Azov Battalion Crucify and Torch a Man in Donetsk Republic

Azov Battalion Crucify and Torch a Man in Donetsk Republic

Members of Azov Battalion filmed themselves on video crucifying and torching a man in a field near Shirokino (Широкино) in Donetsk Republic (former Ukraine), near Mariupol harbor.

Azov Battalion is a paramilitary force of fake nationalists loyal to Israel, and paid for by Jewish oligarchs. To draw attention away from their true colors, they often wear National Socialism symbols.

As reported by the BBC:

A key figure in organising and financing the Ukrainian volunteer battalions is Dnipropetrovsk regional governor and businessman Ihor Kolomoisky, an important member of the Dnipropetrovsk Jewish community and himself a frequent target of attacks in the Russian media.

Whether the video is real or not is unclear. The man speaking in the beginning says: “We are soldiers of the Azov Battalion” and accuses the captive of being a separatist. The Azov insignia can be seen on a soldier’s arm at around 1:49.

But the clip ends just as the victim is about to be burned, which could easily mean the whole thing was staged – they turned the camera off, put the fire out, took their buddy off the cross and went back to the synagogue to thrust their pelvises against a wall.

On the other hand, this type of behavior is very much in line with what Jews did to German civilians in the Danzig corridor to start World War II.

Props to Best Gore members schmeyd and xxXmisfitsXxx for the video:

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    1. Maybe @rayf they don’t want anyone to think it’s an unsafe work place, where people die……….fuck coalition airstrikes, bloody work- cover would be all over them then and that is scary shit!!

        1. White/Agnostic
          You implied it. The same implication used endless times when non-vermin humans hate you.
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          1. Stop dodging the question with another question…although I understand you can’t help being true to your flawed/mutated DNA like a slimy, sneaky, greedy, deceptive…well, you get the idea…

          1. I wanted to have a nice dinner with my friends in Lisbon and these motherfuckers brought out appetizers that we didn’t ask for. Then they added that shit to the bill. Slimy fuckers.

          2. It really is childish to blame a specific religion/race for everything. Everyone calls Chosen an asshole but all I see him doing is stating his opinion but gets caught up with someone clashing at him because he is embracing himself by putting the Israel Flag as his avatar. Don’t blame the jews… Jews never started this shit and probably won’t be the ones that will end it because ignorant muslims will always fight Jews.. They cant end terrorism .. Sure Israelis have done some pretty bad things as the IDF, but so has every militiary around the world.. Being surronded by angry neighbors is probably gonna lead to some nasty violent stuff.

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          2. I have no problem being civil with those who can engage in a respectful debate, but some clowns around here are too far gone with their hatred or mild retardation to be worth my time in most situations.

    1. Oh, shut the fuck up Chosen. No one blames the Jews for everything bad that’s happen to the WORLD.

      We blame the Jews for the bad that happened in WWII.
      We blame the Jews for supporting Israel and ISIS and the death upon thousands of people.
      We blame the Jews for colonizing our regions and turning it into a Zionest shit eating one government called the UN.
      We blame the Jews for fucking with our media, for all the wars supported by America, for all the stupid people we have in this society.

      So yes, we do blame the Jews. I blame the Zionest.

      Let’s just get one thing clear: When we talk about Jews, no one will be referring to you. Just your race as whole..

        1. I would generally dislike any tribe of people who had been expelled from Europe more than a hundred times for sacrificing Christian children and drinking their blood in satanic rituals. I would also be inclined to dislike any group that allowed paedophiles to chew the foreskins off new-born babies. Call me an intolerant racist.

          1. That’s right, sacrificing Christian children. What’s the point in denying it? Anyone can just google ‘blood libel’ and read about hundreds of recorded cases. Jews are real-life monsters.

          1. Muslims kill more Christians than Jews. Oh see how I said Muslims and not some muslims? Well thats exactly what you said when you said jews kill christians, so im gonna play your game and say the entire race does. Theres extreme religious followers that are ignorant. Every religion has them. I see in the normal media of news abour extremist jews.. extremeist muslims, etc… Chilllllll get a brazillian wax.

  1. This is utterly fake and not the first time Azov battalion made such fake videos. I remember seeing a video where they allegedly slashed the throat of a Donetsk police officer in front of his wife, also utterly fake. I suppose this is how these tools are shortening their time. Person that was “crucified” was wearing standard military boots, which are today made out of fire retardant materials, like kevlar. He didn’t even feel that fire licking him.

        1. @polish arshloch
          You know what you are? A son of a fucking soviet whore. The last person that called me jew whent to the fucking hospital. So when ever you come to Belgium to steal one of our jobs give me a call!

          1. I am dealing with those retards on daily basis here!!! Fuck, I just went medieval on one retarded imbecile ( who murdered someone and still enjoy freedom here ) and spent the night at the fascist police station having tear gas in my eyes and my fingers twisted out, they took my silver chain and stole it, my jeans and my boots away from me and handcuffed me to the bars!! It is all recorded on city monitoring and my treatment at the Schweinehund police station too.

  2. Fake as fuck, where do I start, firstly why didn’t the guy straddling said victim get a sharp knee in the nuts! I fucking would have .

    Secondly when he started getting into the role and kicking a bit why did matey just hold his leg and not punch fuck out of him.

    Thirdly and I think this is the clincher, where’s the fucking fuel? No big wood pile , no dousing in petrol?

    Propaganda for sheep.

      1. @Stomper.

        But it doesn’t take much for people to believe it.

        They want people to give up their freedoms for security.

        Benjamin Franklin said ” he who gives up his freedoms for security deserves neither”

  3. “…went back to the synagogue to thrust their pelvises against a wall.”

    And all this time I thought they were headbutting the wall and that’s why they wear the little black blocks of wood on their heads there (Tefillin), for protection. You can’t be too careful, you know. We here sure know what walls can do to heads!

  4. Pseudoukrainskie, banderowskie pedaly. To sa takie same kozaki jak te meksykance, kt?re zarabaly siekierami cztery kobiety na jednym z istniejacych tu film?w.
    Pedalami jestescie banderowskie scierwa.

  5. As disturbing as this image made me feel, it didn’t take a team of rocket scientistshired by Mel Gibson long to prove the Jews are responsible. Just look at the name. Who was responsible for the last major crucifixion? Yep, you betcha.

  6. It is a bit suspicious the video would censor the actual burning. Plus, no aftermath video or photos.

    But, look at the close up on his hands. They look like nails to me. Plus, he didn’t clinch his fist or nothing. Kinda threw me off.

  7. Better than ISIS clips still. No same old shitty music, and it did sound and look like he hung like Jesus at the very least. Incidentally, I’ve got nothing against Chosen, but it’s slightly amusing for me when he/she posts anything. I watch the footage, read the brief, and then quickly scroll down to post a normally worthless comment. If I see the Jewish flag once, I often see it flash by other twenty times on my way down to the bottom of the page.

  8. CICERO (Marcus Tullius Cicero). First century B.C. Roman statesman, writer.”The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”

    1. ?The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous ? cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.
      I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would some day become deadly to the human race??
      Voltaire, the incredibly wise Enlightenment philosopher who could see hundreds of years into the future.

  9. I also wondering if the fire just burnt at the bottom it would weaken the board and it would just break and he would fall before he could be burnt. You can’t burn someone on a cross by lighting the bottom and hoping the flame goes all the way up quickly.

    Only other possibility I see is that they were just amateurs and didn’t realize this, so when it collapse they just killed him and cut it from the video out of embarrassment.

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