Badly Decomposed Body Covered with Maggots in a Coffin

Badly Decomposed Body Covered with Maggots in a Coffin

A badly decomposed body was found in Vila Embratel – a neighborhood in the city of SΓ£o LuΓ­s in MaranhΓ£o, Brazil. As you can see, the mans dick and balls have swollen disgustingly from the bloat of the putrefaction process. The skin has darkened and is beginning to peel off the back of the corpse and the face is shriveled and almost mummified. Also notable is the fine carpet of maggots that cover his face and most of his body. Nature’s garbage disposal at its best.

I have no idea what happened to this man. Whether he was murdered or died of natural causes is anyone’s guess. But he was found in this state and then place in this plastic-looking coffin (much nicer than those white fiber glass coffins they use) and transported to another area where he had his clothes removed and he was put on display in the sun in all his swollen gory…I mean, glory. I suppose they stripped him because they are going to wash him down before transport into a hospital/morgue, there’s a person in scrubs standing nest to him.

So does anyone think foul play was involved? Keep in mind that this is Brazil. I noticed a little slit by his ear but it doesn’t seem like an ordinary stab wound, and there are no other kind of elliptical punctures on the body so who knows? Man, look at all those maggots. Anyone up for some white rice?

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          1. Ejaculate in the eye is an excellent medium for the transfer of HIV, Hepatitis (A, B, C & E), gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia and a number of more esoteric sexually transmitted infections.

            It stings because it is alkaline, and contains protease enzymes and basic amines which contribute to the smell and taste.

            Wear goggles.

  1. This man only seems to be “bloated” in one area. Seriously, is there a medical reason why that occurred? I thought the stomach region always bloated first, because of the trapped gases in the body, but his really doesn’t appear distended.

    1. Putrefaction generally begins, after 1 – 3 days depending on body composition/cause of death/ambient temperature in the gut (lots of bacteria and soft, easily digested tissues); the process produces gases including putrescine and cadaverine (which impart that characteristic odour of death).

      There is an anatomical connection between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum (the inguinal canal which contains the spermatic cord, nerve, artery and vein); gas can diffuse along this connection and, as the scrotum is essentially a bag of skin enclosing the testicles, it will inflate spectacularly.

      Just avoid sticking a pin or needle in it.

      1. “The More You Know.”
        Thank you, @nastypersuasions! It’s great to have someone with your medical knowledge as a member. I’ve never seen that before, on any of the videos here, and was curios.

  2. Well thats a hell of an attraction eh? Id pay to visit that! Dead bodys… I found a dead body once, in my apartment, he hung himself i chilled with it hanging there for almost an hour. Just doing dishes ect then got the pigs to come coz thats just what happens. Was an oddly strange momment, being so close to a dead person makes you appreciate your own life more

      1. It was our roomate,a 56 years old ex biker, his life went to shit coz he was framed for something bad and did 8 years for it and was also battling lots of shit inside and had a crack problem too, but the whole thing reeks of shit tho, i mean everyones rent was paid and he had a bunch of stuff in tje freezer, deer meat, salmon, ect it just doesnt add up, ud think that when an addict is to go suicide that hed spend his entire check on dope and maybe a hooker and THEN go bye bye…. It dont add up, us that day he was acting very scared about something. Its just wird i personally dont think he offed himself

        1. An addict does what he does to keep from going through withdrawal. The feel good days ended a long time ago and so did any quality of life he once had. Knowing that you will spend the rest of your days a slave to the addiction is too much to bare for many drug addicts. I don’t know about crack but I do know all too well about heroin addiction and it is the worst hell a person can live with. The withdrawals are immediate and intense…the sickest sick you can imagine and getting off of it is extremely hard because unfortunately a long period of withdrawal is the initial part of it. I guess what I’m saying here is that just because he did’nt go out with a “bang” (you did mention a hooker right?) does’nt mean his addiction was’nt the reason for it. He probably wanted the quickest way out at that exact point of time.

          1. Awwwwww yeah your probably right, but like, he took like 900-1000$ of his own money and just paid off our rent and there was lots of food in the fridge ect, thats really good hearted of him. Maybe he wanted to go out with a good name, poor guy, thats really selfless of him, come to think of it if it were other people who done that they would of took the money..holy shit… Wow… In 3 days is the anniversary of him doing that.

          2. @Broke, I’ve been a heroin addict for more years than I prefer to say but methadone was and is my savior. There’s always hope. Even for a dope fiend….

    1. Who was the hanged guy @zen ? .

      I came home from work one day to be greeted by loads of cop cars and an ambulance , while the next door neighbour sobbed his heart out while clutching his wife’s poodle. His wife was hanging from the stair bannister. Such a lovely lady she was too, but had major psychiatric issues.

