Blonde Da Silva Gunned Down in Bezerros, Brazil

Blonde Da Silva Gunned Down in Bezerros, Brazil

Deivison Antônio da Silva, aka, “Tuzio”, aka “The Blonde Bombshell” (I made that one up), age 19 was shot down on 10th Street in the Asa Branca district of Bezerros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Deivison lived on 15th street in the São Vicente neighbourhood. He was out on the street on Monday, October 12th, when two men on a motorcycle rolled down the street and opened fire on Deivison with a revolver before he even had a chance to run or defend himself. He was shot twice in the head and died at the scene and the murderous duo rode off, unidentified, with motive unknown.

Interesting to note, there was a murder attempt in the same neighbourhood not long before Deivison was killed. It’s believed that the shooters in both instances are the same.

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  1. When the world is out to kill you and everyone has black hair the last thing you do is dye your hair blonde.
    Probably the easiest target those 2 on the bike ever tracked down.

      1. Think the whole da Silva nation could do with a sharpening…hard to believe that most of these baby faced kids are such hardened killers by the time they hit puberty.

  2. Heh wonder if he went out going Woooo like the nature boy Ric Flair when his blonde locks got tinted red with blood and brain? …and who the fuck are these 2 guys on a motorcycle?! Theyre slaying every favala 1 punk at a time. They seem badder than Freddy Myers,Jason Kruger,and Michael Vorhees combined.

      1. I’m gonna assume it’s one of those things where in another dimension Michael, Frederick, & Jason are besties and each named their first sons after one another as a show of love & respect. Shit, I’d actually watch that spin-off in a heartbeat!

    1. There’s a type of new music style in Brazil called Funk introduced by Rio de Janeiro as Funk Carioca inspired by the American Funk, but this shit has nothing to do with the original American Funk, unfortunately this shit got all over Brazil and most of the… ehh… young da Silvas(?!) likes it. But I’m happy that some of us young brazilians still has good taste in music, you know, Rock N’ Roll, Heavy Metal… so, returning to the subject, the Funk music is only about Sex, Drugs and Sex again with poor lyrics, all the girls do is twerk to this shit music, and the guys who likes this kind of… “music” has poor taste for clothes and haircuts too lol I always feel happy when one of them appears dead here on BG.

  3. Even the sound of a motorbike coming towards these guys ought to sound alarm bells. The M O in these shootings should have sunk in by now.
    Tattoo was indeed prophetic, and I’m guessing the one behind the joker is death.
    At least the kid got something right.

  4. He looked fabulous with that cropped blond hair and that lovely light, blue shirt. I bet when he heard that two bad boys riding motorcycles were chasing after him he couldn?t believe his luck.

    Unfortunately for him though, they were packing a very different kind of heat.

    1. Ladies, he definitely looked like he belonged in a Ricky Martin music video.

      ?She’ll make you live her crazy life but she’ll take away your pain, like a bullet to your brain. Come On!?

      ?Upside, inside out, living la vida loca.?

        1. @Little Foot, unfortunately I remember it.

          When not drunk my memory is very good and so I tend not to forget things which makes it easy for me to learn languages and such.

          Sadly that also means I can remember Ricky Martin?s song lyrics as well.

  5. I’m surprised Heckler and Koch doesn’t team up with Harley Davidson to open a business down in Brazil. They’d make a killing while redefining the firearms and motorcycle industry. Shit, the motorcycle riding, firearm wielding business in Brazil could use a revamping. It’s time to watch this violence eveolve with the help of some good ole American capitalism

  6. I don’t know if the same thing applies to them but that’s how we do it here too. Some fella gets gunned down at broad daylight by two men on a motorcycle with no motives known. But it mostly is, if not all of it, drug-related. They usually get a warning and are told to leave the place. If they don’t, they get gunned down. Fella must have been to heavily involved that it concerned major players.

  7. Yet again another sequel to the bike and the bullets
    This faggotishly tattooed blonde haired dude with a polo & bermuda short had met his end by the kiln ; I suppose .
    I think he came over to lay some bricks but then some pricks laid him down .

    His head looks more like a yellow feathered chicken breast all scruffed up and gooey . He nearly failed aping a Blonde .

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