Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled

Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled

The video which you are about to see shows an underage girl undergoing an autopsy. I am going to “squash the beef” before it even starts:

This is not classified as child pornography by any state, local, federal or international agency. These types of autopsies are preformed daily and are legally recorded for educational reasons as well as to aid detectives working on a case. This child is not engaged in a sexual act with an adult nor with another underage child. This was recorded and distributed legally. You need to understand that. Doing what we do, it never hurts to know the law and Best Gore operates well within the confines of the law despite the best efforts to prove otherwise *cough*Canada*cough*.

So what we have here is a disheartening case of a girl who was not only subjected to a brutal sexual assault/rape, but was also strangled to death by her attacker. I honestly don’t know what to say…child sexual abuse and child murder are the two worst things a person could do…in my humble opinion. To deprive this young girl first of her innocence, and then, her very life.

No paedophilic comments will be tolerated in any way.

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        1. @Jack Doe, hey bro I find his comments completely distasteful as you do and wish he would us all a favor and just choke his self out. But I think he was referring to Littlefoot’s eye?? But fuck’em anyway!

      1. What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

        What part of “No paedophilic comments will be tolerated in any way.” didn’t you understand? Show some respect for the owner(s) and staff of this site, even if you clearly are showing no respect for any of the members.

          1. @jack doe – hes told not to do something, so he does it. OF COURSE hes a child.
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    1. CHILD molesters /abusers / murders have a special place in hell., and in jail.., becouse even in jail amongst the low., They are the Lowest., they rank amongst the Rat snitches and scum.., that make their life worthless., unless you wanna talk bonus points for a kill.

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        1. I used to feel God has a reason for everything.But there is no rhyme or reason,no karma.and it took me to be old 34 to determine theres no justice for this poor girl had her innocence n life stolen.what a cruel world.i bet i am dead and went to hell.

    2. @Little Foot

      “dies a very slow and painful death”

      I disagree with this why? because remember all of us are going to die someday everyone will die regardless of what they did some will die sooner than others but in the end people won’t escape death so killing rapists is pointless for me because you’re just giving them a gift, something that would come naturally eventually

      why not keep them alive, torture them everyday psychologically/physically + make their lives a living hell? make them live through hell in earth you catch my drill? there will always be rapists but “killing them” is useless and unnecessary

      the best measure is torture + cutting off their genitals like Obli said before make their life really shitty eventually they’ll feel guilty and will try to kill themselves BUT you won’t allow them to do so because that’s the easy way to escape punishment keep them alive let them feel they should have never been born in this world

      1. Lol I agree @Jesus. I should’ve clarified because when I said a slow and painful death I meant after a long life of torture and abuse. Keeping him alive when all he wants to do is die is the best punishment for this sick bastard >:)

    3. I wanna find the person guilty and torture. I hate hate. and I hate it so much it bothers me. Am I sick that I want to personally kill the person responsible? To hurt a child is the worst.

    1. Look- i COULD,..(But im not going to) “go off on one” in reply to this vile comment Hanabi.
      Im just going to tell you, that as a man i take REAL and UPMOST offence at your comment.
      maybe you should think a bit more before making such prejudiced, sweeping comments about men (or people) in general. i dont think im reading “too much” into what your comment said – it basically implied that “men” are paedophiles, and hate all women/children.

      to say i am angry after reading this is a huge understatement. I could not be more insulted and disgusted

      i ask you (more calmly than you deserve to be honest) as a fellow, long time BG member, please be more thoughtful, respectful, and less prejudiced in this respect when making comments (and i hope you have more respect than to try and explain this comment away by saying it was “a joke”)

      1. WHOA, hold up. There is so much hate-speech about women on this site! And you wanna flip out about ONE broad comment about males? Grow up. I read post after post and comment after comment about how stupid and slutty we women are yet I don’t get my “panties in a wad” over it. I mean, you ARE a long standing member of this board… Are you blind to the women-hate on here? Or are you just a butthurt HYPOCRITE?

        1. ive not made one “hate speech about women” on this site in all the years ive been on here – the “post after posts” you have apparently read have never been made by me.
          as i said in (other words) at the start of the comment – i did not “flip out” about anything – and you can hardly call me a HYPOCRITE, when, as i said, i have made not anti-women comments.

          if YOU want to “flip about” about the “women hate” on here, then i suggest you direct your comments at those who you have an issue with regarding this subject….. you know, as i did – my comment was directed at one person and was polite – it had NOTHING to do with YOU, so may i politely suggest you mind you own business?

