Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara, Turkey

Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara, Turkey

Andrei Karlov (Андрей Карлов) – Russian ambassador to Turkey, has just been assassinated on live TV, apparently by a Turkish riot police officer (probably a secret Mossad agent). The alleged policeman shouted “Allahu Akbar” while firing approximately 8 rounds into Mr. Karlov.

Turkey got away with shooting down a Russian fighter jet. Russians recently liberated the city of Aleppo in Syria, which had been under siege by terrorists loyal to Turkey and Israel. The killer made it clear whom he works for when he shouted in Turkish after firing the rounds:

Don’t forget Aleppo. Don’t forget Syria. Unless our towns are secure, you won’t enjoy security. Only death can take me from here. Everyone who is involved in this suffering will pay a price.

According to Turkish media, the attacker has meanwhile been “neutralized” (meaning killed, but in reality, most likely extradited back to Tel Aviv where he’ll be given new identity and awards for job well done). He has no connection to Syria. Ask yourself – why would a Turkish native that’s never been Syria, scream about the situation in Allepo and kill a representative of the country that liberated the city?

Also, notice that the shooter was not disabled immediately after he killed the ambassador. Instead, they let him do his speech and only then did they “neutralize” him – obviously it was important for whoever orchestrated the assassination that message gets on the news.

Meanwhile, the shooter has been identified as Mert Altıntaş from Aydın in Söke, Turkey. He was born in 1994, and has been a policeman since 2014.

Here’s the video of the assassination, which took place while Andrei Karlov was giving speech at an art gallery exhibition:

Here’s also the video of overjoyed Syrians celebrating the liberation of Aleppo by the Russian and Syrian forces:

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        1. You two are actually retarded.
          1.) The video was cropped, he was doing a speech in the exhibition, and then during the speech, he was shot.
          2.) Blood flow takes time to form regardless of the amount of exposed areas. Plus, considering fundamental laws, the blood puddle could have been forming in an unseen area or in-between tiles, they’re also relatively small.

          Anyway, these are fallacious factors that are just here to accentuate your idiocy.

          1. Also, there is a picture doing the rounds of him on the ground with a small puddle of blood forming under his head. I agree there is not a lot of flow so it is a little strange getting shot 7 or 8 times. In the video it does look like one of the shots goes through him and exits right below his collarbone.

          2. If you believe someone getting shot in the back 9 times is going to fall on his back with his arms stretched out like Jesus Christ then you shouldn’t call anyone else retarded. Look at other photos on here of people getting shot in the back multiple times.

      1. next time you die or your mother get smashed by a bus, i will call that a fake.

        do you really think this is fake ? so what ? you expect to see blood all other the room ? you never have seen anybody get shot, thats for sure.

      2. There actually is a small pool of blood forming just under his head. Don’t you get why it’s not all over the place? Because he was dead before he hit the ground. Blood can’t squirt all over if the heart isn’t pumping.

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    2. So I guess the old film from the 80’s called Police Academy was based on real people. Instead of the police cadets trying to become LAPD officers going through Police academy it was based on Turkish Police Forces! This Ex-Police Assassin was definitely not the brightest star in the sky! Also the security at this event were pretty slow also. I had Jury Duty in my County Court about 6 months ago and I had to go through Metal detector and send stuff through X-Ray that was Jury Duty. So when Ambassador is going to speak in Area people may not like them they don’t bring in at least metal detector wands? Also when some politician is giving a speech is it normal to just let people wonder around behind them like he was. I read he was Special Forces. If that’s true I feel sorry for Turkey. If this is there Elite trained soldiers they probably couldn’t fight their way out of paper bag. I don’t see why he didn’t just shoot him when he was on other side of stage. Plus did security not think him walking around like that was odd. Especially when he went to reach into pocket couple of times then seamed to chicken out. Then after he killed him he gave his rant. I don’t remember which country it was but some guy attempted to assassinate I think an Israeli politician but his gun jammed of he forgot to load it 1 and heck regular people went and jumped on dude and beat the tar out of him. I guess Turkey police & Special Forces are trained by that British Comedian Mr. Bean or the 3 stooges. I have saw people say it was U.S. CIA & I just don’t believe that. They are super secretive and we’ll trained. I just don’t see a CIA agent walk all across the stage so he would have his face filmed and then to do such sloppy job. If they were going to do it I would figure they would get him as he left the speech or in his hotel room not like real Special Forces trained people not some Special Needs person.

