Body of Baby Found Under Bridge in Thailand

Body of Baby Found Under Bridge in Thailand

First of all, let me just address the obnoxious pointer; you’re not supposed to smile in these kinds of photos, douchebag. There, now that I got that out of the way, how are we all doing on this fine start to the month of November? Recovered from the Halloween festivities and ready to get back in action? I know I am. So…on with the gore.

What we have here is another rather sad affair in which a baby (described as a girl) has been dumped under a bridge in Thailand (are you surprised?). We’ve seen this sort of thing plenty of times from the South East Asians, but really, this barbaric behavior happens everywhere, just chalk it up to cultural differences since we are allowed to view these things in Asian and South American countries as opposed to prissy-ass places like the US. It’s happened in major US cities; a woman gives birth, drops her (still living) baby in a garbage bag and throws it in the trash or in the street to be run over.

This child appears to have been there for some time before it was found, as it had started to shrivel and decay, I believe you can see maggots doing their work in one image.

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  1. Oh come one, the pointer dude is just a thai, 😆 he knows that sooner or later he will be next. But still, i think hes smiling for the fact that at least the baby wont have to suffer an even worse fate once she grew up thanks to the thai curse.

    1. A Thai person explained not so long ago, that the services that attends to deaths and emergencies are NGOs ( non government organisations) and the pointer photos are the evidence the NGO must provide to the government to get paid for each of these call outs. A standard requirement of the evidence is that the NGO must identify the cause of the call out in the photos, which seems ridiculous in a photo like the one above, but when they are taken in a busy city street or on the beach or where ever, those things aren’t always that obvious and the NGO pointing just identifies things in the photos without having to submit pages of paper work explanations. That’s what I read anyway……..juss sayin……

          1. You are incorrect. Opinions have nothing to do with definitions of words in our language. They are what they are and that’s that. You may agree or disagree, but our language terms and their definitions are black and white and are not subject to negotiation.

            If you still wish to play the cruel language card, logic and truth dictate that the living individual must hear the cruel words in order for the words to be hurtful. An example of this would be singing “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…” to a blind person. That’s cruel. There is no cruelty by proxy! Cruelty, by definition, involves intentionally distressing, hurting or harming others, implying those others are living and can be distressed, hurt or harmed. It is not cruel for a member here to employ gallows humor toward the dead, plain and simple. It could be construed as offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate by some easily offended individuals, but not ever cruel, here at this gore site or anywhere. Rather, it is your judgmental and insulting comment that is the issue, to which we all take offense and that is, quite frankly, prohibited. Additionally, I will vehemently defend commenters? rights to employ gallows humor here and I would argue that to be a superior method to deal with the horrors in our world dating back to ancient times and its use includes such highly esteemed and historic individuals as William Shakespeare. That is an opinion.

            The comment sections of this gore site contain arguably the best gallows humor to be found anywhere. For many, this can be a coping mechanism used in dealing with the shear barbarity and brutality that exists everywhere in our world, even in your own backyard. You may accept it or not, that’s up to you. However you may not judge it and its contributors on this forum without ramifications because you don’t know the meaning of the word cruel and how it correctly applies.

            If you continue to judge those of us here for our use of gallows humor, not only should you have clicked the puppy, but if your judgmental and insulting comments continue, you will be invited to leave.

            Again, we offer you the puppy if you are offended, but you may not insult members here by judging comments with your misinterpretations of our language.

            Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Troll tolls have gone up in Thailand if that’s what they’re charging now. The poor bridge troll was merely aging his meat. Hopefully, he’ll eat the douchebag pointer instead! Maybe the baby was bait.

  3. Ugh. As someone who would give anything to have a baby, this really fucking irritates me. I know, fleshy virus. But still. I’ll readily watch adults jack each other’s shit up all day. But babies and animals really get to me.

  4. It defies belief I know, but people are essentially the same everywhere you go in the world. And the things people do are the same everywhere you go too ( except for people going into schools and shooting as many people as they can: America owns that one all on it’s own). As Obli said in his intro, you can be sure this happens in the West too. We just don’t hear about it on the news because then there would not be enough time to air the really important news items that affect our daily lives, such as, ‘Kim Karashian releases a new coffee table book of 117 selfies’ or ‘Apple fans sleep out overnight to be the first to buy the new iPhone. ‘

    It amazes me that people actually believe that a slow news day means not one of the 6 billion people on the planet did anything exciting enough the make the nightly news, so the headline ‘The Hangover Part 3 : to be released March 10, 2015′ comes in as the second story on the news, instead oof something like, ’42 Primary School Kids and many parents killed when school bombed in Damascus, Syria’ . I hear nothing in the MSM news bulletins on most world events, that I read about on this site.

    Such a crock of bullshit……….the masses don’t even recognise advertising when they see it these days………

  5. Is it really hard for these bitches to put their dead/aborted baby in a box and atleast have the decency to dig a hole to dump their unwanted meat in it?
    Think the only hole that they know how to dig is their pussyhole and their arsehole..

      1. Is that so? @ewe.. i think its better if they’ll be like a female dog I had once.. when she gave birth to a dead puppy, she don’t want me to take it away from her.. she just clean it by herself by eating it..

  6. Rip sweet angel!!.. I hope the mother not only rots in hell for this shit, but that she is plagued with a plethora of stds and crotch rotting diseases that will make her suffer until her death…. What a piece of shit… 🙁

  7. It’s difficult for a mother to understand how another mother could do this. There is such a bond with your baby, the minute you see your baby, in fact before, while your pregnant something in you changes emotionally. Your body becomes totally in tune with your baby. When your baby cries milk starts spurting out of your breasts at the sound of their crying. When they cry for their nightly feed you have milk spurting out left right and centre, it’s crazy.

    1. Indeed, the bond appears to be very strong in most cases.
      That natural bond obviously doesn’t always kick in mama, it certainly didn’t in this case. I suppose poverty could be the issue, but still, it takes a real cold fish to dump a newborn baby in such an unceremonious manner.
      Cold, cruel world some folks live in.

    2. @wicked mama
      left you an answer to that question on the “” page.
      couldnt leave a link to the actual threads, some time ago and i couldnt remember or find the pages (maybe at @elma could?)

      yeah, you are nosey! ….. but me, im no-one to talk….

  8. No wonder they call Thailand the land of smiles, they’ll smile and pose and point for pictures even where there’s the corpse of a dead baby.

    Seriously though, fuck that guy. Hope his dead body will be posted on here with people doing pointers at him.

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