The Battle of Kursk – Facts, Not Myths, Plus Documentary

The Battle of Kursk - Facts, Not Myths, Plus Documentary

The Battle of Kursk is one of two most famous World War II battles of the Eastern Front, the other one being the Battle of Stalingrad. Unfortunately, just as is the case with much of what happened during WWII, the actual facts have been distorted to suit the Jewish propaganda whereas Germany is always portrayed as an aggressor and an inferior fighting force. Therefore, what is officially recognized as a historical fact surrounding the Battle of Kursk is not only way off, it’s got virtually nothing to do with what really went down. Fortunately, a lot of footage and documentation from the time period have been preserved which allow us to get a realistic picture of the event. So let’s debunk the myth and focus strictly on facts. This is The Battle of Kursk.

The Myth of Kursk

What one would find out if they were to look up info on the Battle of Kursk is that there was a death ride of the panzers at Prokhorovka on July 11 and 12, 1943 and a big battle took place whereas hundreds of German Panzerkampfwagen Mark V Panther and Panzerkampfwagen Mark VI Tiger tanks rode shoulder to shoulder across the dusty plains to meet with Soviet tanks and do battled with them at point-blank range. But the Soviets rode bravely into their midst and threw the Germans off. Outmaneuvered by the Soviet tank force’s audacious tactics, the Germans suffered a devastating defeat and the surviving SS divisions fled, leaving hundreds of tanks behind.

As a compelling and dramatic story, this version delivers, but it is essentially naught but a myth. Preserved daily tank strength reports, combat records and microfilms stored at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. tell of a different tide of events, but these have been successfully suppressed and a false story force-fed to the public.

One of the most influential books that contributed to the myths is “The Tigers are Burning” by Martin Caiden (1973). The book became a best seller and contributed a great deal toward misinformation on Operation Citadel. It is an exciting read, however it has so precious little to do with actual history, it should be considered fiction.

The Tigers are Burning is a by-product of propaganda by Jewish Bolsheviks from the Soviet Union. Thereby, the book overinflates the significance of the battle, the scope of the battle and the loses the Germans took. The latter was clearly done to justify their own loses. And what better way to do it than by exaggerating the size, power and losses of the Germans.

What Lead to the Battle

The Soviets succeeded in surrounding the Germans in Stalingrad and reclaiming Caucasus. Their offensive however did not stop there and the Reds continued to push westward. German forces paused to recuperate and to wait for the development of new battle armor, including new Panther tanks, Elefant tank destroyers, and other weaponry. The attack on the Kursk salient, the operation with a codename Citadel was to be launched after.

Citadel was purely operational and unlike the claims of the myth, would not change the strategic situation on the East Front regardless of the outcome. Even if it was largely successful, at most it would delay subsequent offensives by the Soviets. One of the claims of the Kursk Myth is that German victory would paralyze the Soviets so much, the Germans would be able to turn around and march all the way to the West Front to battle the Allies.

Debunking the Battle of Kursk Myths

One of the most common Kursk myths spread is that Operation Citadel revolved around the battle of Prokhorovka and that it was a battle between tank forces. The fact is – Citadel was much, much greater than one distinct battle and had frontlines stretching over hundreds of miles. Likewise, the victory was ultimately decided by infantry divisions, not armored divisions.

Another myth has it that the battle at Prokhorovka was the largest tank battle in history. The mythmakers typically say as any as 2,000 tanks fought shoulder to shoulder at Prokhorovka, but that’s a complete untruth. Only one of three SS Panzergrenadier divisions (the Liebsstandarte Adolf Hitler – LSSAH) fought this battle, with the other two fighting their own separate battles. LSSAH entered the battle at Prokhorovka after a week of intense fighting with supplies substantially depleted – they were down to 100 tanks, assault guns, and tank destroyers on the eve of battle. They were met by the Soviet 18th and 29th Tank Corps with a combined force of about 421 tanks, assault guns, and tank destroyers. Only 455 actual tanks were fielded at Prokhorovka, contrary to the claims of thousands.

Considering that the battle at Gembloux in France on May 14 and 15 involved two full-strength Panzer divisions, each with about 300 tanks and two full-strength French Light Mechanized Divisions, each with about 260 tanks, the battle at Prokhorovka was definitely not the largest tank battle in history.

Another myth states that Soviets were ramming German tanks to knock them over because their guns were ineffective against the superior German armor. This is as much a post war fabrication as gas chambers in concentration camps. There is no report, not German nor Russian on anything of sorts happening. It makes for a cool story, though. Kind of as gas chambers, soap from people and lamp shades from human skin do – all of which are a bunch of Jewish lies. The only documented instance of tank-ramming happened in Normandy when a British Sherman rammed a German Tiger.

