Assassinated Youth Dies Sporting a Frog Pose

Assassinated Youth Dies Sporting a Frog Pose

Rather unflattering pose to die in. Flip flops abandoned him too.

17 year old José Edvan Martins who lived in the community Girassol in the neighborhood of Valentina de Figueiredo was killed with two shots to the face on Sunday night, May 5, 2013 under the overpass to Rua da Areia in the center of João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil.

“Binha” as he was known was approached by two gunmen in a black vehicle of an unknown brand. That’s an upgrade from a motorcycle and definitely an upgrade from a bicycle. One of the gunmen got off and shot the victim twice in the face point blank. Both then fled without a trace.

The victim reportedly recently left his home town because someone threatened to kill him due to his involvement in drug trafficking. He was also accused of having participated in the death of 16 year old Israel Sousa on March 31. Who the fuck names their kid Israel? You got plagued with Jews in Brazil too?

As we’ve seen a countless times on Best Gore, drug traffickers have very short life spans in Brazil. This one died mimicking a frog:

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31 thoughts on “Assassinated Youth Dies Sporting a Frog Pose”

  1. You just can’t be taken seriously dying like that. I should remember to try and strike a more dramatic pose when I die, don’t want to look like a frog when someone posts my dead pics on the internet.

    1. yep, cause ivan is a diva, you want to die in a dramatic pose, with one arm curving above your head, creating a very artistic arch, one leg slightly and subtly bent, and if you could die in a roman toga with a crown of vegetals it would be even better… anyway I must admit it will surely look better than a splashed frog :S

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