      “Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military effort to stop Hamas’ incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.
      “I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.
      The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.
      “It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion.”

    2. Putin is not even white, take a look at his face it is obvious he has tatar heritage or maybe kalmyk or some other mongoloid ethnicity. Putin is anti-russian and anti-every other white nation, he is one of the most jew influenced leaders in the history of the world even more than the USA, trust me if any of you lived in russia you would hate putin he DOES NOT represent the interest of russians, caucasians or even tatars at all he just represents the interest of the rich and the jews

      1. “Yeah Jim had a hit squad ready.
        He called it the Red Brigade.
        (50 men deep)
        Once Leo went to Guyana,
        he had doomed himself and his crew.
        There wasn’t escaping the temple.
        Which is the same fate this Russian made.
        Deciding to go to Turkey.
        There is a bunch of pissed off people.
        Itching to take out a politician.
        In retaliation for the losses.
        I believe Russia should just let it go.
        And learn from the mistake they made here.
        There is no peace in the middle east.
        All factions in the war are evil.
        Assad is an evil motherfucker.
        And Putin is backing him up to.
        Don’t forget about Netanyahu.
        And all of Israel’s peace agreements.
        The many times Israel broke the peace.
        And were rightfully attacked for it.
        All parties involved let that war die out.
        All we should do is send food and water.
        Send the starving war victims some aid.
        And try to build a camp for the migrants.
        But we shouldn’t send Israel weapons.
        America shouldn’t send them weapons.
        No side in that war is worth arming.
        Syrians Isis or Israelis…
        all of them have beheaded someone.
        All of them are guilty of war crimes.
        And I don’t really care which side wins.
        I only want to help the war victims.
        Those caught in a war they don’t want to fight.
        I don’t want refugees in my country.
        Who could be potential terrorists.
        Other countries and nations feel the same.
        Can the world figure out a solution?”

    1. What’s for dinner tonight? …Turkey.
      Seems like Europe is falling apart. Countries wanna break away from EU,countries in financial/bankrupt conditions,Muslims running amuck everywhere, foreign refugees washing up on shores.Putins got a plan to be next Hitler and rule all of it,and Asia. Times’they are a changing…not even gonna mention good ol’Merica.

  1. It’s gonna be an interesting situation. I wonder how both Turkey and Russia will react.

    EU will not do anything, as they have a deal with Turkey to try to control the flow of immigrants (I refuse to call them refugees).

  2. Russia won’t do anything.
    Turkey is a NATO country. And I don’t understand why the fuck did NATO accept Turkey. It’s an extremist country, far from a diplomacy, and it’s actually not in EU because a lot of countries are opposed to its inclusion.
    Turkey have hot chicks imo, but the whole country is a shithole, and the women are beautiful on the outside, on the inside they are all muslim fanatics.

        1. Yep, I know they never got along well, since Ottoman Empire times, with wars like the Crimean war and ww1, but in any case, neither the Ottomans/Turks nor the Russians have never been that much beloved by many people, although the present situation is different than the past one, naturally.

    1. you must be a kike troll. turkey is not “extremist” and ‘fanatical’. turkey is an anti-islam puppet secular country which has had / still has one of the largest number of NATO troops in afghanistan. i wish turkey would leave NATO.

  3. america will suffer for the misery they have caused around the world. especially for syria. they are going to experience what they have inflicted but ten fold. every action has consequences and america will get retribution. its written already that america will collapse and suffer. not for a good while yet but the evil it has committed comes home to roost and then some on top. if you think america is becoming 3rd world now just wait and see what it becomes in the next 30 years. you will see in time what i mean.

      1. the dollar collapses altogether. you have too much debt to claw anything back or any sympathy. china and russia create a new currency with zero interest, the world turns its back on ‘interest’ and debt based societys. america slowly becomes like venezuela but worse. conditions worse than mexico. conditions worse than brazil. as you deteriorate a false flag event triggers an attack from china and north korea. russia gets involved but later on and is NOT on americas side, but this is what you get for all the years of bad mouthing and provoking. i could go into lots more detail but i wont.