Another myth revolves around the popular “death ride of the Panzers” line. It’s supposed to signify that the Germans lost many tanks in the battle. Propaganda sources claim 1,200 tanks were destroyed during the battle at Prokhorovka, which is as severely overinflated as 2,000 tanks participating in total.

Fact of a matter is, on the first day of the battle, the Soviet 29th Tank Corp lost 75% of their tanks while the losses on the Germans side were barely noticeable. Germans kicked the Reds’ asses at Prokhorovka which is why Jewish Bolsheviks needed to overinflate the size of the German force. In total numbers, 7 of the LSSAH tanks were permanently damaged, with 25 suffering minor damages which put them temporarily out of order until repaired. That makes a total of 32 lost tanks on the German side.

The Soviets, on the other hand permanently lost documented 134 tanks (real number could be higher) and additional 125 were temporarily decommissioned due to damage. Total Soviet losses – 259 tanks. More than 19 times the permanent losses of the Germans.

Another popular myth is the portrayal of the Battle of Kursk in a dry environment with the tanks raising the clouds of dust. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know that combat operations were severely hampered by heavy downpours with frequent thunderstorms. The ground was waterlogged, roads in poor shape.

Another myth is the use of Panthers tanks by SS divisions in Kursk. These new tanks, including Tigers and Elefant tank destroyers were still in production and only the Gross Deutschland Division had a few of them, but they did not play a major role. Unlike you would see in common drawings and paintings of the Battle of Kursk, Panthers, Tigers and Elefants were a rare sight. There were only 4 Tigers at Prokhorovka, but paintings show waves of them rolling toward the Soviets.

Another myth which was fabricated by the Americans says that Adolf Hitler called Citadel off because he wanted to shift forces to the new western front the Americans and British created in Sicily. Hitler did call Citadel off, but it had nothing to do with the island off the coast of Italy. Allied forces just wanted to make themselves look like their contributions were worthwhile so they made this up. Citadel was stalled by the Soviets who launched their own contra offensives on the German forces which were needed to continue with Operation Citadel. With support from these forces stalled, Citadel was rendered ineffective so the decision was made to withdraw units.

Hitler made the right decision to end Citadel as Germany could not have won at Kursk. Because newly obtained evidence shows that the Battle of Kursk was a greater loss for the Soviets that it was for the Germans, the Jew historians at least try to make the most of discrediting Hitler by stating that he had called off Citadel early and that it could have resulted in victory for the Germans had he left it be. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Jew to portray Hitler as a bad decision maker.

The Battle of Kursk Documentary

If you wish to watch a documentary based vastly on myths surrounding the Battle of Kursk, one that is produced by Allies so it systematically tries to involve them where they contributed next to nothing, and one that takes every opportunity it can to portray Adolf Hitler in bad light, but contains valuable historical footage, check out the video below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “The Battle of Kursk – Facts, Not Myths, Plus Documentary”

    1. Yeah man, and to add to all the wrongdoings against that group of idealists that wantend to improve the world they got invaded by an army of milions of jews. Bad to the bone and dangerous they took to railroads and invaded pockets of Germany, Poland…etc. Man did those Germans have a hard time killing them. Gosh those jews were so hardball even children, elderly and handicapped jokend there ranks. After they didn’t succeed elsewhere they surely would get a foothold in Germany. Sorry guys but no reason can justify what was done to jews in WWII. As grandson of Ss and “joy division” breeding I know too much. I also know lots of Nazi’s were troubled with the things they did but the initial promiss of power and being special drove all mad. They just couldn’t handle the concept of being superior even if they would have been. Stop mixing zionists and jews and stop hating a group of people and don’t blame them for your sorry live. Make something of your live by taking your own responsibility.

        1. Nope, she was a volunteer. She thought she was doing the ultimate thing for the fatherland. She was young and was rebelling against her dad. He was part of old militairy elite and very much against the Nazi principles. Man must he have been frustrated to have to take care of my mother after the war.

  1. History is written by the winners.

    All alternative accounts have always been suppressed by those in power, It doesn’t matter how far back you go, this will always hold true.

    Any keen student of history should always read about an historical event from a wide variety of sources and countries.

    It is sad when you consider that much of your knowledge, much of what you have learned and been taught is lies.

    This is why I always say that you should never believe anything but at the same time believe it all because most lies have a founding in truth.

    When people create lies it is much easier to establish the lie and keep it going if it at least has some truth about it, it is your job to use this to your advantage. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle that also has other non related pieces in the box, a picture can be formed, but only when you have discarded the non related pieces.

    1. I know my avatar is the symbol of the SA (later the SS) but years ago I started to ponder if Hitler was just a Zionist puppet who was deliberatley doing everything he could to lose the war because the Zionist aim had already been acheived and the next phase the cold war was ready to take shape. I thought maybe Hitler was living comfortably in the USSR well taken care of, but I don’t know it was just a thought.