          1. Hehe I always thought you were a girl @karmen sorry πŸ™‚ but it’s true,I don’t like the way some members talk about us but what I hate more is how this “supposed ” female members even say “Oh it’s true we are dumb,we should be on the kitchen” I mean I know they want to fit with the male members but we should be proud to be girls or am I missing something?.I know I shouldn’t be generalizing saying all the men are paedophiles,but on my own experience I have learn that it only takes a second for a man to become one,I’m a victim and I always have this old dudes shouting dirty things to me when I’m in the park or walking on the street,it’s scary to think that even someone of your family can hurt you and it’s always a man I haven’t heard of a woman raping a boy 😐

  1. Her organs were already starting to bloat with the gas accumulation, not much blood on her left either. I wonder if they extract the blood first or its just the lack of circulation enough to make the system look clean… πŸ˜•

    1. That’s true and there’s lots of rape going on at schools, child care centers, foster homes etc as we speak this is why I dislike and hate teachers majority get away with it because the girls never talk about it, truly a fucked up world we live in huh

  2. Is an autopsy done in a standard way regardless of say the corpse is headless?

    I’d like to know the protocols, do pathologists have their own unique style or is there a stringent procedure?

    On a side note according to Essex police the album cover of led zeppelin’s “houses of the holy” is now classed as category “c” child pornography!

    1. Most autopsies are preformed the same way regardless of the cause of death. The bodies are usually carefully examine, and cut with a Y incision (or the less common U incision) then the organs are taking out for weight/ measure and examine. If the body was headless, the procedure would still be the same minus head/brain examination. When I embalmed for a donor program, I love getting autopsied bodies because they all come nicely packaged with all the organs in a plastic bag inside the body. No need for draining the organs with the trocar needle, that was a pain in the ass for me.

        1. A funeral director came in as a guest speaker for my middle school class one day. Ever since then I knew what I wanted to do. If you ask most embalmers, they will tell you that it’s a “calling.” A lot of them are also in it because of family business. I graduated from Gupton Jones Mortuary school (aka Guts and Bones) in GA then started embalming for a donor program in an academic hospital. I also worked at a funeral home for a little but dealing with grieving families just isn’t my thing. Believe it or not, the deadest are way less scarier than the living. lol The smell doesn’t bother me much. We do get unclaimed bodies that was kept for at least seven days at the morgue, so they are in pretty rough shape by the time we get to them. When you get a body with a diaper on, they will 99% shit on the table or fart on you. My least favorite smell is probably the smell of burnt flesh. One day we had a call to go pick up a little girl from a trailer park. Her mom just got a job and got a babysitter for her young daughter. The little girl fell asleep so the babysitter walk to the gas station to get a soda, came back and the trailer was on fire. The girl was so badly burnt, she practically melted into the mattresss. We had to bring the entire mattress back with us. A lot sad stuff you get to see.. And one time I forgot to remove a pacemaker before a body was cremated and it made a huge ass explosion! lol

          1. Yeah! Salute to you Mrs.Pink. Keep safe and keep doing the good job, both the career and those kick ass contributions! πŸ™‚

        1. You need to go to a mortuary school (2 years associate degree), after that you need to take a written board exam and apprentice as an embalmer and funeral director for one year to get your licenses (they are two different licenses.)

          1. @Hanabi you may be thinking of a medical examiner. Those that performs autopsy? You actually need to go to medical school and do residency and fellowship which requires about ten years of school. Embalmers/morticians’ job is to preserved. You just need to be good at art and science to do it.

          2. @Mrs pink – i have heard (dunno if it is right or not) that a job as a “make-up artist” for the dead, is a better paid job than a make-up artist for the living?
            is this true?

  3. Child sexual abuse and murder truly is terrible, however it stands out to us not because of it?s atrocious nature but because of our perception to it.

    The rape and murder of anyone, man; woman; old; young is all equally atrocious but we develop a certain protective mentality towards children, small animals ect because we perceive them to be innocent and in need of protection; though many adults are also innocent and in need of protection but this doesn?t penetrate our ego?s innate sense of ?preservation via protection? so well.

