Body of Syrian Soldier Dismembered by Protesters

Body of Syrian Soldier Dismembered by Protesters

This is allegedly a video of what’s left from a Syrian soldier after he was captured by the protesters in Hama. As we have seen from many videos posted on Best Gore, Syrian protesters are being slaughtered by the security forces like pigs in a slaughterhouse. That’s the message all western media would like you to believe and it is without doubt not far from the truth. What is withdrawn from general western populace is the other side of the story. Turns out, those poor protesters are not so innocent in the end. They may be sporting the shorter end of the stick, but when the opportunity presents itself, they are just as savage with the opposing party as their enemies.

What we see in this video is allegedly a footage of dismembered body of former Syrian soldier. He was captured by the protesters, executed and bit by bit dismembered like a pig on butcher’s table. You don’t even see many Mexican dismemberments of rival gang members going into so much detail with their victims (sometimes they do, though). Internet is a marvelous thing. It allows us to see a fuller picture, not just the part of it big media players want us to see.

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22 thoughts on “Body of Syrian Soldier Dismembered by Protesters”

    1. Yea, but most of these violent, supposedly good protesters, are paid mercenaries, there to cause shit, promote lies, in order to sway the SHEEPLE to take their side, and oust Assad in the process. George Soros, the Hungarian-Jew-Scum, has been using this tactic on Syria, The Ukraine, fuck even in the good OL U.S. of A. with Black Lives Matter, and the Gay, Lesbian, and cross Gender Freakshow. Syria, was the most peaceful Country in the Middle East, with all Religions & Personal Beliefs living, and working, side by side in perfect harmony. Sure there would sometimes be small incidents of Racism, but those were usually caused by a couple of drunk big mouths, but overall, before the Zionists, and their Arse-Juice-Slurpin-Cunts The U.S. & N.A.T.O. Member Countries, decided to invade their Beautiful & Peaceful Country, for the sole purpose of ousting Assad, & running of a Natural-Gas Pipeline designed to cut off Russia,s already installed one, supplying the Middle-East, and parts of The E.U.

  1. dismemberment and throwing stones-killing is their form of entertainment in the Middle East–they have nothing else-Sad–they can’t watch Satelitte TV and enjoy eating Chocolate cake or yogurt and get pleasure out of it (their pleasure is killing), my son died in Syria (and was US ciitzen he was kidnapped) and the State Department and Syria did not give A FUCK–
    my son was not in the mIlitary we was only 4 years old (so SYRIA–I hope you destroy yourself and the whole Middle East)–keep killing yourselves–while I sit and eat my Hamburger–in my air conditioned house..

    1. Funny how even though the Western world is so advanced people seem to lack common sense and wisdom. Why do you think Islamics in any country other than the US do not really make messes and jihads and all that bullshit? NO ONE ATTACKS THEM. But fine wish them ill fate and die of disease. It is your fault for taking a 4 year old to hostile territory anyways. Taint his memory with the excrement inside your soul and piss off more crazy muslims in the process.
      Be a pawn to the real powerful ones that make peoples fight each other over whatever.

      1. What? Islamist have bombed London; England, Madrid; Spain, tried to bomb Glasgow;Scotland, Toronto;Canada etc.

        They are absolutely tearing apart England (Especially London). They are trying to get Sharia law implanted (And will likely succeed given how weak the British are today), they are tearing apart Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and other Swedish cities, Paris is like walking into a different Country etc.

        Where have you been? This Islamic disease is absolutely reeking havoc on the Western world.

      2. Also, the guy who led the Algerian Oil siege, was ‘Canadian’.

        There are tons, upon tons of ‘Western’ Islamist going over to Syria/Northern Africa and fighting jihad.

        Now – Obviously these people aren’t really ‘Canadian’, ‘French’ and whatnot. It takes more than a passport given to you by our traitorous, spineless Government and politicians to make you a Canadian or French.

  2. You know, humans who just kill each other and produce no technology whatsoever are a lot better for the environment than those who produce all sorts of electronic crap and/or keep increasing their numbers.

    So, if you’re an environmentalist, societies like Syria, Rwanda and Mexico are a lot better than places like Guatemala, Nigeria, Bangladesh (high birth rates, murder rates don’t keep up) or places like Sweden, Canada, Japan (low birth rates, but enough civilization to increase pollution).

    A planet that is like a giant Syria would be viable for a much longer term than a planet that is a giant Sweden or a giant Bangladesh. Killing people is good for the environment.

    1. totally true we are like parasites sucking the very life out of everything we touch, its just so damn heartbreaking to think of the death of your child though,as a true atheist I know they would only live on in my heart, even animals mourn death

  3. Talk about fucked up. This is just the way humans are over in that part of the world: cruel, brutal, and savage to the very end. Sad but true. I wonder what the last thought this dude was thinking before he got turned into a butcher’s meat display…

  4. Isn’t this two bodies? I’m sure I saw more than one set of feet… anyone?

    And on a separate note – what’s with all the sweeping statements going on on BestGore lately? Eg. “This is just the way humans are over in that part of the world” – I’d love to know just how you know that. I’m sure every child born in Syria is born with a bloodlust and hatred in their eyes. Get real – these people are fighting for their lives, if I saw someone murder half my family I think I’d be pretty capable of doing this to someone too. And I’m sorry for the loss of the man without his 4 year old son, but that doesn’t automatically make give him ‘a sweet little heart’. He might have grown up to become a drunk and a wife beater. Keep things in perspective people. More thought, less hysteria.

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