        1. I don’t know if your predictions will come true, some of it could, especially the economic collapse of the US (although if you are European I wouldn’t be much too happy with it, as the EU will probably be dragged along by the US, and even Britain, despite Brexit) but it does seem that China and Russia are piling up gold, the original and millennial form of money, so they will have something as to hedge their currencies against and give a sounder economy in case of a collapse in the US dollar.

          1. this is what im saying though everybody turns its back on the us and federal reserve. your whole system collapses. the eu is gone long before ‘murica collapses. the world realises that a debt based system is cancerous. you have no friends (on the global stage) left by the time it happens. ive advised some of my friends there to leave in the next 5-10 years. wether they do or not is entirely up to them, but i know whats coming all i can do is warn people. you act you act, if you dont .. i couldnt give a single fuck to be honest.

      2. @Hindustan
        Uh….wait…are you fuckin trolling?

        The Civil War
        American Revolution
        Both were what some would consider “an armed separatist movement”

        I hope you are not an American, because if you are…good god man, I have very little faith left in our public school systems as it is…do not make me lose the tiny bit that I have left..

  4. WRONG INFO HERE. “Also, notice that the shooter was not disabled immediately after he killed the ambassador. Instead, they let him do his speech and only then did they “neutralize” him – obviously it was important for whoever orchestrated the assassination that message gets on the news.” There wasnt any police in the room except him and he also let every civilians and press out after the shooting. Proof? Cause he was killed outside when he was running down from stairs. There’s a footage of him here right before his death ;

      1. Shut up, camel piss drinking paki. Stop pretending to be Arab. Asian Muslims are not supposed to hate Jews. Your Muslim status is on par with Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims and your shithole of a country doesn’t affect world politics so stop looking for attention. No one cares about Pakshitstan.

  5. What was the name of the character played by Lee Majors back in the day?.
    Anyway, msm are giving it the full Monty of bs regarding Aleppo. Funny how they know that massacres have taken place, perpetrated by big bad Russia, yet up until the last couple of days, no western “journalist” was anywhere near the place.
    Large pinch of salt to be taken with these reports as per.

  6. Interesting, just after the rebels burned the trucks that were going to rescue civilians, the civilians whose protection is supposedly so important for the rebels and their ”virtuous” Americans et al. backers. It could be that after Aleppo was taken the Americans et al. are going to raise their bets and play more boldly.

  7. Once it will be obvious that turkey won’t be part of Europe….and it pretty much is right now.
    Putin will eat turkey alive for breakfast…….the ottomans and Russia have some unresolved litigations…..
    What now.?#[email protected]^#$#!!!!?????…..a Russian ambassador assassinated in turkey…….. Arrogant erdogan is in a big shit…..!!! As a highly critical US ally…… erdogan is a
    Stupid mother fucker…….and will pay the price…..
    Thinking he is the new Atatürk of 21st century…..

  8. hey mark, i lost some respect i had for you. you are going over board with your libtard conspiracy theories. btw 9/11 wasnt a false flag inside job. OBL and al qaeda admitted to doing 9/11 and the taliban dont deny OBL did 9/11. the 9/11 conspiracy theory was created by the bush administration to hide the humiliation that america, the strongest and most advanced country in the world, was majorly attacked by a simpleton caveman from the caves of afghanistan. the clinton administration created the UFO conspiracy theories to deflect attention away from america’s secret advanced military planes, like the black bird and the B22 bomber, which looked like alien spacecrafts.

    1. If sheeple lose respect for me, it means I’m doing my job right.

      9/11 was done by Israel. Evidence is so overwhelming, one would have to be a determined sheep to ignore all of it and focus on the conspiracy theory that Bush did it. Neither Bin Laden, nor Al Qaeda admitted to anything. Videos produced by Jewess Rita Katz, in which actors are featured did. I mean, what am I even doing trying to explain what’s right in front of everybody’s nose to a sheeple???

      Best Gore is suitable for people who live with their eyes open. People with head up their ass may need to look elsewhere. I’ll be @happy to see you go. There are many website for those who bleat. You’ll fit right in with the rest of the herd.

