Body of Man Found in Septic Tank in Pomona, Venezuela

Septic Tank Man with Top of His Head Missing

A body that was estimated dead for 72 to 96 hours was found in a septic tank in the Los Pinos neighborhood in Pomona, parish of Manuel Dagnino, Venezuela.

The putrid smell announced the presence of a crime that happened in the house without a number. A man named Peter was killed and thrown into the well. To cover up his horrific murder, the killers threw mattresses and some steel bars over top of his corpse.

Peter lived alone, and was known by the community to want to leave and live someplace else.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Body of Man Found in Septic Tank in Pomona, Venezuela”

  1. A house without a number……
    That sounded fishy already, than this Peter thing name……
    Could be a low life gringo (they hate them all.)……
    Still…..Always this fishy smell…..
    what did you do Peter?????
    Of course it’s a pussy that got “involved”……generating dope
    And money …..shit ……
    up to the nose……!!!!
    Poor good Pete …….they got you to the shit pit….!!!!!

  2. when i read the description, i have something coming in my mind that is :

    “then how the fuck did they discover the corpse ?”

    i mean, its not like septic tank cant cover dead smell…
    did someone else wanted to throw another person at the same place, see this one and decide to call the cops like a innocent ?

  3. Septic tank, i used to think that was a tank full of chemicals being able to digest tons of excrements from festival visitors :-), but now i’m reading it’s a tank designed to hold waste matter based on simple organic principles. So this guy was dead for 4 days max., yet he looks like an approx. 14-day (?) old corpse . How come, what made this cadaver decompose that quickly?

    1. Quick decomp most likely due to the amount of active bacteria already working in the tank @h-thompson. Chances are the tanks aren’t serviced regularly, and the more “food” the bacteria have to feed on, the faster they multiply, and feed, and multiply, and…

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