      1. no no no, SS was build from bodyguard division wich was created within SA and was devouted to Hitler only,and SA was later totally dissolved after head of SA Rhom was put out of his misery along with many of his homo comrades. Night of the long knives… I don’t fell like typing here

    2. The Fuhrer was a terrible decision maker. He had the war on the Western front that was basically going perfectly. Then that idiot goes and attacks Russia, who up until that time was a neutral party and virtually an ally, and starts a war on two fronts. That coupled with allies like Italy and Japan who were virtually useless and the fact that Hitler thought he knew more than any of his generals pretty much led to the downfall of the reich.
      If Hitler had focused on the western front and finished off Britain THEN started on the commy scum there’s no doubt they would’ve had a completely different outcome.

      1. Adolf Hitler was a hero that had too much mercy.
        He should should have capture of destroy all 300,000 British soldier when the German Juggnaut had them surrounded at Dunnkirk. But he thought by allowing the Brits soldiers to evacuate, he could make peace treaty with Great Britain… But with zog corrupted warmongers “Churchill”, what the War.

        I believe that if Great Britain agreed to peace and just allowed the Germans to fight the USSR 1v1, Hitlers Germany would have crushed the RedMarxism, than and there.

        1. mo mate hitler stopped cos he rememberd one thing about the brits we fight real hard when are back is against the wall just ask the french about argencourt the zulu at roacke drift at tobruck i could go on for a long time and if you know your british history you know a few your self o yes the spanish armarda 1588 they thought they had us by the short and curlies haha

      2. Adolf Hitler was a hero that had too much mercy.
        He should should have capture of destroy all 300,000 British soldier when the German Juggnaut had them surrounded at Dunnkirk. But he thought by allowing the Brits soldiers to evacuate, he could make peace treaty with Great Britain… But with zog corrupted warmongers “Churchill”, what the War.

        I believe that if Great Britain agreed to peace and just allowed the Germans to fight the USSR 1v1, Hitler’s Germany would have crushed the RedMarxist, than and there.

        1. Correct again i believe,although i do think his attitude toward some of the untermesch was not really merciful hehehe 😉 but you are right…..if only uncle dolpho could have convinced
          the brits to butt out,its a shame he listened to ribbentrop……

          1. Not in all thing,defnately not XVIII……..he made many decisions that were very lucid and well thought out,showing that he had a good grasp of complex political and military situations,its true he made some ill advised and regretable choices……..and they were exactly that,ill advised,many of his closest inner circle for whatever reasons of their own,would often tell him what they believed he would want to hear,bad advisers….the downfall of many leaders.

    3. Napoleon made the same mistake, fighting wars on two fronts, so its not like Hitler didn’t have any knowledge of what might happen, I therefore share chiefbrownshirt’s opinion.

      On a side note, The Rothschild family was playing both sides in both these wars.

      1. @odgoso

        I was actually referring to Hawk. But I agree with you on parts. Look how he came to power, making the right decisions at the right time brought him to power, but, once the war started, he seemed to make a lot of VERY odd decisions that looking back, ultimately lost the war. Although I would be more than happy to be living in the world had it been slightly different. I agree with much of what he believed.

  2. Hitler was an idiot, at least in terms of his military lead. He recurringly denied projects and made impractical, ridiculous and frankly insane military decisions that lead to his own defeat. A monstrous man who I’m glad to see was burnt in a ditch after he took his own life.

    If he’d have attacked the airbases during the Battle of Britain, rather then shifting his attention to cities, he’d have completed Operation Sealion and taken over Britain. The Eastern Front was inevitable, but you couldn’t beat Russia, he never came close. Even if they’d have lost Stalingrad, there were over a million men and lord knows how many tanks, aircraft and support units in Siberia.

    Weaponry like the STG-44 came late because he’d denied them priority earlier, not that a single assault rifle could change the way of the war, but it’d have been a significantly improved weapon over the standard issue arms such as the MP40, the Gewher 43 and the Karabiner 98 Mauser. Advancements in tank technology, rocket engine technology and naval warfare were also laid before Hitler only for him to reject them because he felt the German Army was as equipped as it needed to be.

    The man was a fool, a fucking psychotic fool at that. My Russian great Grandfather fought in Kursk, he’ll be 90 this year but was 20 at the time, I’ll enquire this information with him and see how accurate it is. A lot of this I don’t believe but I’m interested to see how much I thought I knew (having studied World War Two at University) and what I’ve read here. I never really talked to my Great Grandfather about it but I’ll check.

    1. Saying he is an idiot is just falling for propaganda. The chain of command is very very big, and in a recently formed society, infact in any society there are a lot of rotten apples. Also the judgement of a single man is limited to what it can hold.
      Very often there is no right answer. Should i call off or go forward. Everything is right and everything is a mistake.

