Bodycam – Policeman in Fresno, California Kills Man

Bodycam - Policeman in Fresno, California Kills Man

Police bodycam footage from Fresno, California, shows 34-year-old Raymond Gonzalez shot during a police chase in 2016.

Officer Zeb Price’s body camera video shows the foot chase culminating in an alley when Gonzalez tossed away a gun but fell to the ground right near where it landed. Gonzalez touched it a couple of times before rolling over onto his stomach, as ordered. When he spun back around, Officer Price fired a fatal shot. Gonzalez’s family sued the city over the shooting, but a federal judge threw it out.

The video shows Price running after Gonzalez, who at one point discards a backpack. As Gonzalez runs down an alley, he tosses a gun onto a roof, but the gun lands on the ground. At that point, Price fires one round at Gonzalez and misses him.

Gonzalez tumbles to the ground, rolling over and sitting back up as Price shouts demands at him.

At one point Gonzalez puts his hands up while laying down, but he also moves his arms and brushes the gun. He continues to shift positions on the ground, briefly rolling onto the gun, while Price shouts demands.

Price fires the second round after Gonzalez reaches toward his waistband. The second round hits Gonzalez in the chest, fatally wounding him.

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    1. “Waving his arms…” “Reaching for his waistband…” “Rolling around…” That isn’t complying with officers demands. BOOM! Speedy Gonzalez doesn’t wanna go to prison again but the cop wants to go home after his tour. Guess who’s gonna win that battle?

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          3. @carly69

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    2. Fast as Speedy be, bullets are faster!! I love dead criminals!! Don’t have to house them, feed them, let them lift weights and get bigger, lie around prison all day and do drugs and ass rape each other! Dead criminals are a win win for society!

      1. I concur when actual criminals are taken out. When it’s some innocent person or animal, I don’t concur.

        This video appears to me to be a traditional display of pure fatal stupidity on behalf of the criminal who was running while carrying a gun and doing stupid things that he should have not been doing. It could have been a pissed off home owner chasing his ass down and the home owner shoots him, and the result would have been the same.

        1. Anywhere that any race of Spics infest and dwell is a complete shit hole. They come here “for a better life” and just carry on living the way they lived and doing what they did in whichever shit hole arm pit they slithered in from. They’re fucking roaches and parasites. They have totally surpassed the North American Ground Ape in committing 95% of all violent crimes and drug dealing.

          I’ve been on a grand jury since the first of the year and we have heard close to 90 cases now and and nearly ALL have been Spics, drugs and guns and it’s fucking hilarious because a couple of cases have been the same ones repeatedly.

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      1. Agree, this time i´m 100% with the cop, that guy was a dangerous armed criminal on the run and did all kind of crazy movements near the gun when he was cornered, also he could have another one hidden yet the cop was patient and brave enough, he gave him a lot of opportunities. Any other cop would just empty the clip.

      1. What the ACTUAL FUCK are you going on about?
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        This guy was a fuckin tweaker carrying a gun.
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  1. I can totally empathise with a cop dealing with a man who has a gun that is in hand’s reach. And the guy didn’t make it better for himself by moving around. That makes it MORE of a threatening situation bc he could grab the gun in a nanosecond. If that guy would have just laid on his stomach AWAY from the gun, he would prob still be alive.

  2. yeah well.. he asked for it tho…

    put his hand on his belt isnt a brilliant idea when a cop ask you to show your hands and point a gun at you.

    imho he deserved that shot, he was stupid enougth for asking it.

    1. Only the willfully ignorant say shit like that.

      You don’t know your statement to be true (and it likely isn’t). But you’re so blinded by your hate fuled agenda that you can’t even smell the bullshit on your own breath.

      Willful ignorance is not bliss. It’s called being “proud to be stupid”.

  3. Shit bag with a gun. Flailing and grabbing for it? Not just lying still like cops say? Again…you’re a shit bag with a gun. Who did you just terrify robbing them with the gun? A good human being doesn’t have a gun on them robbing anyone.

