Bodies in Advanced Stage of Decomposition Found Buried in the Backyard of House

Bodies in Advanced Stage of Decomposition Found Buried in the Backyard of House

On the 11th of April 2012, the bodies of Giselly and Alexandra were found in the backyard of a residence in Garanhuns, Pernambuco – Brazil. They were chopped into pieces and buried. The hole they were found in was 1,50 meters deep (that’s about 4,9 feet). The bodies were in an advanced stage of decomposition and the smell, according to Deputy Wesley Fernando, was, and I quote, “indescribable“. This can mean a ton of things though. “Indescribably good” perhaps? Who knows, he might like the smell of a dead body in the morning.

This all happened because the two victims were shopping using their credit cards and were unlucky enough to be followed by a group of three low-lifes, Isabel Pereira, Jorge Negromonte and Jéssica Camila (husband and wife), who followed the two girls, kidnapped them and killed them.

The most shocking of all this is that the 5 year old daughter of two of the suspects (more like culprits) witnessed the murders and showed the police were her mom and daddy buried people (how fucked up is that?).

When questioned about the murders, one of the suspects, Isabel Pereira, said she was being guided by voices (damned demons!). Those voices were also telling her to find a third victim, probably with a good bank account too.

Is it this easy to play the “mentally unstable” card, act like a lunatic and avoid serious jail time in one of Brazil’s infamous prisons? Do they (psychiatrists, judges, jury) actually buy it? Now I’m wondering.

Should unfair and implicit decisions be made based only on one’s mental state rather than empirical evidence? Can mentally ill people make the distinction between “killing for the sake of it” and “killing because it will generate profit”? Or was that credit card just a bonus?

Anyway, it’s Brazil, what can I say…

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. The info published here is incorrect, this was a case of cannibalism :

      The court called for the isolation of the trio accused of killing women and eat the flesh of the victims in the State of Pernambuco because of ?dangerousness of the accused.? Jorge Beltran Negromonte da Silveira, Isabel Cristina Pires Silveira and Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, known as ?cannibals Garanhuns?, are in solitary confinement by order of Judge Jos? Carlos Vasconcelos Filho, from 1st Criminal Court of the county. The magistrate explained that the decision was taken also to preserve the three.

      source :

  1. Oh wow…that foot picture had me in pieces..ha ha ha..get it!!….lolz no but honestly doesn’t shit life this happen all the time..come of greed….blame it on druga..alcohol..and or mental illness….I don’t know how I feel about this one…once again great post Portuguese…thank you…

      1. Yeah..when I’m texting my girl I tell her fish!! All the time..because lets face it…shit fucking happens….all we really know is that dudes nuts NOW..who’s to say he was before or that he really even is now…..I DON’T trust people anymore, been burnt one too many fucking times..I’m cool..people suck..not ALL.most though…

          1. Yeah..I know Z..unfortunately all my blood except my uncle and my daughter are deceased fortunately I’m able to choose who I consider family now…and I do those are my friends….a handful if that, that I KNOW I can trust…I miss my blood though..realist pack of wolves you’ve EVER met…maybe I’ll see em again one day.. 😉

          2. not paranoid….just reality

            ive learned a lot over these years of existing…and that is numero uno on my lessons….even blood betrays you…nope take it from me…trust your gut and nothing else

  2. If somebody tells the police or stands in court and states that they are mentally ill and that this illness is the reason for their actions then they are lying or being scripted by their lawyers which equates to the same thing in my book.

    A real mentally ill person does not see themselves as mentally ill, they instead view themselves as the normal ones and that it is everybody else who is mentally ill and this is because the individual views the world externally but with an egocentric, internal reasoning process and if there is a fault in that reasoning process, such as with the mentally ill, then that fault is not picked up on by the individual for they know only themselves to be true.

    There are those who commit crime and kill others based upon a reasoning process that does, at first glance, appear disturbed, mentally ill and morally wrong but this does not make them mentally ill as such for they possess all the necessary mental faculties for normal behaviour, normal as in standard social amalgamation, they just choose not to adhere to this standard for self gratifying reasons.

    How does the above fit in, or should fit in anyway, with current law?. At the moment there are far too many criminals pulling the mentally ill card out of their sleeves and this is because of the leniency shown in terms of sentencing and as long as that leniency exists there will always be those who try to use the mental illness trick.

    My conclusion, whereas some lower level crime should be viewed and handled on a case by case basis higher level crime, murder, rape, ect, should not be.