        1. Yeah, that has always been their strategy – make yourself look anti kike for your pro kike agenda to come across more believable. He’s not the first, and won’t be the last who tried it on here. Anyone who pushes the same narrative Zionist mainstream press pushes is to be looked at with utmost suspicion.

        2. @haydolf_hittler

          I have to disagree with you on this one. Look at the present day liberal snow flake generation, they ban and get rid of all opposition and as a result they get lambasted, despised and ultimately ignored by the majority population.

          We must therefore accept, challenge and defeat opposition rather than inadvertently boosting it lest we succumb to weak minded politics which ultimately leads to failure.

          Educate the masses via conflict of thought, not by deceit and denial.

      1. Mark, Google Phil Marshall, he wrote False Flag and Big Bamboozle (only cost $199 on Amazon)…They killed him, his two teen kids and even the dog before he finished his third book….

        Google Seth Rich, he was the DNC staffer that gave wikileaks the DNC emails…guess what happen to him? shot twice in back…police said it was a robbery but nothing was stolen…

        Watch your back bro….the truth can get yourself killed in this fucked up world…Cheers

        1. Hey man, I’m familiar with Seth Rich and his leaks (because the mainstream press is hard at work blaming his leaks on Russia and claiming it was a hack) and the fact that he was assassinated for it. But I need to look into Phil Marshall. I appreciate the tip. I’ll definitely look into it.

          1. That’s the new catch-all go-to excuse…Russian hacks did it…paper-balloted Brexit referendum, Russian hack…Hillary lost, Russian hack…itchy ass, Russian hack…Muslim dogshit mowing down Christians in Berlin, Russian fucking hack…

    2. Would you also say then that the Russian hacking conspiracy theory was created by the Hilary campaign to hide the humiliation that America, the strongest and most advanced country in the world, willingly voted for Donald Trump?.

      1. i believe the claims about russian interference in the american presidential elections is a lie made up by hillary, obama and the center-left zionist MSM. the only “russian interference” in the american presidential election was RT’s reporting of the american presidential election. i supported trump for president btw.

        1. You do see the problem though that we human beings are ultimately biased and will, depending upon standpoint, decree all opposing information to be conspiracy in nature whilst simultaneously decreeing all information in favour of our present viewpoint to be factual without any needed actual proof.

          Either something is backed up by identifiable, globally scrutinised, established facts or it is not. Conspiracy theories are merely the groundwork outside of this equation.

          To this end then any argument/reality put across without the necessary evidence such as Bin Laden’s death at the hands of the seal team and Russia’s presidential interference etc are all within the realms of conspiracy as well as we are told and expected to believe them without absolute proof.

          Since one cannot then believe nor reject everything outside of the burden of proof we are forced to fill in the blanks ourselves and that is why there are so many theories etc because globally scrutinised, established facts are very rarely ever presented and/or established but always readily portrayed and accepted.

          If you need to blame someone then blame our governments and media for setting such standards to begin with, If they didn’t lie so often we wouldn’t need to guess so much.

  9. Mark, this whole episode reminds me of the Shlomo Argov(Israeli ambassador) assassination incident that Israel conveniently used to start and justify the 1982 Lebanon war in which they targeted and crushed the Palestine Liberation Organisation operating out of southern Lebanon.

    Russia should play this one down then as it is clearly provocation to weaken their Syrian held hand by getting them fighting on two fronts.

  10. No blood, no blood at all. Typical footage of fake events. And who the fuck stands there taking pictures and filming while bullets are flying around? This must be the worst hoax in the last few months. They are getting sloppy at it.

  11. Omfg. Holy shit. Kidding me. I live people who hate the US and are so upset Hillary didn’t win. Go to turkey if it’s so bad here. I hear they got great bologna in turkey. Lemme know how it is. Animals in these countries

  12. i say .. who give a shit about ambassador ? they are tons of ambassador that been killed in irak and else, still nothing have changed (war was already launched). this will not make war or anything, just russian will stop any negociation with turkey politly and tadaa..

    its all politic, its all shit. politics have big mouth but small dick, all of them.

    maybe we should kill the north korean ambassador and see what happen ? .. everybody already know.. nothing… because if one shit happen, big war happen and nobody win war.

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