Bangkok, Thailand – Red Shirt Protester Shot in the Head

Bangkok, Thailand - Red Shirt Protester Shot in the Head

There has been some quite nasty unrest happening in Bangkok, Thailand with clashes between red shirt protesters and Thai police force that have already claimed lives of several people. Protesters wearing red shirts call for early elections while their opposition, people in yellow shirts are big supporters of current government (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t really follow the political situation in Thailand). Below is the video from one of the protests whereas a red shirt protester is standing there holding a flag, when at one point he moves the flag from one hand to another and pulls out something that looks like a meat cleaver. And just as the camera starts panning to the side so he almost gets out of the view, he takes a shot right in the head that blows his brains off.

Red shirt protesters allege that the man was shot in the head at close range with an M16 rifle. I don’t think he even knew what happened to him. His lights must have instantly gone out. You can see his brain roll off his skull as he hits the ground and a massive stretch of blood spills out of his blasted head within seconds. Camera flashes start going off like crazy making it look as though everyone around was waiting for someone to take a shot in the head so they can take a picture. Well, their wishes came true. The video is below:

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30 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand – Red Shirt Protester Shot in the Head”

  1. seriously, MPs shooting into crowds of (most likely) innocent people is always a PR nightmare for the party responsible. That guy was doing nothing more than holding a flag and got his brains spilled for it.

  2. I am happy to see this video 🙂 I despise Protesters that protest in a unstable country to create more division and dissent. I hope he died. National unity most be restored in Thailand and i am sick of these redshirts thinking they have a right to rule bangkok and block streets and the CBD. its like Communists running through the streets taken over… what the hell would you do? i would pick up a gun and shoot the flag bearer

  3. First video I’ve seen on Bestgore! Not a fan of gory stuff but I just made this to comment. Um, that guy got owned pretty hard, hah. This isn’t a video that pisses me off. but I did feel a little queasy. I mean, if I was at a place like that and I was hearing random gun fire, I would get the hell out of there. That dude was gone before he hit the floor. And he hit that floor hard. That dude standing near him wasn’t moving which was weird to me. I guess he was just so shocked and couldn’t believe that what was happening actually happened. It’s also crazy that after about 6 shots, he was the only guy to get owned. But hey, that’s life.

  4. I just like how his skull split into two like a watermelon fell from 2nd floor.
    There are some more killshots taken on Video during this chaos. If you manage to get them, that would be great.

    I would like to correct some info for ya.

    First of all, The Government has no relationship with the yellow shirts. And the unlucky guy was not shot by the soldiers. However, among the red shirt mob, there are several black jacket troops with red shirts’ badges on the jackets armed with M-16 and handguns walking and running around the vicinity.

    Yes, I’m Thai. No, I’m neither a red shirt or a yellow shirts. and YES, I just want this messes to stop like many other thai people do~!

  5. The red shirts tied up traffic, shut down business centers, and malls with no regard for how it would effect other people. They even had assaulted the military and police who were to patient with this bullshit. So if takes a few shots fired to clear out the knuckleheads then so be it.

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