Barber Shot Dead by Assassins in Sonipat, India

Barber Shot Dead by Assassins in Sonipat, India

A barber by the name of Virender Kumar, who was a witness in a murder trial, was shot dead by three assassins at his barber shop in Sersa, a village in Sonepat district, Haryana state, India.

CCTV footage from his shop shows the masked assassins arrive on a motorcycle. One of them walks in and shoots Virender while he’s shaving a customer. Once gunned down, another assassin also walks in and shoots Virender’s dying body on the ground.

Virender Kumar was the prime witness in a murder trial of a man who had been shot dead in his shop a year ago.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Barber Shot Dead by Assassins in Sonipat, India”

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    1. laughing my ass off! unfortunately this video immediately made me howl and after reading your comment I watched again and damn if all three of them didn’t get on that bike . hilarious! I gotta watch again LOL

  1. Looks like the barber must have given the motorcycle driver a good hair cut ’cause he did not come in and take a shot. I had a barber that gave me a bad haircut once. He never cut hair again. Let’s just leave it at that.

  2. Another work done by the oldest and most compassionate culture of the world!

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    1. I almost hope its fake because it cracks me the hell up! from the first note I was dying! I’ve watched this damn thing like 12 times LOL and the ‘pew pew’ of the bullets? it hurts! so damn funny. I wish dude wasn’t getting a shave so after they piled on to scooter camera cuts back to him with half cut head of hair LOL with wacky face LOL!

  3. Hmm. 3 gunmen on a motorcycle. Kind of a funny coincidence that in the previous video: “Woman Freaks Out When She Finds Two Sons Died in Motorcycle Accident” 3 teens riding a motorcycle died. I know they took place in different places in the world but its a funny coincidence no?

  4. Isn’t it possible that this could actually be a hoax. Look at the back of the man’s shirt, there is no blood. However, the video shows the second shooter shooting the man point blank in the mans back, and blood appears, but no blood in the initial picture. If this picture is the aftermath of the shooting, there should be blood on his back, but there isn’t.

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