    The victims are very much real and so are the victims families and therefore regardless of supposed mental states the perpetrators must be dealt with equally across the board and only in very exceptional circumstances should leniency be shown.

  3. Thank you, PD, for bringing us more Brazillian Gore! 🙂 Sad, though, ’cause the one on the left looked good in her “before” picture…

    If I ever go to Brazil, I will be fully armed; locked and loaded… or I’m hiring some mafia dudes… I used to think the old American mafia had cornered the market on hardcore killings, but they’ve been one-upped by Brazil!

    1. You mean the Italo-American Mafia? They had their days. They were mostly active from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. From then on they have been going down hill. The FBI has been adding constant pressure, arresting the bosses from the commision and disorganizing everyone else below.

      The Italian Mafia back in Sicily has sticked to the old ways, maintaining their code of honor, the “Omerta”, staying mostly away from drugs, killings and sticking to extortion, racketeering and the control of labor unions. Nobody snitches on anybody. Hell, even the Sicilian politicians are in on it.

      In the US, however, they started rating each other out to avoid prison. Sammy the Bull Gravano still has a hit on his head after snitching on John Gotti, I don’t know how the guy manages to stay alive.

      But they never were, by far, the most violent criminal organization. You have no idea what the Russians are cabable of. The Russian Mafia is much more ruthless. Still, in terms of violence, no one beats the Mexican Cartels…

      1. You know you mafias, PD. The Sicilians are real old-school and seem to have completely maintained their operating methodology. The comparison really spotlights the differences.

        The Russian mafia seemed to have eclipsed the Italio-American not long after the fall of the USSR. Th Brazilian mafia? Absolutely freaky! They’ve taken it to another level

        The first order of business for the Brazilian mafia/cartels seems to be anything goes and most of it incorporates material of which the average person can’t concieve. Wow! Thank you again for posting this on BG. This is my daily dose of reality.

        1. I have an obsession for the Mafia. I have tons of books relating to it. The way they operated in the US ever since the beginning of the 20th century, and the way they grew this Sicilian tradition in a foreign land, was truly remarkable.

          They still exist, but they are more discrete nowadays (ever watch The Sopranos?). It really takes a lot for a wiseguy to get killed in this day and age, since they want to avoid police investigation. I heard they use acid now to dissolve the bodies, to wash away any evidence.

          Brazilians are not organized, however. The biggest Mafia there is actually the government, not those who live in the favelas.

          1. Fugget about IT… 🙂 I am fascinated by the Sicilian and Italio-American mafia. Btw, remember 1929. Bloody St. Valentine’s Day massacre!

            The Italio-Americans circa 1920’s prohibition era. Bathtub gin or alcohol cut with gasoline, etc… and the tommy gun.

            Then there was that little city in the middle of the desert. Did someone say Vegas? There are probably thousands of bodies buried in the desert… and only a Sicilian descendent could be “made”.

            The Sicilians. They’re classic old-school and EPIC. Its another world there, I’m sure. A hand in every official’s pocket and the true governmental operators.

            I would love to get my hands on your…library. 🙂 The mafia and the American Civil War, including the antebellum period. If you filled a room with books and material, I’d never get enough. The only thing I can’t do is go back and live it. 🙁

            Thanks again, PD. I love surprises and you sure gave me a good one!

  4. I find this constant bashing on our Brazilian friends unwarranted. I don’t deny that there is some shit going on down there, but that doesn’t warrant lumping all Brazilians in the same lot. Many Brazilians have been loyal fans and supporters for a long time. I’m sure they’re not happy that so much shit goes on in their country and they’d wish for it to be sorted out too, but let’s cut them some slack. There is shit going on in every country, only some are better at playing it down. I vote we cut our Brazilian friends some slack. Reporting on what goes on in Brazil is one thing, constantly picking on all Brazilians as one is not fair, in my opinion. Leastways not in terms of respecting them as fellow SOBs.

    1. Many Brazilians themselves send us the articles to post. Brazil has by far the highest amount of murders and violent accidents of any country, so the gore we come across is plentiful.

      We treat Brazilian members with as much respect as everyone else, and criticism extends to everything that deserves it. I have no problems in criticizing my country, for example, I know there is a huge list to start from.

