Aurora Massacre Crime Scene Photos

Aurora Massacre Crime Scene Photos

Obviously, the midnight movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado was a big international news. A high profile event like that is bound to attract a lot of attention and with it – a lot of possible fakery. Everybody is all too keen to see crime scene photos from the Dark Knight shooting and that can propel people into bringing anything up to claim that they have the real crime scene pics.

With this prologue out of my way, I’m sharing these photos with you in belief that they could be genuine crime scene photos of the Aurora massacre aftermath. Blood splatter on the sidewalk looks pretty real to me – in terms of both color and shape. Likewise, the car, the assault rifle James Eagan Holmes used, the ATF agents – everything looks very authentic so there’s a good chance the photos are genuine.

As we all know, crime scenes are quickly contained by the authorities in the first world countries so leakage of genuine photos or videos is not as common as in developing countries. In this case, the photos appear to be aerial so they were either taken from a helicopter or from a nearby tall building, though varying angles tend to hint the helicopter.

Give me your input, Best Gore detectives. What do you reckon? Are these genuine crime photos taken after the Aurora massacre or are we looking at a fugazy?

Props to Best Gore member W3 TeRRoRiiZe for those:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Aurora Massacre Crime Scene Photos”

  1. Fake. All of them.

    From what I have heard… All the shooting happened INSIDE the cinema.

    Plus there are no bullet holes or shell casings remaining on the Pavement.

    Sorry to put a downer on you Mark… It’s bollocks.

    1. Would there be bullet holes or shell casings outside if he was inside the theater shooting the entire time?

      They said the victims ran out of that emergency exit while being shot at and having been shot.

      I would maybe question the pattern of picture #4’s blood splatter looking almost completely identical one after another..all with the same tail ending..

          1. Hey Tom, the reason there’s a blood pattern like that, is I believe it caused by the blood pouring to the thump thump of the of the heartbeat?

          2. If it was coming from only a couple of people yes… I will buy the photos.

            But if there were dozens (hundreds?) of people coming out of that cinema…

            Their would be no pattern of blood… It would just be mopped all over the floor.

            It looks to neat… So to say.

    2. Nothing in the photos even remotely suggest that the shooting took place outside. We all know the shooting took place inside the theater, does that mean that wounded people couldn’t have run out of the emergency exit?

      We also know he was found next to his car which was parked next to the emergency exit of the theater, not to mention the car is identical to the one in news reports and is parked in the exact same spot as in these photos.

      Why would there be casings on the pavement when we know the shooting took place INSIDE?

    1. same thing here (lurker and don’t post often), but one thing that stuck out was a video interview with a young couple who took their baby to the screening.

      if you look carefully, the mother has one of those cia style earpieces… you can see her adjusting it throughout the interview right before she breaks into tears.

      1. I just watched it again. They are being interviewed on live TV. They commonly use these earpieces on live TV so people can hear the producers of a show. People being interviewed would also wear this because otherwise there would be no way of knowing what questions are being asked of them. In other words, no big deal.

  2. These look authentic alright, the car is the same and is parked in the same spot as the photo from the first post about this on BG, that looks like a Smith and Wesson AR-15 like he was described as using (No matter the brand, it is an AR-15). Looks very authentic to me.

    WTF is up with flip flops?! Right next to the murder weapon too!

    Only thing I’m curious about is that Cops arrested him next to his car, did he stand there and watch wounded people run out or are these blood stains from wounded people that escaped while he was still shooting?

    1. I read that he shot people as they fled out the emergency exit and then had to reload. So it’s possible the blood splatter could be from from victims fleeing while he was still inside…

      1. It is a very confusing matter…..I always wonder what goes on in the head of an individual who does this sort of thing. I wonder why he did not kill himself like the columbine killers, the Virgina Tech killer or the killer who shot up the Lubys in Killeen Texas approximately 2 decades ago. I am curious on what caused him to decide to do this act. Many questions I have…no answers….yet

        1. @ms.vorhees
          He’s alive so hopefully he’ll speak and everyone will get the answers. Though, the fact that he dyed his hair orange and called himself the Joker (supposedly) makes it obvious he’s trying to use the insanity card. Fuck him! He should have just offed himself…

        2. @ms.vorhees – hello!

          Well good luck to them figuring out why he did it if he doesn’t speak. Once again they can’t comprehend that a medical student is responsible for this tragedy. Just like the Craigslist killer! Another medical student… But maybe we’ll find out why in 20 years when Barbra Walters corpse interviews him from death row.

          1. @ms.vorhees.. I really think she will :D!

            @Spank – It very well could be! If it’s real, it looks really consistent with droplets of blood from someones wounded hand.

      2. If that was the case…

        The blood wouldn’t be in neat little droplets and puddles…

        It would be totally pinted red… With people getting the blood EVERYWHERE.

        It is all too neat.

        And if you look at the second to last photo… The blood spatter patterns are pretty uniform and similar.

        1. @Trooper – I think the color of the blood splatter would be accurate with the time of day. Since the shooting happened after midnight and these pictures were taken during the daylight, It would appear really dark..

          I think the crime scene tries to wash the blood away within 24 hours, but with this type of massacre.. they could be waiting?

          But I do agree with the splatter patterns.. It’s not like they are bloody footprints.

  3. I’d say there real. The type of cameras that news photographers use can be powerful enough to take close shots from a distance. The blood spatter, evidence markers, ATF and other law enforcement personnel walking around. And most of all, all but the last photo are too high in quality to be faked out in such a short amount of time.

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  4. Photos real or not..12 dead…thats real….James is one sick puppy and needs to be exterminated. Society is at fault here for allowing this dirtbag to have the means to get information, obtain weapons, have thoughts of grandure pumped into his head by video games that glorifie killing (see your local web site) until we stop “feeding the fish” this world will not stop killing mankind…

  5. If this happened in Brazil, the policia militar would have had quickly secured the crime scene, set up a shop, and started selling ‘Aurora Massacre souvenirs’, like spent rounds, brain matter, etc…

  6. They look real to me, but I’m no crime scene investigator. The only reason I’m glad he didn’t get shot, is the fact that he would have killed an apartment block full of people if he hadn’t told them about the explosives. Now he can die. I hope they seek the death penalty for him. No medication, no therapy, no eventual freedom or getting better, just a bullet to the brain pan.

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