Body Cam Video of Salt Lake City Police Murdering Dillon Taylor in Cold Blood

Body Cam Video of Salt Lake City Police Murdering Dillon Taylor in Cold Blood

A guy that didn’t do anything wrong gets murdered by a cop in cold blood, but the cop is cleared of any wrongdoing by the DA – sounds familiar? Yep, everything’s alright. Carry on.

On August 11, 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah Police responded to a call that there was an armed man in the parking lot of a convenience store. They showed up, and saw a group of young men exiting a 7-Eleven. One wore headphones and was walking away. The cops pursued him with their guns drawn and when he turned around, he rolled up his t-shirts and the cops shot him dead.

In the report, officer Bron Cruz claimed he feared for his life because he saw suspect reaching for a gun in his waistband. Turns out, the alleged suspect – 20 year old Dillon Taylor – had no gun, and was just listening to music and presumably did not hear the officers. Of course, we may never find out whether he did or didn’t, for they murdered him, because in a police state yours side of the story doesn’t matter – in a police state, you don’t get a chance to defend your actions in due process.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said that Bron Cruz was clearly justified in the shooting. Imagine that you as a citizen with a concealed carry license would walk up behind someone listening to music, follow them for 25 feet, then shot them when they turned around and walked slowly backwards – never in a million years would you be able to claim that this guy presented a reasonable threat to you. You’d be charged with a first degree murder and face the death penalty or life in jail. But when a cop does it, then it’s “clearly justified”.

In the USA, police killed more citizens in the month of March 2015, than police in England did in the entire 20th century, which includes decades of conflict with the IRA. At the same time, being a police officer remains one of the safest jobs in America, with one of the lowest death counts in the line of duty. You’ll find more honor and rules about violence against civilians among mafia contract killers.

One would hope that officer Bron Cruz will be hunted by images of Dillon Taylor spitting blood and convulsing as he’s putting handcuffs on his lifeless body for the rest of his life, but that presumes that officer Bron Cruz has conscience, which he seemingly doesn’t. Bron Cruz remains on the job – armed and dangerous, and out on the street encouraged by newly confirmed impunity.

The sad thing is – sheeple will still defend this murder. For them, anything other than instant, total, abject, and servile obedience to everything that comes out of a cop’s mouth warrants summary execution.

That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

~Morpheus, The Matrix

Notice how a short while after his partner asked about the bodycam status, the civilian killer proceeded to establish a defense for the camera and asked: “What were you reaching for, man?

Dillon Taylor was not black, so neither the mainstream media, nor the liberal spew-mouthers will care.

Props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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    1. Damn
      cold blooded murder
      today I saw the visually blurred
      that the police used
      to justify
      the killing of a black man
      The shower of said vidio kept
      referring to aid same
      when nothing could be seen at all … iip

      1. That guy asked for it. He clearly pretended to have a gun. And he was disrespecting police by saying ” wat up fool” and walking away while police repeatedly ask him to put his hands up. I have been stop by the police many times and the best thing to is to coaperate innocent or not.

        1. you are mentally retarded , probably a police man , there were thousands of other ways to approach the suspect , you can sense the killers taste for blood , the officer was obviously hungry for some blood and donuts + he felt threatened , perfect combo

        2. @galaxy idiot – so can you explain the fact US cops kidded more citizens in one month than the cops in England did in 100 years??? On, let me guess – the English criminals and civilians are just so much more polite…. Yeah, right.

        3. Yep. You can see him turn around, so he saw both cops. He saw the cop pointing the gun at him, and said very clearly “What up fool?”
          Well, “what up” is a gunshot wound to the chest. So we know who the fool was.

          1. He was already pulling his top up as he had his back turned and no idea the police were there,,, was more then likely doing what every other bloke on this earth was doing,,

            Rearranging his balls,, so when he turned, he still had his hand down his pants,, you can clearly see him pulling his top up as he walks away,

            poor fella :-(.. This one has made me sad,,

            And on a different point,, this is why I hate headphones,, expecially in public,, he could have had a car gone out of control and he wouldn’t have heard it,, instead had an over zealous cop

          2. I agree…..he was acting like he was hiding a gun and clearly heard him tell the cop “no fool” when asked to show his hands and put them up. If people would just listen and do what they are told when a cop is pointing a gun at them, they may survive. Have had a cops gun pointed at me twice….showed my hands slowly, mistaken identity, and I was on my way minutes later.

