Assassination of El Chapo Judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías in Metepec, Mexico

Assassination of El Chapo Judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías in Metepec, Mexico

Mexican judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías, who ruled on cases involving some of Mexico’s biggest drug lords, was assassinated by a gunman while out jogging near a gated community in Metepec, Estado de México.

The CCTV video of the assassination shows the 37 year old judge on a jog, when a hitman ambushes him from behind, and shoots him in the head at point blank range. The gunman and his accomplice then run in the opposite direction, where they reportedly get in a car and drive away.

The incident happened at around 8:30 am on Monday, October 17, 2016. The judge was rushed to hospital but was declared dead shortly after.

Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías was notorious for deciding cases of Mexico’s most famous narcos. Recently, the judge suspended the extradition of head of the Sinaloa cartel Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to the Unites States to face drug trafficking charges there. Earlier, he processed the case of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales – ex-leader of Los Zetas.

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36 thoughts on “Assassination of El Chapo Judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías in Metepec, Mexico”

    1. Hahaha! That had me rolling! I was thinking the same thing tho. If I were him I would not have been running along a busy street like that. Looked like it was just outside the gated community, I’d be running inside it, not along a road where it’s an easy getaway. Hell I’d be worried they’d just run me over and say oops… my bad, not pro hit, promise

    1. OMG yeah that lawyer electrode baseball beating is top 5 of most brutal video’s I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen thousands. He was so screwed up in the end they were beating his feet, breaking the bones, blood was seeping out of his socks, and he barely reacted. That guy probably had already been tortured for a long time before that and probably hadn’t slept in days. Yeah, I agree this guy got off easy!!

      1. Who determines if someone should, “pay” if you are wronged? Not saying there isn’t corrupt judges, but you could make the same blanket statement about those with really, really, super cool screen names?

  1. pretty softcore for mexico…anyways, good luck finding out who ordered it, with the list of cases this judge had, around 40% of mexico wanted him shot…USA too, since he stayed the extradition of Guzman to jesusland…

  2. being a judge in mexico would be a scary job, especially if you are putting away the cartels. the cartels there basically run the country. this guy was lucky he was not kindapped and his face skinned like that other video.

  3. I wonder what he said before he pulled the trigger ? Looks like he wanted him to know he was there at last second.
    37 and he got stopped by a .38

    Where are the lies now, “legal system” ?
    “Lie as a sword, Die by a sword”

    Irony: how likely is it a fellow pigg or tick (Lawyer) sold out judges whereabouts? VERY. Mexican corruption = DMV here in states. Everything’s for SALE in the capital-driven society, even their own. LoL

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