Assassination of Magdaleno Meza – Drug Dealer Linked to Brother of Honduran President

Assassination of Magdaleno Meza - Drug Dealer Linked to Brother of Honduran President

Assassination of Magdaleno Meza - Drug Dealer Linked to Brother of Honduran President

On Saturday October 26, 2019, Nery Orlando López Sanabria, known as Magdaleno Fúnez Meza, one of the Valle Valle cartel members, was brutally assassinated in the maximum security prison in Ilama, Santa Barbara, Honduras.

In the CCTV video of the hit, Magdaleno Meza is observed to talk with prison agents, when an agent opens the door and is overwhelmed by several prisoners, one of them armed with a gun and others with blades.

Without saying a word, the inmates turn their attention to Magdaleno Meza and shoot him several times. As a prisoner with a knife cuts his legs, another one continues shooting him in the head. Impressive red mist sprays the wall next to the victim’s body.

Magdaleno Meza, the alleged drug trafficker who three years ago faked his death and prepared his burial that few people attended and then showed a photograph of a corpse in the coffin that had allegedly been buried, was also known for his ties to Tony Hernandez, brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

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  1. Honduras has some giant piece of shit prisons! The guard in the ski mask looks all bad-ass and then they turn Pablo into hamburger helper! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      1. The guard opened the door for them, he was in on it. They stormed out holding knives out to keep the guards back but that was all for show. Whoever he was linked to ordered the hit. Just like the clintons ordered epstein’s suicide

          1. Jewish press wouldn’t be full of suggestions that he may have been murdered. If you want to know what really happened, read Jewish press. The truth will be the exact opposite of what they say. It’s the best gauge of truth. You wouldn’t find an instance of this not being the case in all significant events.

          1. So, bullets to the head. Knife blade repeatedly sunk into the back… but why attack the calf? It reminds me of a scene in a movie…
            “Now di leg, huh?”-Hector to Tony Montana in Scarface

          1. You mean, Roman ‘looking forward to meating your daughter’ Polanski?

            He and Charles should have been bunk mates.

            Would have been a l’il jawkward, though.

            ‘So, what are you in for…?’

      1. Actually I heard a story of a dude getting shanked be his celly because he couldn’t stop farting in there.
        It was either in Folsom or Wasco State Prison.
        So farting in a lunch line wouldn’t seem too far fetched here.

  2. This is the place to be incarcerated. Apparently the inmates are better armed than the guards. And dictate when they get recess from their cell. It was very polite of them to return to their cell after playing with their friend, and not run amok like savages.

    1. You’re right, they didn’t continue to run amok like crazy pavement apes. They even closed the door after they were done and didn’t leave any shit laying around for someone else to have to clean up. I must say, they’re well behaved. They’ll be released early for good behavior.

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  4. CHRIST! This is a very brazen hit and it looks like several people were involved besides the shooter. This is a hit where, they wanted this person dead at any cost. They did not care that there were what appears to be prison guards as well as several other prisoners and a camera there to witness the hit. This was simply a hit where the person had to die at any cost, no risk was too great to take this man out. Someone high up and powerful wanted him gone at any cost.

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