    The above sense of preservation via protection also effects us in other ways as well. If an unfamiliar adult female(but of the same race as ourselves) is raped and murdered for example we feel slightly detached, however if he hear that the rapist and murderer is a member of another race we feel angered by it and so no longer is the woman a stranger in which we feel no attachment, now it is personal.

    The same sense of preservation via protection is also seen in football supporters and the like because they develop a similar protective mentality towards their team and become angered and upset when that team loses.

    The opposite holds true as well, we feel no sense of shared pain or care for those who we perceive to be terrible. Be it the illegal immigrants, career criminals, paedophiles, politicians etc, if we do not hold a sense of preservation via protection towards them we can/will condone any atrocity against them.

    My conclusion, to care/feel compassion for some things but not all things is human however to care/feel compassion for nothing other than self gain is inhuman and the reason for such observed, sickening behaviour.

    1. @Empty soul

      totally agree with you but I feel more sympathy for animals than humans even if it’s children I’ve been an animal lover all my life rescued many animals from bad owners hell if I had the $$$ I’d even open an animal shelter we need more of those out there

    1. I thought about becoming a forensic pathologist after seeing an autopsy performed in high school. To me, I felt like each body would be a mystery to solve and I wanted to be the one to do it. But I didn’t want to be in school forever and I found a field where I could still solve mysteries and possibly save a life so it worked out.

      1. yeah i wouldn’t be able to do it. can you imagine cutting open dead bodies everyday and going home to your wife. Hi honey work was good i cut open a girl that was raped and weighed her organs. i guess somebody needs to do it. I bet there are a lot of closet serial killers going in that field.

        1. @Persian

          I’d do the job if they pay me well and am not a serial killer either you must be really immature or too ignorant to think that like for example just imagine this “someone has to do it” everyone dies everyday whether is murder, accidents, natural causes or illness you need these people to verify the cause of dead It’s not just playing butcher ya know? if autopsies did not exist a lot of innocent people would end up in Jail let’s say someone killed himself then they blame you because that person was hated you “autopsy points out he killed himself” but since autopsies don’t exist then you go to rot in jail for murder if you get lucky if not you might even end up in the electric chair

    2. Because we provide a service. We help solve crimes, we help families find closure. Yes, our jobs may be disturbing. But that’s because nobody else wants to do it. There’s lots of stigma surrounding this job (Like that we’re serial killers,) but oh well. I love my job and how I help people. I regret nothing. (Except the smells. Ick.)

  4. Yah. Some brutalities can just enflame your sense of righteous indignation like no other. This is one of those. The ironic thing being if I was left alone for a little while, with some hardware, with someone I knew to be guilty of something like this, the brutalities I’d feel no compunction in committing upon that person would make what they did pale in comparison.

  5. I don’t have a problem gutting and dressing deer,hogs,bear or any others critter but, this is one I don’t even care to watch. Knowing if this kid was alive it’d be talking to you and doing shit that people do! It takes a heartless fuck to victimize kids. I say erase their genes from the pool completely

  6. Hope whoever did this will be found and lynched in a horrific 3rd world fashion…don’t know why but their lynching’s are much more uncivilized…which is good.

    1. I agree. It’s not as if the medical examiner will find more clues about this child’s death by cutting her open. I should be clear from an external exam that the child was strangled and that sexual assault had occurred. Butchering her body is unnecessary.

      1. i also agree. can you imagine finding out your little girl was raped and murdered then having doctors cut her open and remove her organs and butcher her like a cow at the slaughter house.

    2. An autopsy, though not always required, can be helpful in a lot of different ways. We don’t know the circumstances in this child’s autopsy. Maybe it’s required by law when the cause of death has been ruled a homocide. Maybe the parents asked for the procedure. We don’t know.
      It is off putting to see the procedure performed in such a detached, clinical manner on a small child though.

  7. I do think of what I would do if that happened to my child. I would certainly want to know and hunt down the person before the police. Personally I would take them to a secluded place, a place with a power supply. I would have them securely tied to a chair. I would very tightly torneque all four limbs at the shoulders and by the hips so they don’t bleed out. I would then get to work with an angle grinder starting with their tips of fingers and toes, slowly working up. The tearing of flesh with the grinder will be excruciating rather than something that will be a quick cut. You are basicly grinding flesh bit by bit. I would alternate limbs. The pain will be so intense but if they hadn’t died from shock by the end I would try an “examination” of their eyes and tongue. :-). Slow mutilation of their nether regions won’t go amiss either.

