Body of Drowned Woman Recovered, Face Disfigured With Swelling

Body of Drowned Woman Recovered, Face Disfigured With Swelling

This is one of those stories that can really get to the depths of our emotions. When reality kicks in and we see how vulnerable life is. How from the moment a baby was born, grew up to become a child, teenager and then an adult, just to one day become an undistinguishable piece of rotten, stinking flesh, ready to be savoured by all sorts of little, or big, animals. It’s a fate we will all share, a reality we can’t avoid. I guess this might be more sensitive since it contains many photos of the young, 28 year old Mércia Nakashima (a lawyer by profession and of Japanese ancestry), who was, I may add, very pretty and seemed like a nice person. All to end up a bald, greyish corpse with it’s eyes popping out. Oh, did I mention she was murdered?

On the 23rd of May, 2010, Mércia’s family reported her disappearance after they had lunch with her that same day in Guarulhos, São Paulo – Brazil. According to police, she left her grandmother’s house at around 6:30 pm, but nobody ever knew about her ever since. Her family asserted that her boyfriend made a phone call right after she left the house.

On the 10th of June, 2010, through an anonymous phone call to Mércia’s family, her car was found near a dam in the city of Nazaré Paulista. Her vehicle was 19 feet (6 meters) underwater, had the driver’s window cracked open and the lawyers belongings inside of it. Her body was found the next day.

The man that made the phone call was obviously tracked down by police. He was fishing near the dam (he took almost one month to call the family? Wow, what a nice guy. If you’re wondering how he knew their number, this case got national attention, so the family’s contact was probably on every news channel). The man said that on the night of the crime he heard a woman screaming and saw a car being pushed into the dam. He claimed he saw a man exiting the vehicle right before it came into contact with the water.

Her boyfriend, Mizael Bispo de Souza, told the police he would pick her up after he made the phone call, but that she never showed up. This made him the primary suspect.

After several trials and appeals, on the 15th of March, 2013, nearly 3 years after the murder, Mizael de Souza (also a lawyer and former police officer) was convicted of the murder of Mércia Nakashima, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The family was outraged by this decision, deeming it too low, and the family’s attorney vowed to repeal the court’s decision and ask for at least 25 years, possibly more, of imprisonment.

This murder case was considered historic as, out of so many, was actually the first to be televised throughout the country, having most news channels getting record audiences.

Just a side note. In Brazil, there are nearly 40 thousand violent murders every year. It’s one of the countries with the highest murder rate per capita in the world. But does Dilma Rousseff tackle this problem? Of course not. But she is doing a hell of a job spending billions on building the stadiums for the upcoming World Cup. Gotta set priorities.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Holy fuck Portuguese…she was once so she just awesomely creepy…i can’t stop looking at her..yet her appearance is making me sick…alcohol and painkillers don’t mix too well…another great storyand fucking awesome pics!!…good night my fellow gorians… 😉

    1. God I know! Bitch is crazy looking. Must’a bee an insane experience for whomever ended u finding her. What a nightmare it’d be to be swimming around and stumbling upon a cadaver that looks like that!!! She would make an awesome horror movie character looking like that

  2. Beauty and youth, such a fleeting moment in time.

    When we are young we take it for granted and waste it and when we are old we desperately try to turn time back.

    The moral of the story, enjoy life to the fullest whilst you have it because one day we will all turn into Swamp thing’s secret albino lovechild.

  3. Any necrophiliacs in the audience? Ones that like Halloween? Her face looks like something from an 80s horror movie, I wonder did they have an open casket at the funeral? That’s a shitty way to remember a loved one. And an awesome picture for bestgore. I bet there are at least one or two people who will “use” this pic for their pleasure.

  4. You know they say you should never hit a women, but some guys will still lose it and do it anyway. Then you have psychos who will go one step above and do things like this to the poor girls. Sheesh, that is just fucked up. Don’t be that guy.

    1. @Obli,

      Sadly it is a proven fact that people in general do feel more sympathy towards attractive people and that is why the media always go overboard when attractive people die because they know that attractive people sell.

      It’s the same with missing children, if the kid was ginger with glasses it would not make the news whereas if the kid was cute and adorable you will see pictures of the kid all over every newspaper and news channel.

      What does the above tell us, it tells us that we, as a species, are for the most part shallow and vacuous.

      1. Anyone who says they’re not attracted to the general perception of beauty is lying. The personality counts as well, but most people do not take that into account. Go to a bar, or a disco, and see if the chubby girl with glasses has any guys approaching her..

        It’s natural selection. Humans are biologically inclined to choose a partner that represents what they want to see in their offspring. And who wants their future kids to look ugly? Even at the cost of character?

        Humans are indeed shallow, superficial, and this case represents that perfectly. It was the first murder trial to be televised live throughout all of Brazil, while little kids get shot in the favelas every day and no gives a damn.

        Now, i do admit she was good looking, but in no way does that mean she had any more right to life than someone who isn’t. But the article does represent well the transition between life and death. How beauty can vanish so quickly, illustrating that what people revere the most, is actually insignificant in the end.

