Assassination of Shia Leader Syed Rashid Bbukhari in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Assassination of Shia Leader Syed Rashid Bbukhari in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Assassination of Shia Leader Syed Rashid Bbukhari in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

Syed Rashid Bukhari – local leader of the Pakistani ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was a target of an assassinated while walking down a street at night in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab.

Takfiri terrorists are said to have been behind the shooting of Syed Rashid Bukhari, who was rushed to hospital with critically wounds. I do not know for sure if he pulled through or died.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. No paper in this video but im sure that shooter got some paper at another time after the video. All that shit was dust/any other lite debris on and around that camera area that fell off due to the concussion of that high caliber pistol or small shotgun that was fired in that close quarter scenario.

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          1. Yeah…mid 70’s I turned 10, my dad went to prison for 20 years and I had surgery because I had Blounts disease… GREAT fucken years!! Hard to forget those. 😀

          2. What’s Blounts desease? Sounds painful. What did you dad get locked up for. I was always locked up in the 70’s. wormwood scubs, two borstals. fukkin great.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Blounts disease affected the way my legs grew..made my legs bow. It’s in my hips also. The doctors broke the tibia and fibula of my left leg and straightened it out. When they removed the cast after 8 weeks, they could swing my leg from side to side because the straightening loosened the ligaments on the outside of the knee. Another week in the hospital and more surgery…TADA!

            My dad received a 20 year sentence in Thomaston Prison (Maine) for shooting 2 people. He shot the guy in the heart and the woman in the face. He died and the girl survived. The bullet (30/30) entered her cheek, out her neck, down through her shoulder and out her back. She said “God” told her to pack the wounds so, she rubbed dirt in them.

            Dad initially went to the gravel pit behind our house to shoot himself when he encountered the 2 people. He doesn’t remember anything about it and the woman forgave him. I have the Bible she gave to him when she healed. Well… that’s part of my life in a nutshell. 😀

          2. @stubyone Your Dad must have been going through hell. It’s not just one thing but all life’s problems just build up.
            Who knows what goes through a depressed mind.
            Sounds like you went through a lot of pain with the Blount’s thing. Hope all is well now stuby. They say these things only make us stronger but i’m not sure about that one.

          3. @hopingfornemesis

            You know… I tend to be pretty laid-back and take things as they come. Dad’s been out for quite some time and is doing great. And Surgeries are just something I have come to accept as part of my life. I stopped counting after 30 and am actually scheduled for surgery Monday (tomorrow). *Thumbs Up*

          4. @stubyone I was going to ask about your dad. I am glad he is doing great and wish him well.
            Wow! Surgery tomorrow. Good luck. I always enjoy those moments after surgery when you wake up high on heroine. Everything seems fine with the world for a while. Message us when you get the chance buddy

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  2. everytime someone get shot there, they are shit tons of dust and stuff flying around….

    somebody please clean the dust there !
    dust can help to get some nice traces of criminals (prints and shit) but.. yeah… guess if you want to kill lots of peoples, you just shoot 1 time and everybody around die suffocating from dust storm lol

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