Badly Burned Bodies Found in a Truck in Thailand

Badly Burned Bodies Found in a Truck in Thailand

Someone reported a vehicle fire in Thailand that took responders a good twenty minutes to put out, but that was just the beginning as they found two charred bodies inside the truck. At least one has been determined to be a female and it is believed that she is the owner of the truck which is registered to a Mrs.Oravan Ratna (37). Officers on scene reported what appear to be stab wounds on the bodies and have surmised that the two were murdered, then driven to the location and set ablaze. No suspects are in custody and the investigation is on-going.

Fire is an awesome force. Man thinks he has claimed this natural power for his own but he is very incapable of controlling it. It takes mere seconds for fire to lay waste once it gets going. It spreads so fast and burns so fierce. I know first hand what fire does to flesh as well as many of my brothers and sisters here. We are no fools. We have learned to respect. Others have utilized it for financial gain in the form of insurance fraud and still others as a means to dispose of bodies. But it is a very beautiful thing.

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  1. Who can blame them ? Cremations are so expensive these days…….

    Except I’m sure the city morgue would have appreciated a call and some advanced notice, with some hard work they could have filled that ute chok-a-blok.

          1. The video has been taken down from everywhere, I doubt the video is around anymore at all….sorry, it’s crazy though because I just watched the video THIS year, soemtime in March/April. 🙁

  2. I like dark meat, but man, charred is too much. I think I see a well done erect penis. Only the head’s edible and it’s best raw. Still, there may be some good thigh or rib meat there. Just scrape off the burnt stuff.

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    1. Curran

      I used to take Valium. I take clonopin now and an adivan however you spell it. They always calm my nerves and stomach better than Valium. I hate looking at burnt people. It imagine the smell. I would rather see beheadings than burnt people

      1. You take those pills because they slow down your thoughts. Don’t think negative scary thoughts. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Think positive thoughts. If you do, you will have positive emotions and you won’t need the pills anymore. The key is to control your thinking.

        1. You are very smart Protocal. I always try to be careful what I put into my body. These Valium I have been on since the car crash. I shake sometimes and have bad dreams. Maybe it is because I am immature? You are very wise to live so long. Your white hair is pretty, but you should smile.

          Miss Atucker31 Why does a woman as beautiful as you need medicins for your nerves? You look very happy.

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  5. They did not want anyone to know about their suicide, so having been almost dead due to stabbing each other…they poured petrol over themselves. This was to save the thai police from investigating further. Bless them.

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