turks. During the Ottoman Empire, many Anatolian Turks settled in Bulgaria, Greece and other Balkan countries by the order of the government to “Turkify” these lands and shove the Religion of Peace down the throats of people who lived there.

As a result, 8,8% of the Bulgarian population is of Turkish origin. Naturally, native Bulgarians don’t tend to like the Turks too much. Strangely, though – the man who attempted to assassinate Ahmed Dogan has a Turkish name and may also be of Turkish origin – Oktay Hasanov Yenimehmedov.

The would be assassin, 25 year old Oktay Hasanov Yenimehmedov put a gun to the head of Ahmed Dogan who was giving a speech at a conference in Sofia and… damn. The darned weapon misfired. That gave an opportunity to a whole whack of wannabe bodyguards to tackle the failed assassin and join in for a kick.

Bulgaria is not the only country of the former Eastern Bloc plagued by invasive species feeling all too cosy in their land. Fucking Magyars, after a thousand years of occupation of central Europe continue to plague those lands by likewise establishing political parties in foreign lands which destabilize economy and undermine native values.

Too bad Oktay Hasanov Yenimehmedov’s gun jammed. That would have been one sick video if Ahmed Dogan’s head exploded in front of all these cameras.

Give Bulgaria back to Bulgarians. If you want to run a Turkish political party, do it in Turkey. I’m sure Turkish people would likewise hate on a Bulgarian political party pushing Bulgarian interests in Turkey.

Props to Best Gore member Floriante and Hawk for the video and pics:

A gallery of a few photos:

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83 thoughts on “Assassination Attempt on Ahmed Dogan – Turkish Party Leader in Bulgaria”

  1. Rofl, pay attention to the old man at 00:07. The way he bounces away is EPIC.
    Made me laugh.
    But since the attacker seems to be Turkish, this could’ve easily been staged by the old dude himself. The gun “jammed” ofc, making him the victim in the eys of the public.

  2. For an act that “powerful” surely you’d spend a bit more *insert Turkish currency here* on your firearm? Or a contingency plan? It’s like me grabbing what I think is a knife and then when I’m on stage, I reach into my pocket and whip out a big black dildo. Careless.

    1. Nah its no Makarov I own a Makarov…this one appears to be some piece of crap Beretta or Astra knock off, a Makarov surely would’ve blown his brains out since they don’t jam so easily. The gun also appears to be in pretty good condition which leads me to belive that it was the bullet that caused the misfire due to a faulty primer and not the gun itself…the speaker was extremely lucky.

          1. Well I do like Glocks but not as much as Colts and S&W and as far as the Makarov and Tokarev pistols go they both can be purchased very cheaply which makes a good buy for any collection of course I’m not a big fan of how they look but they do perform very well and after all they are Russian and anything Russian I like, as far as the would be assassins pistol goes I’m almost positive its a Bulgarian knock off of a Beretta 635

  3. I wonder if the gun jammed or the safety was on. I don’t know if this was a real assassination attempt or staged, but Chairman Dogen seem to look genuinely shocked at seeing the gun stuck in his face. And this happened today?? Props to Floriante and Hawk! Be careful Mark…we’ll miss you!!

    1. I don’t think the gun jammed or was safety I think it was the bullet that was bad and had a faulty primer in other words a dud and yes duds do happen a lot if your going to assassinate someone don’t you think you’d get a reliable gun maybe clean it the night before and make sure its off safety right before your going to use it…I would but one thing you can’t ever really be sure of no matter what is the bullet…most of the time they work but every now and them you’ll get one that doesn’t.

      1. @Pale Rider, I readily accept your vastly superior knowledge in this field! Yes, I would think a professional hitman would be more familar with his gun, it could be possible this guy was willing to be the shooter, but was given the gun at the last minute. If I were to attempt to assassinate someone, it wouldn’t be in a situation like this, where being caught was almost a certainty. That makes me question if this man was a “pro” or just an eager “amatuer”.