      Brazil does have good things to it, and if you keep reading some of my past posts you will realize I don’t just limit myself on negative criticism but I also point out some of the positive aspects and I try to incite fruitful debate regarding the issue. I have no derogatory intentions, even though my texts might appear to have an asinine intent, I just use sarcasm as a means to express myself sometimes.

      If you find some material from other countries you are more than welcomed to share it with us. All you have to do is click on the “contact” button and send us. We do take your sort of insight as something positive and take into consideration many of the suggestions that are given.

      1. @PD, from all of your posts that i’ve read, I can sum up you are an articulate person and sometimes humorous. We are glad to have you as one of our postmasters as well as Ate and McTreblar. Keep up the job guys! Thank you for keeping BG running at its best but I sure hell miss its founder Mark. Peace out

    2. I agree that shit goes on everywhere in the world, and it doesn’t change my perspective on the people from there. There are what I’d call Bestgore stereotypes that have emerged, involving flipflops and the fact most victims who end up here seem to have the name DaSilva. But I don’t think there’s much venom in people’s comments on Brazilians here, there are so many other cultures and nations filling the pages here for people to rag on if they want, some with good reason.

    3. There is a great societal divide in Brazil, ’tis true. With 20M German decendents, we realize not ALL Brazilians are low-life scum. But if you’re stupid enough or fucked up enough to end up onBG, anything goes.

      If you’ve noticed, we bash everything and occassionally eachother. I’m sure that I’m not just speaking for myself when I say we apprecite Brazil. We have Brazil to thank for the Da Silvas, makers of the flip-flop. Also, the beheadings are EPIC! Where else can you find that much crime in one locale.

      So, don’t rag on us for calling it like we see it. I, personally, hope BG keeps the trend going and the Brazillian gore coming!

  5. Just as bad here in the US…only difference is instead of chopping each other up, we use our guns to fuck each other up. Haven’t seen any post from brazil about kids getting chopped up at school. But, if anyone has one, please send it my way.

    1. Can’t say I have. I’d usually do a quick visual check of the area to check it’s all above board. Also, if you drop the hand and end up with fish fingers, that’s another indicator that you should step away from said foo-foo.

    1. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your heritage just because there are arseholes there too. Every country has good and bad people, let the cunts represent themselves and not you. Any brazilian I met was cool, laid back and usually smiling. Maybe cause they left Brazil? I think poverty plays a huge role in how people act. If people are barely getting by, they aren’t likely to be super friendly or in a good mood.

      1. You’re right… I shouldn’t generalize. I feel so upset because i was in a rather crappy environment. One of my neighbours went crazy and killed his sister because she owed him the equivalent of $5. What pisses me off is that people always have a choice, and some choose a bad path. Coming from a very poor family, single mother, and 5 sisters, we never stole, hurt anyone nor turned to drugs or prostitution. We did go without food for days at a time, but stuck together. Thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate it. Xx

  6. That would definitely be nasty. I’ve never smelt a rotting corpse.. But I have smelt the scent of burned flesh from a body discovered in the dumpster behind my house few years ago… Still wish I saved pics to share with you guys. I’ve been lurking on BG for about a year, finally made an account.

    But back to the topic, that poor child! Glad the innocents condemned the guilty! I really hope the kid won’t be haunted by those horrific images. 🙁

    People are too caught up in material and money. Smh it’s ridiculous. Should just start trading in seashells or bottle caps. There’s more of that in the world.. But then again it would probably make no difference.

  7. The info published here is incorrect, this was a case of cannibalism :

    The court called for the isolation of the trio accused of killing women and eat the flesh of the victims in the State of Pernambuco because of “dangerousness of the accused.” Jorge Beltran Negromonte da Silveira, Isabel Cristina Pires Silveira and Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, known as “cannibals Garanhuns”, are in solitary confinement by order of Judge Jos? Carlos Vasconcelos Filho, from 1st Criminal Court of the county. The magistrate explained that the decision was taken also to preserve the three.

    in Portugues ;

    A Justi?a pediu o isolamento do trio acusado de matar mulheres e de comer a carne das v?timas no Estado de Pernambuco em raz?o da ?periculosidade dos r?us?. Jorge Beltr?o Negromonte da Silveira, Isabel Cristina Pires Silveira e Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, conhecidos como os ?canibais de Garanhuns?, est?o em celas isoladas por determina??o do juiz Jos? Carlos Vasconcelos Filho, da 1? Vara Criminal do munic?pio. O magistrado explicou que a decis?o foi tomada tamb?m para preservar os tr?s.

    source :

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