  8. thats not a fucking autopsy . thats a fucking butchery.
    loko at how he twist the ribs for finish cut them.

    wtf is that fucking asshole medic …

    just look like a butcher that prepar a pork or something for eat (and everybody behind wait for eat too)

    1. All the autopsies look the same, you’re not supposed to be “careful” it’s an autopsy not a surgery if you fuck up he/she won’t die because it’s already dead besides if you have seen animal slaughterhouses this is nothing so don’t wine about it

      1. thats a fucking child
        its not similar to make autopsy to an animal. its a minimum of respect to the defunt body, specially more due to fact its a child.

        just………….humanity god damn

  9. Normally spoken I don’t comment often. I find that Bestgore has alot of news value for me. I’m on here often for the newest vid’s. Read the comments but never understood the questionable comments of it’s viewers. People saying foolish things in the comfort of their homes with nothing more than lack of any respect towards victims seen here. But also the newsreport from sites workers seem to come with the strangest emotions. That’s ok. but what I don’t understand is why is it ok to comment in every real sick way on whatever video item out here to the detriment of it’s victims. But no paedophilic comments will be tolerated in any way.
    I find that strange..what gives this video and the person in it more credit? Just bring the news. plain..

    1. to allow such talk, even in a joking manner, would compromise the site and it’s members. you see, there are areas of the deep web where such talking and pornographic fantasizing of little kids is not only allowed, but encouraged. to allow members to make sexual comments about a dead little girl would run the risk of inviting the wrong people onto this site (and Mark and us have enough shit to deal with). you have no idea some of the sick comments we have deleted from freaks in the past who have wandered on here.

      1. Hi Obli,
        Thank you for replying and explaning.
        I think Bestgore has some good news value. The content shown is very interesting as it is or can be part of life or hereafter ..death..
        Maybe I should stop reading others people comments.. but please keep this newssite up.
        Kind regards,

    2. @666eric666 with some of the comments I’ve read on this site I can see somewhat of where your coming from yet those are usually erased very quickly by our mods….but I’m also getting the sense that you want the news portion to read just as news you see on the nightly news and want nothing but sympathy comments from there community if that is correct please also remember this site is about freedom of speech and expression… I think our mods do a wonderful job of quickly removing anything that gets out of hand.

      1. @Am0ur

        Yeah I understand what you mean seems there was more freedom when Mark was around few things he didn’t allow was trolling, bad spelling, spam, fights between users etc if you lurk the really old posts you’ll see what I’m talking about

      2. Thanks for replying AmOur.
        I’m all about freedom of speech and expression / against sensorchip.
        For me ,If people want to comment please do,it’s not that i will be heart broken . I even get some laughs out of it. I usualy don’t read them I only watch all the video’s I want to see what’s going on in the world and I get to see it here. It interests me.
        I would not be watching video’s here if it wasn’t my cup of tea. But I simply didn’t understand the diffrence in a child rape victim compered with any other crime victim out here and sometimes strangest comments I read. If your comment can be racist on blackiess/whities
        homphobic on homosexuals
        religion etc. then I think comments can also be made on a child vitim even when it’s from the tongue of a dirty mind.
        That also is freedom of speech and expression.. But I’m with you and Obli.. please Control Alt Delete

    1. the ribs are some of the most fragile bones, can be cut easily as same as broken. even at old age or good age (like 30-40) your ribs stay fragile.
      medical knife can cut them easily as they are sharped as same as scalpel

  10. “No paedophilic comments will be tolerated in any way.”


    Mark used to say quite often back in the day that corpses have no age whether the corpse was from a 1 year old when he was alive or a 80 year old grandpa they’re ageless

    so let’s say a person fucked a 4 year old corpse that would not make him a “paedophile” because it’s DEAD it no longer has “age” it’s just a corpse, a piece of meat has no soul either it is vulture’s lunch

    also anything involving lifeless corpses is not Child Pornography why would you even say that? there’s thousands if not millions of pictures showing dead naked children everywhere but since you mentioned “Canada” guess that’s alright because knowing those bastards they’d probably pull something out of their ass just to blame Best Gore

    1. i absolutely agree. but you must realize, this is not 2009 anymore. we are under massive scrutiny. US federal government has labeled us a Neo Nazi hate site just this past April. i have no problem with showing this material but i cannot allow anything that would compromise the site. things are different now.

