Assassination of Rice Mill Owner Caught on CCTV in Faridkot, India

Assassination of Rice Mill Owner Caught on CCTV in Faridkot, India

52 year old Ravinder Kochar was assassinated by an unknown assailant outside his rice mill in the Jaitu area of Faridkot, state of Punjab, India. The assassination was caught on a CCTV camera.

The footage shows Ravinder Kochar pull up in a driveway. Moments later, a car that apparently followed him pulls up behind him, an armed man gets off and opens fire at the businessman.

In February of this year, Kochar’s car had been carjacked. In the filed complaint, Kochar names suspects as Bunty Dhillon, Jimpy Don and Sema Behbal. A few days later, his car was recovered in Moga, but no arrests were made.

Last month, two of the alleged carjackers – Bunty Dhillon and Jimpy Don – were killed in an unrelated shootout with police in Dabwali, while Sema Behbal got away. Police now suspect he may have been behind the murder.

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52 thoughts on “Assassination of Rice Mill Owner Caught on CCTV in Faridkot, India”

  1. His wife now can finally get that life insurance money…..but So much waste of bullets…just one in the head and the job is done..,but no, he had to go back and put another bullet in his body to make sure he was dead wanna be a sicario? Go to the best schools and learn how ….

  2. At first his car got jacked & the second time around his life . Mr. Ravinder Kochar hadn’t had the slightest intuition that his enemies won’t be at rest until he is done to death for denying them their easy extortion money .
    That trio after his life were a bunch of bastards for sure . With two already dead the third one had nothing better to do but extort cash or kill people.

    And what made Mr. Kochar suddenly stop his car on a road to no where was something of a bizarre move .

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