        1. that’s right. she WAS pretty. but i’m not gonna gush about it and boo hoo about it. she’s nothing special. she dies and rots like anyone else. she’s not a tragedy to me. she had nothing to do with my life.

          it comes natural to me, that since the majority of members are gonna gush about how hot she was and boo hoo about what a trajedy it is, that i will tear her apart just to bring some sort of balance.

          i feel i have to do and say horrible things…especially because no one has the nuts to do it but me. at least not in the eloquently merciless and intelligently heartless way that do.

          i am chaos where there is order, i am order where there is chaos.

          1. Its always bothered me as well,how a bigger deal is made of the death of attractive people, and mostly women. We all get b.o. and have stinky poop, and fart , exrete oil and mucous and get morning breath and rot 🙂

        2. @Portuguese Dude,

          An interesting concept is that of beauty perception.

          Most of the worlds population do hold a similar universal idea of attractiveness in that men who are toned and with a V shape torso are seen to be ideal and women who have an hourglass figure the same but that is where it ends.

          The men and women of history past had different ideas of attractiveness than ourselves and it is mostly based upon the concept of social habit.

          I think we can all agree that the men of the 18th and 19th century with their unique sense of facial hair were, by today’s standards, a bit silly and unattractive. The hippy movement of the 60’s and 70’s was the same, would today’s women find men with long hair, chest hair, beards, ball crushingly tight trousers and a full batch of untrimmed pubic hair attractive, probably not.

          So, the conclusion it would seem is that people judge potential partners based upon genetics such as height, weight, muscularity and everything else after that fact is down to social habit of the individual geographical area and historical era.

          There is however one overriding concept and that is the survival instinct. Genetic preference is all well and good but people will cast aside those preferences and settle for far less if the potential partner has lots of money.

          We have all seen it numerous times when a, what we perceive to be anyway, ugly person has a very attractive partner due to the fact that they have plenty of money and what it boils down to is future gain, the attractive person settles for far less in the now so that their children will be able to achieve much better. It also doesn’t hurt that they can live a life of luxury on somebody else’s time and money instead of working for a pittance.

          To summarise, we all choose partners based upon some form of selective process, whether it be looks, body or money and that process is part structured by our current social habits but, and it is often the case, when people come to settle down and start a family they tend to choose the comfortably acceptable rather than the perfect match.

          The end result is that you do not have to be perfect to find a person to settle down with, just have a balanced viewpoint of reality and don’t allow the notion of perfection to ruin the comfortably acceptable.

          1. I enjoy reading your comment so much. You have amazing insight on so many things and you’re so self aware. I think it would be quite an experience for any of us to have the opprotunity to sit down with you and pick your brain. Your knowledge, opinions, beliefs and all other insight you pocess add so much to this site and for that, I thank you. You are a very wise man with a very unique soul and I appreciate greatly what you have to say.

        3. I remember this case because I was using her news to learn to read Portuguese . She was shot in the jaw and then pushed in to the lake . The family was angry because after 7 years in prison, de Souza will have the right to leave prison in the day and return to his cell in the night to sleep only, for the rest of his sentence.

      2. Yea, fucked up to say the least! She was an attractive woman but then she became a fucking nightmare! I thought she was scarier than most Halloween decorations! Guess we’re not ALL beautiful on the inside after all! LOL. Sucks that the media only plays off on their ideals of “beautiful”. Everyone’s life should be important. Kinda reminds me of a movie I watched last night- ‘Elysium’. Only the privileged citizens in outer space were allowed medical care, etc.

        @PD- sad that people think like that because I’ve seen some ugly motherfuckers in my days with some beautiful kids! And being chubby isn’t the worst thing in the world imo and there’s many guys who appreciate a woman that has something to hold on to. I really think it sucks that this broad was killed but fuck me she’s one nightmare of a thing now! I hope she takes her new look and haunts the fuck outta whoever did this to her! I’d be scared!!!

  5. If she were my relative, I would ask them to set him free. Do not matter 20 or 25 years of detention (or even 30, which is the maximum you can have do not matter what you have done and how many times you did), someday he will get off from jail and get his life, and what about that one who was killed? Is dead and nothing will change…

    So, I would ask them to set him free then I would set him free from his life.

    1. I actually want to rot, its cool that in that way we help replenish a tiny bit of the earth . look at me sounding tree hugger and shit lol. But I do think that’s cool. I’ve said before I’d so donate my carcass to the body farm or some other scientific experiment.

      1. In reality, it won’t matter what happens to us when we die because we will not be aware of it. But, just the thought of turning into a stinking rotting pile of meat and puss and worms and and other bugs feasting on me is disturbing. I feel much better about being creamated, it seems nice and clean. Plus your relatives get to spread your ashes anywhere on earth, could be a special moment for them.

      1. I would like my ashes to be spread in different areas. Some in the ocean in the tropics, some under a newly planted tree, and some on top of a mountain. It will be an adventure for whoever does it. Maybe I’ll have to leave money to them so they can take a trip to the tropics.

        1. I live in the tropics in australia.
          My bank is Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
          BSB – 062822
          ACCT – 17037574.

          I’ll be sure to throw you in the ocean Poz.
          Do you prefer the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arafura Sea or The Coral Sea ??