      Another thing, his entire military was based on giving his soldiers the best, not letting them die, saving the prisoners etc. etc.
      On the other hand soviets were known to pushing the soldiers ahead, with little or no gear in many of the large battles. Causing huge losses by far on their side. Its not a bad strategy but definitelly cruel.

      1. Check your information source,he was oblidged to declare war in a clause in the tripartide pact of steel,signatories were Germany,Japan and Italy……..militarily it was a good instrument because it allowed each power freedom to act as it saw fit in its own sphere of interest,without encroaching each others rights,and they kept an eye on each others backs,swapping intelligence,and to a lesser amount exchanging technology etc,not surprisingly Italy could not fulfill its obligations and let the side down…….although Hitler was happy to have america in his submarine’s firing computations for their torpedoes,the US was supplying great britain war materi?l,so it made sense to strangle that supply before it could arrive,especially as most of the pacific fleet was on the bottom of pearl harbour,it was known to u-boat crews as the “second happy time”………….and it nearly worked,shipping loses were horrendous.

  3. Honestly, I don’t believe the jews supported the Soviet Union. They supported the arabs in their wars against Israel and and almost made a direct military interventions in some occasions, like the Suez Canal crisis and the Yom Kippur war.
    Maybe some soviet communist leaders were born jews, but that’s because the russian jews were oppressed by the czar, and would naturally be prompted to join “extremist” groups.

    1. the soviets did not support the jews cos they were with U.S. so how could they? It was only natural to support the enemy of their enemy. But on the side fuck them all soviets the jews and the arabs

      1. Soviet Union was controlled by Bolshevik Jews. Jews assassinated the Tsar and all his family and put their puppets in power to turn the country into Jewish image established by the Jew named Karl Marx. Once they had their puppets in power, Jewish Bolsheviks created Gulags and started with systematic extermination of Christians.

        Every single post you have made has been pure bullshit. It’s clear you are from a former Eastern Bloc cause your brainwash matches that of propaganda pushed by Jewish Bolsheviks and the Jew Karl Marx. If I were you I’d shut the fuck up to avoid further humiliation.

    1. You may be wrong about that,it was not revenge at all,more about a strongly winding front and a salient forming……which can not be ignored,and in german military thinking it was taught to seize the opportunity,the salient was a tempting target that offered great rewards and frontline commanders rarely could resist the temptation.

  4. i got the nazi flag from this battle my gfather was in archangel with merchent navy and got in we 2 russian soldiers that gave him the flag as a keep sake its still got blood stains on it which have gone black and bullet holes it also the nazi flag that went the further in to ussr its in a bin bag under my bed

  5. I’m soviet through and through, a pure blood Leninist/Marxist Communist.

    Yes there is much propaganda devolved in WW2, that’s true. But due to my extended Russian AND German family, of which during WW2 were bitter enemies have told me the actual events of which they witnessed.

    The fact of the matter is that if Hitler had not insisted on operation Citadel and the war on the eastern front would have left the world much different than it is currently. In fact due to the no hostilities pact that Hitler and Stalin created the Russians had more of an idea that they would become part of the Axis than the Allies. It was due to Hitlers complete incompetence and overriding the generals and trained military strategists that knew the situation on the fronts of which he ignored their reports and insisted on pointless attacks (Stalingrad for instance had *NO* strategic value for Stalin, nor Hitler.). His diverting forces that had most taken control of the Oil Production in the south (A major piece of the original want to strike) back north towards Stalingrad and so forth was idiotic.

    Most of my life has been focused on war, WW2 especially as how much it affect both sides of my family, German & Russian. I don’t get my facts from the “History” channel and similar propaganda machines around the world, no I get my information from the veterans whom actually fought in those areas, not just from family. Also being able to read Russian & German documents from WW2 detailing said attacks and by studying the amount of supplies that each side had day by day yield true value to what actually occurred.

    One of the most basic warnings Hitler ignored was his extension of his own supply lines that were made extremely thin and poorly guarded. Especially when the fact that the German forces were not all highly trained Germans but consisted of alot of men forced into the military from countries that had fallen to Hitler.

    History is something that is supposed to be used to educate and not allow the same mistakes to happen again. Hitler ignored this completely in the fact that so many great leaders throughout history infamously ended their career and lost their campaigns by attacking Russia. The reason? WEATHER! When the Winter came the German army was unprepared just like so many before it… The soldiers didn’t even have proper winter uniforms, but when you consider temperatures of down to -30 degrees it’s hard to have enough protection against such temperatures…

    My Communist beliefs ensure that I have to do this as in the US, walking around with a Hammer and Sickle Tattooed over my hard and one branded on my left shoulder I’m attacked by ignorant McCarthyism believers that actually have not one clue what Communism is. I’m hated 10000x times more than any Neo Nazi, White Supremacist, and etc group which is just pathetic…

    I could rant and continue but I’ll stop here.


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