          3. Also, he was drunk. Blood alcohol limit was .16, twice the legal limit. Officers didn’t just show up on the scene, they were called there after a 911 call (describing those three guys) and saying they had a gun. It’s unfortunate, but officer was justified.

        4. I agree…..he was acting like he was hiding a gun and clearly heard him tell the cop “no fool” when asked to show his hands and put them up. If people would just listen and do what they are told when a cop is pointing a gun at them, they may survive. Have had a cops gun pointed at me twice….showed my hands slowly, mistaken identity, and I was on my way minutes later.

        5. Thank you people that are smart to support the facts. He SAID ” NO FOOL”WHEN asked “let me see your hands” I hate cops and I have no reason to defend them. But facts are facts and fucking accept who’s wrong.

          1. could have tried to give medical attention though. He just lets this man die with his face up against a gas station curb, situation wasn’t as cut and dry as some others. cop could have saved him, instead he just stands over the body worried about nothing other that himself.

        6. @Galaxy x Dude you are mental as fuck bro you need to realize that cops do what the fuck they want and dont give two shits about who seen it or not. You are probably a cop as well so fuck off bro and for once stop shooting innocent people that dont have anything and wait to see what happens when they have headphones in you morons.

    2. there’s a quart of blood on the ground, the victim has been dead for about a minute already, and the fucking piece of evil filth cop opens a 2X2 gauze pad that you put on our finger when you slice your hand with a kitchen knife.
      “stay with me brother” the cop says after the dude died of blood loss, face down in the dirt of the gutter. The cop was in too much danger to leave the dying man uncuffed. I wish cancer on people like this. The USA is a fucking disgrace, because of these people.

    1. At least that dick head didn’t die in pain. Many people have done that as a way of committing suicide. That’s the way I wanna go, with a single shot to my head or the chest, but I don’t have the balls to do it myself.

  1. What pisses me off more than the cops are the Americans who call police on trivial shit.

    OMG I see someone “suspicious” or “he looks like a bad guy”, call the police… if the fucker (the asshole who called the police) didn’t call the cops, this man would still been alive. Why are Americans so prone to calling cops on everything. Are you guys really that much of a pussies?

    1. They either do it because they are pussies and the ones that are not get charged with murder when dealing with real thieves, muggers etc so the way the chicken shit gets away with it is to call the police since they won’t get punished for killing someone justifiable or not.

    2. Many times, it’s a new phenomenon known as swatting. Puke ass libs and antis call on anyone legally armed in the hopes that someone is shot. Concerned citizens and good old fucking busy bodies. I live it daily. All that instant blood looked like a heart shot but the wound appeared to be near abdomen.

      1. there are giant arteries all over the torso. The heart has a main vein running right down the trunk to the pelvis, called the inferior vena cava. It is like your jugular vein. Bigger, though. if that opens up wide, it is lights out in ten seconds. heart stopped in two minutes.

    3. My fiance’s elderly and utterly insane neighbor called the cops the other day because a black relative of the apartment complex parked in her spot. Shit got heated. Stupid fucking cunt. Citizen killers and ignorant pussies who call them for bullshit do not mix well. Hope this young man finds some peace somewhere and everyone involved have his murder on their conscious for eternity.

      1. I had an interesting conversation about this very video with one of my ex-brother in-laws; apparently he didn’t like the terms Civilian Killers and sheep. He went on a tirade about I didn’t know what I was I talking about, lol, laughable-sounded like an apologist remark.

        Either way he got frustrated and I just laughed, I said what I needed to and that was that; I make no apologies for what I believe and feel, so yeah, fuck yeah.

      1. Are you fucking kidding me? I just can’t believe how many people those ‘merican cops kill like this? It’s fuckong out of control.

        You yanks have got to do something about this…’s bullshit….

    4. Who can forget the black woman who called the cops when the local Mcdonalds ran out of nuggets?? It was on major news networks in Aussieland… Shoot the man, handcuff him, let him wallow face first in his own bood basically drowning and then no first aid to stop blood loss… what a disgrace!

  2. Wtf? Yelling “hey” hey” at someone bleeding out in front of you is what passes as police medical protocol? Plug the fucking wound and cover the poor sap up. It’s obvious he is in shock. Wouldn’t you think common knowledge would come into play. As a police officer you would think he would know how to treat a GSW. My bet is, he wanted the guy to bleed out, so there is only one side to this outright murder.