  6. Beautiful or not, her family loved her. Their grief must have been overwhelming, especially having to go through a public trial. Killed by her boyfriend, a man who should have loved and protected her. Someone she trusted, her family trusted. I know vengeance is wrong, but if I were a relative… I honestly would be thinking about it.

          1. isnt that what fundamentally attracts a female mammal to a male mammal ? the agressive ones are seen as alpha and best for passing on genes ,although today its more about money yet fundamentally woman are attracted to aggressive bullish males ,we are just animals after all despite modern day technology etc

  7. Actually, the corpse doesn’t look too bad after weeks in the water. It even still got eyes. Even a face, for that matter. We’ve seen floaters with a skeleton face . Interesting pics.
    But i really don’t see why a dead jap lawyer should go to the depths of our emotions. To the depth of the river, yes.

    1. @Fiend,

      I am not Harley Q but I would think that it was the combination of biodegradation, autolysis and putrefaction that causes the hair loss.

      Autolysis and putrefaction would of course bloat the skin and muscle which would greatly expand the size of the skin follicles meaning that the motion of the water would loosen and pull out any hair and biodegradation via water based organisms would speed up this process.

      Skin and muscle are harder to get through and take a while longer in this process and that is why we have hairless bloaters as our favourite floaters.

      1. I have just image googled her and these pictures come up but also a couple of others come up of a girl dead in the water with long brown hair and a dark red top and it looks like her but then there others photos of her bald in a purple cardigan..very strange dont know why one photo she is laying in the water with all her hair and the next photo she’s bald and in a different top …lol suppose we will never know x

        1. And the belly slashed open, right? Those aren’t her photos. Back in 2010, when the case came about, those photos were attributed as being of M?rcia, but they were proven to be from a different woman.

          These ones I posted are the real ones.

          1. Thanks man.

            Ah sheer up bro, things will get better.

            A positive mindset is essential, even thought its fucking hard, i know. So do something you like. Wrestling, go watch some race cars (I love that shit, i’ve been to both FIA G3 and le mans series), or some surfing, shit like that, to keep your mind off things.

  8. A dead body, a shell, a piece of flesh, a bag of meat, a putrid bag of rotting meat, a foul stinking mess, a decaying dump, a smelly maggot infested mess of half eaten flesh.

    The above is our end state but what about our present, what about the now.

    We, in the present, have the potential to create change and we live in the here and now and yet most of us might as well belong to the above because we are already dead in so far as we refuse to acknowledge and grow from past ideology.

    The individual can indeed rise from the ranks but they are forever subject to conditions imposed by those ranks.

    My conclusion, the poor person is no better than the rich person in so far as they both exist and they both want to grow.

    The working class however wishes for respect and continued growth whereas the rich wishes to rule over the poor.

    The end result, a sense of shame in that we abandoned wish to gain in favour of those who wish to rule.

    My conclusion, a big fuck you to those who would lie and a big round of applause to those who would question.

    To question is the key to unlocking the truth, question everything, ponder everything, only then will you understand the truth.

    1. If only everyone shared the same ideals.. Unfortunately the majority of human beings show no desire to seek a harmonious existance, and are driven by greed, selfishness, arrogance, narcissism, materialism, while ignoring the fundemental aspects that should be an intrinsic feature of our species, a supposedly “evolved” one, like compassion, understanding, respect, empathy, kidness and altruism.

      There are exceptionally good people, but they are rare, and their actions get blured out by those who do harm.

      People are indoctrinated since a young age, and cognitive thinking becomes inoperable. People don’t pose questions yet accept fallacious and absurd explanations for the most important issues in life.

      I want to be optimistic, and think that the minority of good, intelligent and resilient people will subsist and outlive those who don’t practice these virtues, and one day become a majority, and make this world a better place.

      1. @Portuguese Dude,

        This is why I refuse to write articles for Best Gore. I have seen time and time again that people do not give a shit about change, all they want is to blow of steam but never to change and I refuse to waste my time trying to change them.

        If only people in general could understand that the individual change on a massive scale can indeed create the social and geographical change needed to revolutionise the human race.

        The poor and oppressed are not enclosed to one person but to all that would suffer at the hands of those who have lots of money, learn to rationalise the present and you will know and understand the future.

        Change, an easy concept to behold but not an easy concept to accept.

        Change can give you life but it can also give you fear, learn to face the pain of truth and you will be able to change your future.

        1. Some people do give a shit, and those few people who care might get others to start caring. People need to take action bro, even when things seem unchangable. We might be proven wrong, afterall, and humanity might still have a chance.

          We won’t know, unless we try.

          1. @Portuguese Dude,

            Sorry about my negative rambling and unintelligent comments once again, I posted while drunk and then fell asleep at my computer and I have just woken up after about four hours.

            My drinking habits are way out of control and until I regain control once again I will not post while drunk because it is making me look like more of an asshole than I already am.

            The conclusion, I may be posting less frequently for a while but my comments will be of a better quality.

  9. Damn, as someone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife, these pictures make me want to believe there is one. It’s hard to believe we will all look like this one day, but it is just the natural course of life and death.

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