Baby Gagged and Dumped with Garbage

Gagged and with Broken Bones, Little Baby Was Dumped with Garbage

Although I don’t have sufficient info about these photos, Brazil is my first guess. Wee da Silva never got a chance to become a drug dealer or an assassin on a motorcycle. Shame. Worse yet, he’s never got to taste the joys of wearing flip flops.

The boy was probably an unwanted child. He was gagged to suffocation and thrown away with garbage. At minimum his pelvis and knee joint are broken, which indicated that he wasn’t handled gently by whomever threw him to his death. Great display of why humans suck.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @phatman
            Im very interested in government corruption/conspiracy theories. Im unaware of the Grays conspiracy youre talking about. Can you explain it briefly?

          2. Um KillaJ, mark would never post that biga thread, start with looking up Area 51 and bob lazar and Roswell, then the Russian area 51, betty and barny hill, when you reaserch the these pay attention to how things connect, follow them, just remember you will find shit thats not true but that is for you to decide, when your done hit me up, I imagine that will be a few days to a week or two depending on how far you dig,

    1. @AbortionSurvivalist, In past BG post from Brazil where name have been revealed by Mark, almost all have been ‘Da Silva’ and of course they and their fellow fleshy’s have been wearing ‘flip flops’ so it’s become a BG joke, that when something happens in Brazil, they are named Da Silva and they are wearing flip flops.

      1. “The body of a newborn from approximately 8 to 9 months was eventually found by a garbage collector on the morning of last Thursday (9) in a public trash in Santana.
        Ronaldo dos Santos Paulo Brazil – 14 years, working as a collector at that place – said he found the corpse of the male child at about 8:30.
        Paul commented that he scavenged through trash looking for recyclables when he came across the bag. He also said that he was shocked to see that a child’s arm was appearing.
        He warned other collectors that triggered the military police.
        Yet no information on the possible person who would have thrown the child in the trash. The suspicion is that the body may have been gathered in the near-by city.
        This would have been the first time that Paul found something of that nature, but he stressed that fetal child in that trash had been found by other colleagues.
        “It’s sad to know that there is a person capable of such a monstrosity,” said the boy.
        The baby’s body was removed by Politec where he was subjected to autopsy that will reveal the cause of death of the child. The result is likely in the coming days”.

        1. This shit is so fucked up, i can laugh at a ninja (or fellow darkie) getting slowly gutted with a blunt instrument, but seeing innocent kids have suffered and died at the hands of monsters just upsets the hell outta me. Monsters.

          1. @evo and thedre
            Glad to see we’re on the same page with this one. I know a lot of us are becoming slowing apathetic to the horrible shit that happens. But this stuff wont ever be a laughing matter for me.
            I believe that child is in a better place. And despite his suffering, everything’s okay now.
            Still sad though.
            Fuck just imagine being suffocated with a rag stuffed in your mouth and then having your joints broken:/

          2. @thedre. I hope not either! But, the little one was 8months old (as noswag) pointed out. And i am willing to bet this was done by a family member. If they were so cold hearted as to do this, i can assure you that poor child more than likely suffered 8 long months at a satist hand. I know its a whole lot to assume, but i dont see anyone just kidnapping a
            child just to throw he or she away. This child was unloved and unwanted. The adoption

          3. @killajamal
            ha, i was just thinking the same as i was reading through the comments!! I have seen every video & picture on this site. As well as read through (almost) every comment under each and every post. There is one thing that i have noticed through out almost every old and new post, babys, as well as animals
            “the most

  1. It’s just this kind of thing that has made me loose all faith in man-kind!!!

    ***rest blessed little one,may the afterlife treat you with more love and kindness that you never got a chance to experience in this God forsaken hell-hole***

    1. @uli,

      thats exactly what I was thinking, likely a boyfriend, freaked out because the baby was crying (which babies do) probably smashed the child against the wall a few times breaking it’s little limbs and then disposed of it. We can’t really point fingers at other counries because things like that happen in our own countries. The worst thing is in our country when people do thing like that they go on the ‘nonces’ wing in prison where due to the smaller numbers they get much better treatment.

  2. @spankymymonkey been on dead baby joke sites lol! Yes fuck humans. This is why i tend to keep myself to myself, exept on here, fucking disgrace.

    On a separate note, I’m unable to comment on anyone’s comments which sux so Tulio this is for you sunshine, only sensitive when it comes to bambino’s, but I can’t be that sensitive to be following BG lol! mwahh!!

  3. I get the point, however, stuff like that is way more common in the animal kingdom. Not sure who people suck if they’re really being compared to other known species, assuming we never kill ourselves to equilibrium like in the animal kingdom, unless humans are compared to like super aliens or angels or something.

  4. Isn’t putting it up for adoption an option in these countries. I don’t understand what would drive a mother or anybody to just dispose of an infant in this manner, utterly despicable and a total disregard for human life.

    I sure hope those injuries were inflicted post-mortem, can’t imagine the fear and suffering that this child could have gone through if someone had broken its bones while it was still alive.

