Belgian Special Forces Shoot and Kill Lone Gunmen on Murder Spree in Liege

Belgian Special Forces Shoot and Kill Lone Gunmen on Murder Spree in Liege

Belgian Special Forces Shoot and Kill Lone Gunmen on Murder Spree in Liege

Earlier today in the city of Liege in eastern Belgium, a lone gunman shot and killed two female cops and a civilian. Later at a school, the gunman briefly took a female cleaner hostage. A group of Belgian special forces officers with shields, helmets and bulletproof vests engaged and killed the gunman in a shootout. Four other cops were wounded before all was said and done.

I got the above info from the mainstream press, which is why I parroted the fact that the two killed cops as well as the hostage were female. In an increasingly anti-male world, women always need special attention.

The mainstream press also reports that the incident is being treated as terrorism, and that the gunman was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” – no shit. Every act of terrorism the original terrorists have carried out since The King David Hotel bombing was accompanied with the shouts of “Allahu Akbar“.

The gunman was reportedly let out from prison on temporary release the day before going on the murder spree. He had been imprisoned on drug offences.

Prosecutors said he attacked the “female” officers from behind with a knife and stole a gun from them. With the gun he shot dead a 22 year old man who was sitting in the passenger seat of a car parked in front of a high school where the young man was a student.

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    1. Moral Lessons:

      1. Don’t release anyone from prison
      2. Don’t be a female cop
      3. Don’t go to school
      4. Don’t be white
      5. Don’t sit on the passenger seat of a car
      6. Don’t live in Belgium

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  1. Liege is more notably in the southern half of Belgium, in the less affluent and more chaotic region of Wallonia. The northern, snail eating Flemish desperately want to take Brussels and their wealthier kith and kin away from these non-Belgians and in the meantime proudly fart in their general direction.

    1. I have plenty of students who are in their 30s, 40s and even 50s. Just because someone didn’t had the chance to finish high school when they where younger it doesn’t mean that they have to stay out of it forever.

    2. over here, high school comes AFTER the secondary school. I think that graduate school is a better translation. After secondary school you can go either to high school ( mostly at bachelor degree ) or university ( master degree ). And the best thing is that it costs only a few 100$ a year to study.

    1. The attacker, a Belgian National by the name of Benjamin Herman, has no proven connection with HungHeathen The Righteous whatsoever and is therefore considered an integral part of the American underfunded old man terrorist conspiracy.

      1. He didnt walk into an elementary school or high school or church or theater or music festival and kill 15+ people was my only point.

        Only killing 2 people is amateur Boston Marathon bombing type shit

          1. People, particularly Americans, need to stop trying to find ‘Whiteness’ in everything.
            Otherwise the term becomes meaningless and simply would become a semiotic weapon in the hands of assimilationist civic nationalists, and ‘post-Chicano’ Jewish-sponsored political puppets who are trying to erase all forms of identity.

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