(BlucoNarrative) 1 Robotik 1 Screwdriver

(BlucoNarrative) Unwelcomed Death

Your day was bright and sunny, and it looked colorful up until the hour you walked in to a room, where someone was to meet you. You had your hunches about meeting someone at a place so odd; you hadn’t been to before. As you wait dressed up looking your best, you have this strange eerie feeling cross you by, and beads of sweat wet your collar as a sense of unease takes a hold on you. You feel this isn’t the place you were supposed to be at but now its late. Your nervousness has you feeling numb and half paralyzed.

For a moment that brightly lit room you walked in to before, turns pitch dark and the next thing you know is you are turned a captive and there is no one else but you and the hands of someone that won’t let you slip, run away or go. You let out a scream of horror, as never before in your life you had come face to face with the unknown, feeling hapless you try to free yourself out of those clutches that has you pinned to the floor. Your voices keep ricocheting the lull within the walls of the room and your constant struggle to free yourself of those clutches seem to be in vain. You were gagged before but now that someone holding a dagger has you breathing free sitting right atop your chest making every breath taken painfully.

Your mind is in a series of conflicting thoughts, but all doors and windows appear shut with no glimmer of hope in sight. You have sensed of whats to come and the masked killer wearing gloves draws out a pointy dagger and begins poking stabbing the face of yours you yourself adored and all your women loved once. You were a gentleman without malice without enemies with only friends to surround you. You believed in living life to the fullest. But now your world is turned upside down.

The killer is on a rampage, and there’s no stopping him as he draws in and out the weapon of death sadistically enjoying the blood faced meek and surrendered side of you. The ordeal doesn’t seem to end as the killer stabs harder and harder to feel the insides of you. You know your time has come as you hardly have a man in you to thwart his attacks. The blackouts begin to start shutting your pupil and the dear life seem seem slipping away. How you wished you weren’t there and heeded advice of your elders not to believe what eyes always see; but you ignored and now you seem sorry as the death enjoys tightening its grip over your body and soul. The masked killer will leave as quickly as he came and there will be no one but your death to steal the precious life of yours away.

The killer has left and your body is not yours as you float and watch it go life less from a distance. You see the end of you, seeing yourself gone.

Props to Best Gore member @blucon giving narrative @1purple8 for title and @honkeykong for the video:

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        1. We had a guy in the UK murdered 13 prostitutes with hammers and screwdrivers. This is what is must have been like. He ends up in a mental hospital run by a TV celebrity who turned out to be a mass pedophile/necrophile/
          Google peter Sutcliffe AKA The Yorkshire Ripper, and Sir Jimmy Saville

        1. I think the screwdriver actually penetrated his hand (just like jesus) so it looks like he is trying to counter the stabbing, but the killer is sadic he wanted to help him stab himself with his dead hand…

      1. That was real. Q: Could this victim have only 1 arm?
        His torturer is creative venting out anger upon him by deliberately creating a losing struggle slowly to the death. Still want to know where his right arm is…

        1. I havnt watched it in a while, I know they picked weak victims like drunks so yeah maybe a handicap was an easy mark. They were teenagers, they told police they did this for the memories, they killed around 30 ppl like this. The only thing that pissed me of was they killed animals too like little bitches, that shits weak

        1. Yeah theres something cringy about getting stabbed with a screwdriver and hit with a hammer in the face and stomach still one of the more violent vids you will see. They basically turn his face to mush and torture the shit out of him as he’s awake the whole time trying to defend the blows with his hands. They dont hit him hard enough to put him to sleep.

          1. goodness im still curious about it but the man it happend to is so cute and also the main boys are cute so its disturbing on so many levels lol maybe il see few more vids on this site and might seem less bad lol also have you seen the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick one? tht guy is another sexy beast the one doing it xx ps it be so much easier to see if it was women it happened to

          2. Yeah that was some Silence of the Lambs type shit. He did that just to get recognition on this website. I think Mark got in trouble for posting it on Bestgore, it messed with the site for a while and we couldnt watch vids

          3. Yeah that was some Silence of the Lambs type shit. He did that just to get recognition on this website. I think Mark got in trouble for posting it on Bestgore. We couldnt watch vids for a while after that lol.