      1. Thats sad when that happens like with what happened to me the cops were impressed by how comfortable i was with the body and i think they thought that I MIGHT OF DID IT so when his son came THEY MADE ME bring him to his fathers corpse hanging in the bathroom, as if to check my reaction ect. Punk ass pigs. Thats THEYRE JOB

        1. I can’t even imagine finding someone dead even a stranger- but a family member would put me in a mental institution for sure…
          My sister at only 18 just after graduating hung herself on my dads birthday in ’11. He found her after checking on her in her room just 45 minutes prior. Just an ordinary high school girl smoked weed and went to keggers like most normal kids but-not more than normal wasn’t superficial never wore makeup and was friends with every clique in hs.
          I lived 4 hours away at the time and it happened at 11pm my phone was off and I still feel bad for not being there. First birthday I want present for in years.
          Its strange to wake up at 6am with a text from your sister telling me how much she loved me (which wasn’t out of the ordinary) and 10 voicemails from my dad crying and begging for me to turn my phone on. To call and find out she died unreal…I collapsed. Needless to say, it still hasn’t set in like it should. Its fuckin awful..
          Suicide is so damn painful for everyone involved. I probably wouldn’t be here today if I’d found her..

          1. Omg! Sweety im so so sorry to hear that!!!! Wow sometimes its so weird why and when sime people do it. I bet the wound still feels fresh, i have a different understanding and acceptance of death from being into buddhism and tribal shamanism BUT when its a familly member commiting suicide i cant even imagine. ..*hug*

          2. I’m sorry @shannonlinnette, that must be heart wrenching.
            As I’ve stated previously on here, nobody truly knows what’s going on inside another person’s mind. These tragedies seem to appear from nowhere and for no apparent reason sometimes.
            It’s a clich?, but I’m sure in time , you will begin accept and feel a little better hun.

  3. That swollen dick looks just like a gay dudes cock I saw on a TV show. He was totally fucked up in the head and was determined to possess the biggest , fattest knob on planet earth. In fact, thinking about it, that may well be him !

  4. Even without a close up I would still put money on that being a stab wound above and behind the ear; well defined, cleanly severed margins.

    I also think the markings on the anterior chest wall are stab wounds rather than post-mortem skin splitting.

    Supporting evidence; look at the green T-shirt in the first photograph, there are multiple cuts which look like puncture wounds and might correlate with injuries on the back (which we do not see exposed).

    The markings on the back of the hands look like shielding wounds from slashing / stabbing.

  5. Very interesting conversation! πŸ™‚

    I always wonder how it is exactly that they train dogs to find dead bodies…
    I know its morbid, but death is fascinating…although immensely sad and the hardest thing to live with.
    I’ve never discovered one dead body. At my poor moms funeral, my sister vomited from the intense stench of formeldahyde. I suppose it was better than HER decomposing…

    1. Decomposition (five indistinct phases: fresh, bloat, decay, post-decay and skeletal) begins almost immediately after death (cessation of heart beat and pumping oxygenated blood around the body, and cessation of electrical brain activity).

      The oxygen bound in cells is rapidly depleted and the cells begin a process of autolysis (self-digestion by cellular enzymes), bacteria, protozoa and nematodes within the body (mainly in the gut) are no longer held in check by the body’s defences (mucous production, digestive enzymes, peristalsis and voiding) and begin to digest the bloodand soft tissue of the gut lining (putrefaction).

      The processes of autolysis and putrefaction result in the production of a number of chemicals such as methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, putrescine and cadaverine, largely from the breakdown of proteins.

      These chemicals, especially the putrescine and cadaverine, form the characteristic odour of decomposition.

      Gaseous in nature they are largely held within the abdominal cavity until the abdominal wall breaks down but some gas will escape via wounds and the mouth, nose, anus and vagina.

      Houseflies, blowflies and other insects will begin laying eggs around body openings within minutes of death but, as the gaseous breakdown products of decay increase, more flies and othe insects such as beetles, wasps and mites are attracted.

      It’s worth noting that fly maggots contribute significantly to decay by producing their own digestive enzymes and tearing through tissue with their mouth hooks.

      Cadaver dogs are typically gun dogs; training is undertaken using pigs and the sensitivity of a dog’s olfactory system means that they can pick up a no-live scent almost immediately after death; it’s believed that primary detection is of very low concentration hydrogen sulphide.

      If you wish to learn more about cadaver dogs then take a look at:

      Cadaver Dog Handbook: Forensic Training and Tactics for the Recovery of Human Remains; Rebmann A, David E, Sorg M H. CRC Press, Aug 2000. ISBN: 978-0849318863

      Time lapsed decomposition of an adult pig:

  6. By the way-
    If you look at the first captioned picture of him laying face down in temporary coffin- I’ve got to disagree- that absolutely looks like a stab wound on the side of his head..he looks too young for it to have been natural causes.

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