    1. “Hey, hey – hang in there buddy” in the same authoritative tone he did when he shot him. It didn’t work either time. Besides he was too busy handcuffing and searching the deceased than stopping the bleeding. Cop knew he’d be “justified” in the end.

  3. Shooting someone to death and then trying to reassure them that’s it’s gonna be ok is a classic socipathic trait. Reminds me of the film chopper when he shoots Neville Bartos And then takes him to hospital. Fucking crazy

  4. I really don?t understand why he kept walking backwards when there were two cops pointing their guns at him. See, im not condoning the cop?s reaction; but ?what if they where looking for a dangerous suspect who looked like him and was armed too? The cops probably thought he had a concealed weapon on his hands. Well, I speak for myself, I would have stopped walking, let them know that I was going to put my hands down slowly. Common sense right there. Yes, the cops do some fucked up things; but ?why would I put my life at risk to prove the police are a band of “triggahappies”?

    1. They were called and Dillion fit the description from the report. He walked backwards saying “naw fool” and continued with one hand in his pants. From there, the cops will point guns at you until you comply, if not, you will get killed. Cops are still civilians too. Yes, there are cops who think they have power and gets away with breaking the law, but also understand that this cop was clearly doing his job.

      1. He Obviously had his Music blaring so he couldn’t hear them., When he did it looked to me as tho he went to turn his volume down., something he’s most use to doing.
        When you have your Gun out and Drawn., You are in Control., That trigger happy idiot jumped the gun., and an innocent kid is dead.., Whats worse is., instead of getting not so much as a slap on the wrist., he got a pat on the back from a Bigger idiot for his actions.
        Remember today its a stranger., tomorrow it could be your friend., your child., or You.

      2. Everyone reacts differently to having a gun/guns pointed at them. I can easily see backing away trying to turn down the music as a natural reaction. How’s he going to “comply” if he can’t hear what they’re saying. “Clearly doing his job” WTF – you’ve been brain washed.

          1. @Getik – how do you know he didn’t mean “nah fool, I don’t have a gun – don’t shoot me”. Now we’ll never know because he’s been murdered. But you automatically blame the dead guy and follow the herd. Yep, you’ve been brain washed.

    2. I agree the best thing to do is swallow your pride, yes sir and no sir the shit out of the police, dont be a smart ass, say as very little as possible and a good chance you will be on your way after the cop has written you a ticket, the key is to stay the fuck out of jail , but i dont think this kid deserved to be shot like others have said the police had other options, couldnt they have tased him even though he probably didnt deserve that

  5. They really suck at pretending to care… “Hey! Oink! Medical is on its way stay with me! Oink… oink oink… STAY WITH ME!… Thats an order civilian, if you dont comply you will be shot again! Oink oink!” 😆

  6. When America becomes a full blown police state members of the public will be dropping like flies. The only reason why they have gotten away with this behaviour so far is because it?s mostly black people who get shot which obviously garners no sympathy from anyone.

    Once the civil disobedience starts, which will be soon enough given our current rate of social/economic decline, the police will be putting down any and all protestors permanently.

    1. Its mostly just black people that get reported on with national news coverage for getting shot just to keep alive the image that black people are always the ones at the business end of a gun. Pretty soon, someone is gonna be stringing dead cops up on streetlights. And if no one is planning it yet, someone should try and organize that movement. I’d hop in on the ground floor. Its hard to feel like these guys are “serving and protecting” when all it seems that they do is serve and protect an ideal that does not want me served and protected. If you won’t offer to die overseas for that beast, they’ll happily provide a steady stream of bullets zinging through your hometown streets. And I wish that was just talking about gangster drive bys. Even though they have half a hand in the trade that provides those guns for said gangsters….

      1. Second thoughts, on reviewing the vid again, he did turn to face the cop and I didn’t realise on the first viewing that he called him a fool.

        Despite what many say – looks like suicide by cop. He was asking for it and paid the price. Drugs??

        1. So you think it’s perfectly fine for the cops to be the judge, jury and executioners? Do you think it’s perfectly fine for cops to execute without repercussions because their egos got hurt by being called a fool?

          1. If anyone points a gun at you and tells you to stop and you call him a fool – don’t be fucking surprised by the outcome – and don’t come on here whining on the muppet’s behalf. The loser would have fucked himself some other way if the cop had’t wasted him.