    1. Wouldn’t know ,marky @markyramoneswig ,what’s it,after death but I think for devil incarnates , it must be, “trippy n shit” but for the others it must just be ,”fade to black” but each of us ,it seems ; must float away to where higher beings of that order ordain us to be.
      Thanks anyway Bud.

          1. Thanks ! for the hook up ; however grey is just another shade of black ,if ya know already
            What our author is looking out for are not shades of grays that fade us to black ,but its the darker hues of black , the dark and ugly tinge of ominous black ,which the death itself is scared of .

  1. A great end for a lot of world leaders, politicians, CEOs for places like monsatan, and psychopaths everywhere. This is quite a nasty fate, considering how seconds turn to hours under these conditions. Pretty awesome vid as far as gore goes. Love it.

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    1. @svarg26
      I heard through the grapevine that all that this guy did,,, was to speak the truth.
      And he did so by saying that The Earth Was Flat!
      So one one these “*You Mad Bro*” Reprobates, went totally fucking ape-shit on him.

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    1. Thank you for linking the actual production company who made this. Someone else said it but with nothing to back it up (and I was too lazy to search the web)

      I for sure thought it was real, was about to talk shit to the non-beleivers haha! I guess the weird head movement didn’t throw a red flag since I atttibuted it to him being pinned down by the attacker (& probably delerius from getting his ass kicked).

      Bravo Mind Warp productions!
      *slow clap*

      1. @blucon
        Your welcome brother you guys make a great team my friend. 🙂
        The last few days were spent in and out of hospital getting tests on my heart, my liver, blood work, M.R.I & a Pet Scan, before my Surgery Scheduled For Tomorrow, or This Thursday.

        Please Wish me luck my Good Brother, and Pray that my old tired organs pull through. 😉
        If Not I Will be the one hearing The Organ while in Pergatory At My Local Church, lol.

        1. A good man and a bro like ya ,always have stayed in my daily prayers. I wish ya all the good luck @thedre .
          On a side note though stop getting paranoid .Ya’re just gonna be fine .You gonna outlive the others ,I promise .

          Church bells may toll or the organ may play for some of
          the yelping faggots around these places , whose time may have seem to come already.


          1. @blucon
            You, and a couple other caring brothers & sisters on here always make me feel better after speaking with you,s. You Re My Rock That i always lean-on, and my shoulder to cry-on also. Man, I Love my B G Family. So much so bro, that you could never imagine

            You are probably right brother,,,,, your probably right, I Hope. 😉
            Brotherly-Love sent your way my good man,,,& always in my prayers. 🙂

          2. Believe me Bro , the word surgery is nothing to be scared of as ya seem to have toughened yourself watching tons of stuff in on here ,over the years .
            Ya’re gonna feel fine and more rejuvenated here and after . Trust me we have each other to lean and cry on to .
            Hey but lets just laugh the minutes out ,man cuz, ours is life to celebrate no matter how odd the odds are .
            Be well and long live @thedre Bro.

          3. @Serafín Serenata de la Muerte
            Thanks brother, as you guys always help bring my spirits-up during these what have become for me troubling times. And i say this because going-under can be fatal even for the Youngest, Strongest, & healthiest of individuals. So because i have had a couple of dozens of Surgeries already, the odds are not in my favor, you know. 🙁

            But as you guys always say,,, and are “always right”, unfortunately for some of my other B G Brothers, And Sisters,, and to their chagrin, lol, i do wake-up, and come back to live another day. And being that i am **The Authentic & Original** Pain In The Fucking Ass B-G Brother, even “They” would miss the Old Fart Softie with the heart of gold, being the guy that everyone just loves to hate, lol. 😉

            And brother @blucon,
            So true my man,,, so true don,t worry,,, be happy that,s mois mes Ami. 🙂

          4. karmen40
            How dare you make an old man weep tears of joy only hours before surgery karm?
            You have made me so happy with your “kind regards” you will never know.
            Thank-You Brother, sincerely. 🙂

  3. he could have kill him soo many times just by hitting the neck…

    but he definitly wanted to make him suffer long before. taking out all the senses, no more view, no more hear, no more smell, no more talking, no more… well everything as he just died.

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