        1. Pick one? i’m afraid that’s quite impossible. this site had no choice but to become political after our founder was wrongfully persecuted, arrested, threatened and otherwise oppressed. i would suggest that you “pick one”; stick with only gore related posts or politically related posts.

  11. ok so I have a few questions some are on the border here but still a question none the less

    1. What the hell was her last meal that she ate or was that just part of the decomposition of the body?

    2.what if that guy goes on a murder spree? fuck it you may never know that that felet you just ate may have been a human with those knife skills O.O

    3. how old was this girl? (yes I know she is underage but still is she like 7? cause this is fucked up either way you look at it any information given from any research on the video?)

    4. wonder how long till this guy gets caught.. (any perdiction?)

    pretty much those 4 sum up my questions on this video I don’t normally post much anymore on here cause well most of it is already said but this has got my cogs turning and I practically live on the Deep web and even there alot of the shit is way worse than this site.

    I don’t think its right but i’m just curious what everyone else’s response to the questions I asked are.

    my guess for the girl is 7 though this is fucked up in all kinds of ways πŸ™

    anyway i’m floating around catcha all when I feel I have something to contribute to the site/conversation or questions.


    1. @Rsking

      In answer to your questions:

      1. Boiled rice, brown sugar and milk for breakfast
      2. If he goes on a murder spree, we will just have to deal with it then
      3. 8 1/2 years old
      4. He’ll be caught in 11 days

        1. same here, shut it down after a few seconds. Same would be for a poor animal, dog or cat. Have nerves of steel when it comes to all those head choppings, so guess am just an hypocrite.

  12. There are a lot of people standing around, I’m assuming they are in class. The one doing the autopsy is definitely an old pro, I was sure he would cut the intestines. Some people higher in the comments were asking why cut her up, I think it’s so the internal damage done to her can be investigated thoroughly.

    I feel terrible for this little girl and can’t help wondering where her family was, or if one of them did this to her. She should be playing chase and learning the art of burping on command, not this. It’s things like this that make me really hope there’s something after this life.

    1. I always thought in forensic autopsies they would do a Y incision and actually remove and weigh all of the internal organs and run tissue samples/tox screens. Or maybe that is just when the manner of death is far less obvious/indeterminate?

      And not to be insensitive, but she still had the ‘burping’ down 8)

      Don’t I wish all the religions were right and there is something better awaiting but my logical mind, rationale, and internal science won’t allow me to indulge such flights of fancy. Makes me crave and work all the more hard at improving our here-and-now, and the here-and-now of the defenseless and innocent, like the mentally handicapped, or the insanely pristine and unadulterated beauty of youth. It’s really tough to keep striving, especially since my eyes have been opened thanks to Mark and the lot…but it’s not impossible. Not yet anyway.

    1. We don’t know that for sure. Yes, it looks like strangulation killed this child but, how does the human race learn anything if we don’t investigate. For example, perhaps this child had been poisoned by the killer, but the killer had to be at work at 9am ( because killers go to work too you know) so he / she strangled the child to hurry death along because he just didn’t have the time to wait for the poison to do it’s job. Things aren’t always what they seem……….

  13. The cutting is the worst part. Something particularly horrible about that first slice. Almost fainted, and that just a movie. Imagine to actually be there. Am sorry for the poor girl, but it would be just as nasty for a grownup.

  14. Didn’t watch the video, because I don’t need to see her to know how sick and vile a loser pedophile is. I pray he gets caught, and dies a very slow painful death, as he deserves nothing less !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no place in society for these pos……………

  15. Whom ever did this to this little kid, should be ass raped by Mike Tyson for all of eternity. Nothing against Mike Tyson. He’s just a bad ass and I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my ass. Actually, just slow roast the cocksucker that did this for ALL OF ETERNITY…..

  16. I firmly believe that pedophiles are good for one thing, which is doing scientific experiments on as well as using them to test new drugs on. Otherwise they have absolutely no place in society. They barely have a place in the ecosystem, and we all would be better off if they were put to immediate death once they are found guilty.

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