Big Momma Stabbed to Death by Husband in Caruaru

Big Momma Stabbed to Death by Husband in Caruaru

This big momma was a shopkeeper in Brazil’s murder capital – Caruaru. She was knifed to death by her husband. Flip flops all over the place – one was left behind by her fleeing husband.

33 year old Claudenice Josefa Olímpia, worked at the Fashion Factory store. She became the 3rd victim of Tuesday March 19, 2013 and 20th of the month in Caruaru. Keep in mind that this is just one city, not the whole country. Three murders in one day – I’ve called Caruaru the murder capital of Brazil since I started Best Gore and the city has proven its worth every single day.

Claudenice Josefa was stabbed multiple times in the neck by her husband – 37 year old Evandi Guilherme da Silva (that just had to happen) who then escaped and sought refuge in the house of his relatives. As he was stabbing his wife, the killer also managed to stab himself in the chest.

The motive for killing? The husband got drunk and upon return home, found his wife engaged in a conversation with neighbors. Jealous, he got into an argument with his better half and ended up killing her.

But man oh man… those huge tits – that’s some nasty ass shit right there. How was her husband able to find a suitable spot for stabbing with all that fat on her? It must have been easier to just jump over that woman than go around her.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. That lady was so large that she must have had her own gravitational field. Surly a knife would not have killed her, he must have used an harpoon.

    In order to have sex with her he would have first had to send out an excavation party to ascertain that there once was, a long time ago, a vagina.

    It would be easier to remove the house than to remove the body.

    That’s enough for now I think.

  2. And that ladies, demonstrates the importance of keeping your figure. For two reasons #1. Dissuade you hubby from knifing you in the belly for being a chub #2. Getting ridiculed in dead pictures on B.G. If my body ever ended up here all I want posted are necrophiliac comments.

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