  4. yeah, i mean… yeah. if i were the pig i would’ve shot, too. unfortunately, the perp was acting way too goddamned shady and way too near that gun. if he would’ve just stayed still… poor dude. RIP, guy. 🙁

    1. Only the willfully ignorant say shit like that.

      You don’t know your statement to be true (and it likely isn’t). But you’re so blinded by your hate fuled agenda that you can’t even smell the bullshit on your own breath.

      Willful ignorance is not bliss. It’s called being “proud to be stupid”.

  5. the cop was entirely justified in this killing. When someone has a gun on you; you should listen to what he says….. NOT listening means you are going to die. Rolling around like a crazy person, ignoring every command, and all while having a fucking gun on the ground next to you….. yeah I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot either.

  6. I hope no one will try to defend the criminal here? After all those carefully selected police brutality videos Mark posted here, I went and actually looked at a much larger selection of videos where police use force and firearms, and guess what – those accidents happen almost daily across USA and 99% of them featured actual criminals or stupid aggressive fucks who’s can’t follow police orders and exhibit potentially dangerous behavior.

          1. It DOES matter fool. If you make any motion toward a weapon, if a weapon is nearby and you do ANYTHING but what the officer tells you to do they will use deadly force. It takes no time at all to grab a weapon and use it especially a gun. It takes no time at all to cover 10 or 15 feet and run at a cop with a knife.

            How many times are they supposed to yell lay on your stomach or get down or stop moving or show me your hands or stop where you are or drop the knife? If an asshole is too fucking desperate and stupid to understand he’ll live if he just stops what he’s doing then he’s a danger to us all.

            All cops aren’t criminals but all criminals are criminals so I couldn’t give two shits less about dead ones!

        1. Boy you are fucking ignorant! Look at Russia and any Eastern European country. Shit, look at Mexico and any South American country. Fuck, how about Africa???? Police corruption is rampant. It’s more common than honest, decent officers in any of these countries and in the Spic countries and the African shit holes the police are in on the rapes and the genocides. The cartels and terror groups pay them more than the state does to at the very least look the other way. Go get into a car accident in some Spic shit hole and when the police show up they are usually in on the scam with whomever you are in the accident with and you can go if you just pay the police cash on the spot.

          You’re a fucking moron!

  7. @Fatherless Sexual Deviant Mr Magoo a.k.a. Hoping for Nemesis

    I know grand juries are different state to state and I know in my state, a state grand jury meets more often but for less time than federal grand juries. Where I am, you get on a grand jury for three months. You can serve on it one to 4 days per week depending on where you are. I’ve been on it since the first of the year and it ends end of March. I thought it was really going to suck ass but it’s interesting. Contrary to what some of the haters on here think it’s cool to see the evidence and just how police have to stay within legal parameters while working and thinking on their feet.

    The jurors only see police, witnesses and occasionally the victims, no suspects. We do not decide guilt or innocence. We listen to and see evidence, videos, audio and testimonies and vote whether it’s enough to go to trial. It nearly always is. Only one we voted “no bill” on was a kid who was robbed at knife point when he took a ride with someone he thought he knew. The kid was sup there saying, “well, it could be him, but I’m not sure. It looks like him but I think his hair was different.” His friend who was with him but not robbed (they were after something specific) ID’d the guy.

    A detective testified. They did managed to get the guy and we saw pics of a massive shiner the guy had. He testified that the guy said he got it boxing. The kid testified that his brother knew the guy and went to high school with him. I was thinking the brother meted out some ole fashioned street justice and whaled on the guy and the kid didn’t want to ID the guy and then have his brother get in trouble. So we voted no indictment.

    We’ve seen some really fucked up shit including child deaths, kiddie molestations, four rapes and a shit ton of drugs, guns and robberies, shootings, oddly enough ALL involving Spics!! The tide has turned! There has not been one single fucking case with a nigger as a perpetrator. Even two of the rapes were Spics and two of the four molestations were Spics. Unfortunately, not in my city, but spotted around the area in general we have a high Spic populace. Mind you, there are some nice hard working ones but largely they live like vermin committing crimes and destroying where they live and breed and make life hard for the good ones.

