Bahrain Unrest – Protester Shot in the Head by Saudi Troops (photos and video)

Bahrain Unrest - Protester Shot in the Head by Saudi Troops (photos and video)

The Shia population of Bahrain seized the momentum created by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and initiated their own protests to request reforms in their own country. The Bahrain government cracked down on the protesters but the unrest continued and with violent clashes escalating, the ruling Sunni monarchy asked Saudi Arabia to send the troops to help contain the protesters.

It is speculated that the Saudis fear the unrest could spread to Riyadh so their support for the crack-down of the Bahraini protesters came swiftly. 1,000 Saudi troops stormed the streets of the capital Manama and cracked-down on the protesters with force. Seven anti government protesters were shot dead, one of them took a shot in the head and ended up with his skull blasted open like an egg of an Alien. This headshot kind of reminds me of a headshot a red shirt protester in Thailand took in early 2010, only that incident captured the headshot itself, whereas the Bahraini headshot shows gory aftermath.

For those who want to see more, here is another video of another protester taking a close range shot from security forces. It looks as though he only took a rubber bullet but he took it in the face it seems (no gore in this video, only posting to further document how the pro-democracy protesters are treated in Bahrain). This video was recorded on March 13, 2011 which would kind of mean that the shooters were from Bahrain, not Saudi Arabia:

The name of the killed protester in the pics I’m told was Shahid Ahmed Farhan (could not verify this information). He was shot on Tuesday, March 15, 2011:

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  1. Wow, they really know how to keep it chill in the ER, glad I don’t work in that hospital. Not sure why they brought him in at all, did they think that the docs could just get him another brain? I guess there’s no point in trying to understand the ‘logic’ of cave people.

  2. i dont know what to say, im so fucking sick of that part of the world. i think Earth would be getter off if the Middle East was just wiped off the face of this planet. Every single other fucking country, given the resources, has began their industrialization of their country. For over 5000 years this region has had the resources and manpower, and they STILL havent fucking made a single notable improvement of their country. Aside from saving certain mathematical concepts from extinction, the Middle East has contributed NIL, fucking NIL, to the overall betterment of their community and their global impact. Useless fucking people, fucking useless.

  3. to be honest, i almost cry when the doctor(mayb) kiss the guy on his forehead and guy in yellow just like hes going to break..this is so frustrating.. i dont think it was their family members… i feel so bad…. ciszzz… i live in a still very peaceful islamic country and i lost my respect to others.. what a shame… at this moment i think my counrty is the only islamic country that still live sort of peace.. hope stays like that till i die.. i dont wanna see my family and friends die like that…

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    Did I just ramble a bit?

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