        2. Dillion Taylor 2 days earlier, had posted a depressing Facebook status stating he knew about warrants for his arrest and that he had no more family and friends and his end was nearing. I wish more people would know this, he also has a .18 alcohol blood level. With these bits of info it clearly looks like suicide by cop.

          1. Yea I have heard about those things but Damn this kid was only like 20 years old, you can take care of the warrants, find new friends, you never know what lies around the corner that is awful young to throw in the towel. poor kid

    1. What would you do if you had invested in Gold and as a result were now asset rich and the government/police came along and told you that you couldn?t convert it to cash and instead had to hand it all over to them?

      Couldn?t happen?, well it did in the Great Depression with ?The Gold Reserve Act?. You like having a few beers in your fridge freezer for when you get home?, well during the prohibition era that was a crime.

      My point being that the government/police can make anyone guilty by turning anything into a crime.

      The notion of ?JUST DO FRIGGIN AS YOU?R TOLD? becomes very blurred in a dictatorship wherein staying healthy means you have to submit to any and all orders no matter how vile and cruel.

      1. As far as the shooting in Salt Lake City that cop should be charged with should be charged with murder, no doubt

        My Point being, comply with a cop?s instruction until the situation has calmed down then enquire what the problem is.
        Arguing with ?anybody? who has a gun pointed at you is flat stupid and may not end well for you. If Dillon Taylor could talk he?d probably tell you that that mistake cost him his life.

        10 years ago I was exiting a bank; unbeknownst to me the bank?s silent alarm had been tripped. From out of nowhere a cop appeared and ordered me to get on the ground. I knew I?d done nothing wrong I could have stood there and acted like a big man arguing with him about my civil rights and being a real asswipe, I simply did as I was told. And guess what I never got pepper sprayed, beat with a club or kicked. Instead the situation was resolved in about 2 minutes, the officer apologize shook my hand and thank me for my corporation.

        I went home and change my pants but at least I went home.

      2. I have a cousin in prison and i was trying to find him on the prison website i didnt know his inmate number and his name wasnt coming up so i had to do a refined search and there was a pull down arrow for the crime the person you were searching for and jesus the list was endless everything is illegal in America these days

  7. There’s something you left out making the cop who killed the suspect look bad. Saying “just listening to music and presumably did not hear the officers. Of course, we may never find out whether he did or didn?t” is wrong. He DID hear the cops. If you listen closely to Dillon Taylor, you will hear him say “naw fool”. The man continued walking backwards making himself look suspicious with one hand in his pants. Before the cop shot him, Dillion was reaching over to his waist imitating as if he had a gun, and of course the cop shot him. There’s a video right in front of you, yet you continue bad mouthing a cop for doing his job.

    1. I agree. Sorry but I don’t see murder with this video. You see a cop pointing a gun at you even if you can’t hear then you put your hands up and comply. You don’t say “naw fool” and reach for your waistband. I do think the sweet young man attempting to turn down his music was touching. Kinda Trayvonesque.

        1. Police and military are trained to shoot to kill mid mast. Why would you shoot somebody in the leg or arm if you truly felt your life could be ended by that person in a split second? In this situation I would have done the exact same thing. If Dillon didn’t hear the police he would have kept walking without turning around, or much less making a reply to the cop. I carry a handgun for protection and have for many years I’ve had people call the police on me many times because I have arm tattoos and carry a gun….I’m still here because I used my brains each and every time. Common sense is like air in your lungs,keep it on you at all times!

  8. A Gun Culture gone mad, plus nervous, badly trained Police was always going to end in tears.
    With so many guns available and carried by the US civilian population, the cops obviously carry guns too, which leads to the slightest confrontation becoming a lethal confrontation.
    I’m neither a US citizen nor a gun owner, but as a UK citizen looking in from the outside, I can’t help but think that with so many fire arms readily available to all and sundry, this problem was bound to happen eventually. You see, it works both ways. If there were less guns, or like over here, guns were comparatively novel, the cops wouldn’t feel the need to strike with lethal force right from the get go, so maybe they would carry none lethal weaponry instead.
    Having said that, it seems the majority of US cops are only too willing to get that shot off, which would indicate that they are out to kill no matter what. And unfortunately, due to the preponderance of guns on the streets, they have all the excuse they require.

