Black and White Photos of 20th Century Wars in Cyprus

Black and White Photos of 20th Century Wars in Cyprus

This is a compilation of black and white photos taken in Cyprus during various wars the country went through during the 20th century. The photos include snaps from 1956 Cyprus Dispute with Turkey, 1963 – 1964 Cyprus Civil War and 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. There are some great, historical photos in the lot, all related to the turbulent past of the island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I went to Cyprus in 2008 & a friend had an uncle out there who he went to see. My friend came back and told a partial story (which he always does, missing out key points & getting names wrong). He said there was a city called “Famagusta” which was thriving in the 60s or whatever year. Then the Turks invaded and all the Cypriots dropped their shit and fled. The city has been abandoned & fenced off since, and from the outside it looks like the set of “I am Legend”, but with no yellow cabs and older looking buildings, perhaps a lot of them grey coloured.

  2. so im 19 years old and im from cyprus and these pictures are just amazing.. its known that cyprus was always a target for everyone due to the islands position in the Mediterranean and so on and the british had us until 1955 were cypriots started a revolution (EOKA 1955-1959) to throw down the british and join with Greece.. after that war some treaties were signed and cypriots made their own republic.. being all stupid we failed and the turkish invaded in 1974 from the north and they took 37% of cyprus.. the cities they took (famagusta/keyrinia/half of our capital nicosia etc..) were our most developed cities so with that invasion we lost about 70% of our productivity and so on..

    thought this will help 😀

  3. Excellent photos! Good to educate the world that fellow Europeans allowed Moslem hordes(Turks) to attack and kill Christians ! It was the beginning of the end of Europe. All of Europe ,including Russia ,throwing fellow Christians under the bus.

    The Turks returned to their time-honoured headchopping and a BBC journalist took pictures. All western govs censored them knowing their populations would be revolted at what fellow-Nato Turks did. Too bad ,the photos leaked but the damage was done. The West allowed the genie of head-chopping Christians out!Fast forward to ISIS.

    You reap what you sow and now the grisly harvest has begun!

    How is helping all those headchoppers in Cyprus, bosnia,kosovo and syria -as a favour to Uncle Sam -working for you Eu?

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