  8. He wanted to escape from the officer. Well he achieved his goal, because, once he is in the grave ( or afterlife if there is one ) then he is no longer able to be arrested and incarcerated.
    This evasive criminal could have yielded to the instructions of the officer, by standing still and keeping his hands up. If he would have done this, there is a very good chance that he would still be alive. It is very likely that Mr.Gonzales was a frequent narcotics user and was following along a path of a self-induced early death, anyway, so this (his vital functioning being terminated by the officer and his jacketed hollow points) could, in a way, just be an expedient of the inevitable.
    Take accountability and stop trying to run away. Pursuing only pleasure and avoiding all pain will leave you with severe cavities ( because all you eat is sweet foods and candy ) and may result in you getting fatally shot when you try to run away from a police officer that is trying to arrest you for criminal activities which you engaged in.
    I do not think all police are angels, and I do not think that all the laws are just or respectable. Do not misinterpret this message. What I am saying here is that you should take accountability for your misconduct and that you should not try to escape necessary confrontation of your responsibility if and when you should be in a position of accountability or have breached a social standard such as the expectation not to commit burglaries of businesses or to not steal from individual citizens.

      1. When you say, live on your knees, it evokes an image of a man who is continuously in some prostrate position.
        There are certain things which will, more than likely, require standing, and for one to be prepared to be potentially destroyed in the process. One example I could think of, off the top of my head, would be the removing of the parasite flea of zionism/zionists from the host body of the nations of the world (the US especially ). Media, finance, academia, government, judiciary, etc… these all have been seized and weaponized against the goyim by the (((tribe))). It is a major problem.

        Anyhow, there are things where you should not just acquiesce, but when it comes to street criminal evading arrest I would definitely say that such a person in such a case should be like a “weak ass coward” and yield unto the orders of the officer.
        Not all laws are just, nor are all law enforcement officers, the corruption, deception, and unadulterated greed demonstrated in the “war on drugs” is just one proof of this fact.

        In the cases where the law is unjust, just think of your decision not to run as a survival strategy. And in the cases where a thief or assault perpetrator or a violator of a legitimate and useful law is being pursued then the enforcement of that law is a desirable thing.

        Stand and be courageous for the causes which are truly worthy.

  9. @richardhead hey piece of shit go sit on a black dick like your red neck honky immigrant trailer trash of a mother slutt your piece of shit has.all you racist honky muther fuckers are good at is killing kids in school or innocents in country concerts n sucking nazi cock…you go back to europe stupid ..this land is indigenous it always has been fucken squatter.. everything has an end you’ll find out sooner or later

  10. @KANPOL: The TRUTH hurts doesn’t it idiot? You don’t sound indigenous you have zero command of the English language. You’re probably an ILLEGAL!!

    Every single civilization today came about by one group of people conquering another, even today’s Mexicans!

  11. Worst fucking cops and shots I have ever seen. They need to go back to school and learn how to do there jobs. Letting that fucker even run without shooting is unforgivable but not putting a few in his head when he was on the ground is just stupid. All are fucking pussies cops need learn how to actually do there fucking jobs.

        1. I would never be so timid as to not just say something, especially if it’s going to get somebody upset or otherwise make them the proud new owner of knotted panties.

          Sea Otters? Fun little critters that were the animal version of the perfect woman. Small mouth, strong jaw, cute hands that like to hold onto things that are round and hard and the fact that they can’t speak is just an added bonus. See, mate? No hidden shit with me. 🙂


  12. Look, if you run around the ghetto of Fresno with a gun, you’re going to get shot eventually.
    This guy had it coming 100%.

    That being said, this is very typical of Fresno P.D.
    They are very trigger happy. And while this officer was legally justified, only a pussy would have shot this guy. It was obvious that he never pointed a weapon or intended to point a weapon in the direction of the officer.
    I worked in law enforcement for years, and there is a certain type of person who you can tell ahead of time is going to shoot someone. Fresno seems to hire mostly these types of officers.

    Even those of us who pay our taxes and keep our noses clean are terrified of the police in Fresno.

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