  9. “Imagine that you as a citizen with a concealed carry license would walk up behind someone listening to music, follow them for 25 feet, then shot them when they turned around and walked slowly backwards” ? your country is so faulty even to begin with. It’s doomed. Everything is wrong?you can’t fix that ever. You’re going down, down, down the drain.

    1. My country isn’t doomed and we aren’t going anywhere. Just clearing the way for the future. It’s only natural that the smart and strong survive. Dillon among many idiots in my country were neither so by natural selection they are no longer with us. There would’ve been a better outcome for Dillon if he made better choices.

  10. If you’ve seen the movie “Eagle Eye” I think that’s the technology that will be used on our police force in the near future. Every cop will have a camera surgically installed in their forehead that will be linked to a super computer that will make their decisions for them. A command will be given through an earpiece and if they fail to comply then will be terminated by an explosive device in the earpiece.
    I don’t know if it will ever happen in real life but it would make for one heck of a movie don’t ya think?

  11. Two things: A cop who’s aiming at the center of mass where the vitals are and a non compliant suspect. This cop used overwhelming force, in normal states where the legal protection is extended more for civilians than the police, that would be taken into account. Did you know that in most European countries officers must shoot ONLY in return and if a suspect has drawn it’s weapon? With laws that protect the repressive apparatus more than its citizens, no wonder US is potentially heading towards a societal collapse.

      1. The suspect. Even the biggest recluse would know peelers in US are trigger happy and have a really bad record on human rights. You dont act cool when you have a gun at your face.

  12. Do pigs in your shot hole country not have to administer first aid? The pig clearly states “he ain’t breathing” so why wasn’t he trying to resuscitate him? He let him die without any attempt to save him, he just left him to die with his face in his own blood, didn’t even put him in the recovery position. Just face down so his blood can drain quickly.

  13. There is very clear scene of Dillon Taylor aggressively pulling up his pants and responding to police with “Naw Fool”. Given the fact that he was facing police while doing so shows clear signs of aggression. I do admit, at first glance this seemed like an unprovoked shooting. Look closely. He looks like he’s gonna jump their asses! No matter what side you take on this issue, a man lost his life in the gutter next to a liquor store in excruciating pain (and a quite awkward position). Never play games with a man with a gun.


  14. Personally I feel no remorse for dead American cops. The only time I felt bad was when that nigger did a retaliation killing on the cops in NY few months ago when a white police officer killed a negro, some dumb nigger decides to retaliate by killing a hispanic and asian cop. I’m like WTF… a white cop kills a nigger so another nigger retaliates by killing a chink and a beaner. The only time I cheer is when niggers die from cops but both cops and niggers should kill each other.

  15. Well he did a mighty fine job at handcuffing that horrible human and also he should be up for an Oscar for acting so compassionate toward the man he just murdered. I hope he gets his in the end because I’ve said this before people are going to take a stance against these murderous people who are supposed to be protecting th public. Just because he had his pants half way down his ass does not make him suspicious it just makes him a jackass. But boy I am so glad he’s off the street now we can sleep in peace knowing we will not see his underwear again. Murdered plain and simple I don’t know why they give the police tasers it they won use them. This would have been a great time to use it.

  16. Oh It’s nice to see that are cops that are supposed to protect and serve us are still using civilians as target practice and murdering them. I just can’t understand how they can justify it and get away with it. Just because they have a badge.. Wow!!

  17. If the things go this way in Us maybe turning into civilian war or second american revolution or turn slowlyin ww3 we all Best Gore members including me and the ones who never even posted a message will be arrested in the middle of the night by Swat or local police, killed for no reason or tortured or use as cannon fodder in the beginning of a non-nuclear WW3.
    In jewish soviet union we would all be just killed just for being loggin in to best gore or another anti-masterjew organization.
    It’s already appen to bestgore founder, can appen to me, I’m scared but after years of knowing obli and other could not resist to come here to post my futile opinion.
    I’m scared, we are on the wrong side of the world, if the thing get worse and worse we will all be prosecuted . People don’t give a fuck, 95% of people are sheeple, gave them the last Ipod or samsung, some “pane et circensis” and they will even support the zionist empire.
    I am not afraid of the death, death is not something I have to do with, it is not my buisness as my animal being does not exist in death condition so my fears, I am afraid of dying, but if that will be in an hospital or by a massive execution with a minigun firing squad, I dont really care.
    So I joined bestgore, I don’t give a damn, like zeliko “arkan” said. I really don’t give a damn.