        1. You might be right its very possible he was given the gun at the last minute which makes me a bit suspicious that maybe the gun wasnt meant to go off and the would be assassin was set up by his co-conspirators, but then again in such a public assassination attempt he knew he would be caught so why would someone try to set you up if your going to be caught anyway…I’m sure the truth will come out sooner or later including why the gun didn’t go off, its also entirely possible that due to his nervousness he kept messing with the gun and caused it to malfunction or even put it on saftey thinking it was off, who knows I’m almost certain it was the bullet that was a dud since I’ve had it happen alot of times myself due to using cheap and surplus ammunition..I remember one time that a box of 50 count 22lr bullets had 10 duds in it, thats 10 out 50 that didn’t work so duds do happen and if that pistol he was using was a 22 then chances are even higher because 22lr don’t use the same primers as larger bullets which causes them to have alot of misfires, now if he was using a 380 then chances are he was using old or surplus ammunition due to the fact that the 380 isnt used in that area of the world in fact in even here in America where we use it the most its still not as abundant as other pistol calibers, but judging by the look of the gun and how small the crown of barrel is I’m almost positive it was a 22lr or a 25acp the gun looks to be a knock off of a “beretta 635” and the 635 stands for 6.35mm which is the measurement of the 25acp which the majority of beretta 635s came in but the beretta 635 also came in 22lr so who knows it could be either of those two calibers. As far as him being a professional or eager amateur I think eager amateur because no professional would put him self out there like thing I did notice is that he does look pretty well built and he also seems to be sporting a military hair cut which leads me to belive he is or was military.

          1. @Pale Rider, I always enjoy reading your posts, especially ones involving guns. The box of 22 lr shells, where you said 10 out of 50 were duds, was it a new box? Are duds more common in handguns? Agreed, the shooter had a military look about him. I hope more news about this will surface, but I have doubts it’ll be the truth.

          2. The box of 22lr was a new box I purchased it at academy and they were remingtons 22lr “lighting” rounds which were the cheapest ones I could find I bought about 4 boxes and one of them had the 10 duds as for the other 3 boxes I probably had about 1 or 2 duds come of each boxes but that’s what happens when you buy cheap low grade ammunition I’d be more suprised if there wasn’t any duds in a box of cheap ammunition but with the 10 duds I was like wtf…I had already gone thru a box with no problem and when I started the “dud box” I went thru about half of it and every time I loaded up a cylinder I was getting a dud I went thru about 5 cylinders before i started thinking there might be somthing wrong with the gun after all I was using a single action rough rider revolver that I purchased for about 100 bucks brand new and single actions do get out of sync every now and then but still a gun that new shouldn’t be having any problems so I stripped it down and checked it out cleaned it up and got back to shooting and had a few more misfires from the same box which told me it was the bullet and not the gun…I only paid about $2.50 for it so i didn’t even bother getting my money back, as far handguns or rifles and which is more prone to misfires IME personally I’ve had more misfires happen with handguns than with rifles and I’ve had mire misfire happen with 22lr than any other bullet.

    1. Actually small caliber guns at ranges similar to this work perfectly. Larger caliber firearms tend to over penetrate your target and the recoil slows your rate of fire/accuracy. A small cal round such as .22 or .25 generates very low recoil that allows you to point at your target and pull the trigger as fast as you can without re aiming. The best part of a lower cal is that the round will “ping pong” around inside your head/ body causing maximum damage! A single wound channel from a large caliber may be devastating, but a small bullet changing its path multiple times inside you, is brutal! Either way this guy had luck on his side that day, resulting in a less shocking video for us 🙁

  4. Although I live in Bulgaria I hardly follow politics. But what I can tell you is people here do really hate Turks. And really doesn’t make any sense to have a Turkish political party here but its not like politics make sense anyway.

  5. It was a gas gun incapable of killing. Apparently they are used for self defence over there and can even fire tear gas. It was all just a spectacle like when that guy ran at prince Charles firing blanks.

  6. When i first watched the video on Youtube i thought it was fake and just propaganda like seriously the gun had to fail just at the right time? could have been epic to see the real deal sucks it did not happen oh well he had his guardian angel in there i guess

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