Best to Surrender when No Loophole Visible

Best to Surrender, when No Loophole Visible

Location unknown. The man in red shorts gave the woman cop a run for her money.

This thief, attempt to attack a policeman, but his partner did not hesitate to use his weapon, and kill the man.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for post and the video:

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  1. Brazil, São Paulo. Female cop tries to taze man, ends up screaming on the ground, stabbed non fatally in the neck . Male policeman shoots dead the mentally deranged man. Im not sure if the shooting was necesssary, since the criminal was apparently at some distance from the stabbed female cop . To make things worse, one of the shots of the male policeman hit an innocent person in a car nearby.

    female cop:

    1. Good observation, both are from the member who sent in video. I have since gone back to making the titles. Nomar wants to be an author for Best Gore. That’s why it says thanks for post…he told me he is excellent at writing…

      It’s not as easy as some may think afterall? No offense Nomar.

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