    1. Yea, because going through the system (which is just about always under-funded and under staffed, and there’s usually at least one psycho or pervert roaming around) and being bounced around from home to home (if you’re even adopted) is so much better than death. It’s so much better than death knowing that if you are not adopted before the age of about 10 you are going to be alone for the rest of your life. Never have a family. Never have the same level of education. And at the legal age you are going to be kicked out on your ass and expected to fend for yourself. And all of the emotional and physical abuse from just one bad facility or one bad home is so worth the years of psychological trauma and resulting disorders on top of the stress knowing that after a certain age no one wants you.

      So much better than death.

      1. When you put it that way I guess I understand why this child’s life would have been a complete mess. The mental trauma at learning that both parents abandoned it and going through the motions of home to home would have scarred this child for life. Probably best if this child never saw the true horrors of this world and died before becoming corrupted by the humans that inhabit it.

        I guess what got to me was seeing the way the body got treated. There was probably a more humane way of disposing of the child, even burying it in a hole would have been much better.

        I appreciate your point of view, it’s understandable that people have conflicting opinions when it comes violence inflicted upon newborns.

    1. Agreed.
      I could look at be-headings and severe self inflicted wounds and people drowning and anything else on this site all day, but when there’s a child involved, I can’t look. It pulls my heart strings a little too hard. Maybe it’s just the mom in me..

  5. poor baby :/ no matter what, i’ll never understand the mentality behind hurting an innocent baby that has done nothing wrong.

    speaking of da silvas……i do data entry at work, and i came across a da silva who lives in my state yesterday….looks like they’re leaving brazil >.>

  6. That there is some cruel shit. That baby had to have died via suffocation. Sick sick sick fucking pukes in this world….sick. Isn’t pregnancy termination available there, or better yet, condoms>>>?

  7. And this is what I hate about life.

    Its not that we can’t all be living on a beach and being happy forever. Its the fact that even before your born, other pieces of shit have made choices that will destroy you before you even had a chance.

    Its like the most unfair fight ever. 7+ Billion evil bastards vs someone who cannot even defend through communication, let alone strentgh.

    1. This shit is totally insane! What’s even more insane, is that some of you try to be funny over this little fellow. I lmao to comments around other gore on BG but when it comes to dead kids or any form of childabuse, I get fucking stunned!! But you other “hardys” seem to enjoy this and having a good time! Grow up and show some respect for fuck sake!!!

  8. little fv was fortunate to be killed before obtaining awareness of the shit world he was destined to inhabit. he never knew what hit him and despite outward appearences is eternaly sleeping peacefully now. death is an escape from the insanity of the fv world.

  9. I don’t get why everyone is always so horrified when a child dies. Their brains are only partially developed so they can’t even really conceive what death is. They still think that the world is wonderful and good simply because they don’t have the brain development to know otherwise, let alone the life experience. They got to leave this world still believing in Father Winter, or the Easter Bunny, or faeries, or what have you. They died innocent of this world. They never have to lose that. Why is that so horrible?

    1. You have a point, BM.

      I think it bothers people to know that someone out there would hurt something so innocent. Same goes for helpless animals. Even though they don’t understand death and what’s happening to them being an infant, it doesn’t make the situation of how they died any easier to comprehend.

      1. What gets me is that this is only a new phenomena. Mothers just 100 years ago knew that if they had more kids than they could feed that it was better to leave one or two out in the woods to die of animal attacks or exposure (where do you think Hansel and Gretel came from?) than to have the entire family suffer from lack of food and get sick or even not have enough hands to bring in the harvest . That could lead to the entire family dying come winter. It used to be very common practice to let a child die to ensure the survival of part of the family or at least give them a quick death instead of dying by starvation or disease.

        Sometimes death and killing is the lesser of two evils and can save a lot of suffering.

  10. Dead babies always creep the shit outta me. Don’t know why… the part with the dead baby in Trainspotting is by far the most shocking scene i’ve ever seen in any movie. Horror movies and gore/snuff movies have not any effect on me,by the way. But somehow that baby scene scared me. Oh i do like those kind of films but what i’m saying is that they never scare me.

  11. This has indeed happened in Brazil. The location is the state of Mato Grosso, in a landfill of the Santana district. The baby also had a broken leg, but they can’t specify cause of death without more specific tests etc etc…
    The baby was found by a worker called Paulo Ronaldo, and he explains the baby was wrapped in a bundle inside a bag, and the gags were also around his nose. To quote the worker: “It’s the first time I witness such a situation, but through comments from other collectors, we know that this situation repeats often here in this landfill ”

    Poor little guy :/

  12. My guess would be they gagged the little baby because it was crying. It was probably thrown in a dumpster, so the fuck face that threw the baby away gagged it so that no one would hear it cry and take it out of the trash. This hurts seeing things like that and I have a sister and a sister-in-law who can’t have children and would love to have had this poor little angel grow inside their womb rather than in some baby killer’s womb.

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