  18. There was a bunch of stuff that this guy had supposedly posted on social media and also in emails that led lots of people he knew to suspect he was suicidal. I don’t think the cops had to shoot the guy, but if he was in fact suicidal, his mannerisms and attitude might make a little more sense anyways.

    Again, I don’t think they had to shoot him. There’s plenty of times where cops are threatened and need to use force, sometimes deadly, but this was not one of them. If any of us shot someone like this and it was captured on video, does anyone think a state prosecutor would not push for murder charges?

    1. Regardless of whether the cops are out of control, if he had done what his friends did, he’d be right there next to them still alive. The more I look at this the more I think he really was suicidal.

      1. Right – submit, obey, lick boots, and never question authority. Surrender your individuality and when you’re told to jump, ask how high.

        What he posted on social networks was not suicidal. Those were notes of a person who’s aware of the police state he lives in and knows that in the police state, the question is not if, but when you get killed by a cop.

        1. I’m not saying you have to submit or lick boots. What I am saying is that if a cop anywhere in the world is yelling at you to put your hands up, don’t walk away and ignore them. You’re not submitting to the evil tyrannical USA by obeying a cop’s commands.

  19. He could have shot him in the shoulder or thigh if he felt threatened. Only going for vital area after a weapon was confirmed and indeed had the intent of harming someone. But I guess that’s just my way of thinking.

      1. Have either of you ever shot a handgun in a high stress situation? Hitting a arm or a leg or some nonvital area is a hell of a lot harder to do than you think. Besides I don’t want my tax dollars paying disability to a dumb shit or anymore dumbshits than we are already paying to house and feed but not fix so they can’t reproduce.

  20. and Americans have the audacity to point fingers at Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba and tell them to clean up their human rights abuse when clearly America is doing the same or yet worse. Seems like most Americans especially on yahoo comments would rather back the police. I even saw a comment by a stupid yahoo commenter that said “Thank you police for taking out the trash” and it had like 32 votes up but only 2 thumbs down. Wtf is up with that? Seems like mindless, gullible, robotic Americans would rather call cops like a socialpath fully knowing that American cops do shoot. Do Americans not have any tears or heart? You couldn’t even care less when your fellow white American gets killed. I mean you guys are no better than ISIS Muslims. In fact look at yourselves in the mirror before you criticize other countries and regions of the world. When I travel abroad, I can easily tell who is American and who is European based on how someone acts. It’s obvious among white people, you can easily handpick the American ones based on how “self-righteous” and “holier than thou” and “my way or highway” attitude of many Americans who simply think they are better just because they have prestige of being in a country that has stockpiles of nuclear weapons and this same country tells other nations not to get nuclear program (Iran, North Korea).

    I want to tell this to all every single American. Fuck you and suck my middle finger you dumb fucking yanks.

      1. yea fuck that asshole Why dont those crooked teeth pussy Brits understand that here in the greatest country on the planet yanks are people that live in the north even though we call them Yankees They even refer to sweet georgia peaches as yanks, bunch of fuck heads

    1. I’ve never acted like that when I’ve travelled to other countries. The only place I felt looked down upon was in France. Everywhere else it was like the old saying: treat others like you would like to be treated – and I felt very welcomed. Maybe you’ve just had the unfortunate situation of being around rich American snobs. We’re not all like that.

    2. You come to tennessee and I’ll show you what being American is all about. We have dumb ones,hot ones skinny ones,fat ones….etc. Don’t judge us by what you hear in the news or online that’s not how it really is most people that get shot by our police got shot by being stupid. Granted there are FEW who really get the short end of the stick without any action on their part but a lot fewer than in the media or online sources would have you believe.

      1. Well spoken, I swear everybody hates us but they are all trying their best to immigrate here, The land of Elvis has some Beautiful Ladies I love it up there. also yea most that get shot by the police deserve it. But we are not setting each other on fire or chopping hands, feet and heads off, I have never been out of the US and never plan to go. Fuckem all.

    1. I would think because there is numerous past incidents of suspects playing possum only to spring to life by running or killing the officer.

      In a scary movie, aren’t you always screaming get the knife away from the murderer! He’s still alive! Lol. I am.

  21. Shooting was justified. Watch and listen to what the guy says and does after the cop tells him to put his hands up. He says “Nah fool” then pulls his shirt up with his left and acts like hes reaching for something with his right. Only a dumbass or someone suicidal would bait a cop like that and he got what was coming to him.

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