Assassination of Two Men Caught on CCTV in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Assassination of Two Men Caught on CCTV in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

A CCTV camera in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil caught a moment a pair of flip flop hitmen arrived on a motorcycle to assassinate two men. They were sporting those flip flops like a pair of goddam pros.

I think the guy in blue was the sole target, but the other one got hit for being close to him. I do not have specific enough information, but the red shirt may have survived.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Assassination of Two Men Caught on CCTV in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil”

  1. My cousin mitchell, is on holidays in Brazil atm. I tried to warn him and even told him about this website and how every (just about) post is Brazilian…..but still went.
    Its funny how gore lovers wouldn’t go near Brazil even though it’s the best place in the world to find it. Unlike pryamid lovers visiting egypt, we stay the hell away !!

          1. Maybe I’m just ignorant now, but I’m not American……….and I do not understand your comments / why you referenced my 2 cents worth. Please explain…….

  2. south americans doing what south americans do best. driving by on scooters. i wish you could find comedy like that in america. everyone in trumb land drives by in cars. its not nearly as entertaining.
    seriously though, south america is a shit hole and someone should just drop a nuke on the place and be done with the swine of a country. same goes for the middle east. but that wont happen because trumb wants his cut of the oil money and the drug money. better yet, just detonate the entirety of the worlds nuclear arsenal and be done with this never ending shit show. long live the moped mafia.

  3. NOTE: ANYTIME you see two Brazilians on one bike. Especially wearing helmets. Be prepared. I even know this thanks to BG. Unfortunately they still can’t figure this out. Now look. bye mofos

    1. This website contains the world’s greatest repository of motorized two-wheel/two-guy drive by mischief, without a doubt. I request the experts to analyze the data to determine the site versus survival percentages.

      My wife and I are planning a 14 day cruise this summer, and want to select the ports of call.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. By coming here at least you know where not to go. Also more aware of your surroundings for sure. A lot of positives. Watch out for the trannies w axes my friend. Ha. Common sense helps a lot. Unfortunately that cannot be taught. Stay away from Brazil

    1. In Nth Australia atm it’s 42celcius and confirm is way to hot to wear socks/shoes if you don’t have to for work etc. If your feet were enclosed all the time here in the tropics and in brazil, your feet would be over run with fungal skin infections that can be pretty nasty and thats just the stench……

  4. Pretty sure the kid in back tried to block the license plate with his foot before they sped off. Not thinking that little move is going to work, seeing as it was completely exposed for several seconds just prior to that. Idiots.

    No worries though, my guess is we’ll Darwinism win out and these two boobs will be on this site within the next month or two after another pair of cooters on scooters takes them out.

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