Body Cam Video of Salt Lake City Police Murdering Dillon Taylor in Cold Blood

Body Cam Video of Salt Lake City Police Murdering Dillon Taylor in Cold Blood

A guy that didn’t do anything wrong gets murdered by a cop in cold blood, but the cop is cleared of any wrongdoing by the DA – sounds familiar? Yep, everything’s alright. Carry on.

On August 11, 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah Police responded to a call that there was an armed man in the parking lot of a convenience store. They showed up, and saw a group of young men exiting a 7-Eleven. One wore headphones and was walking away. The cops pursued him with their guns drawn and when he turned around, he rolled up his t-shirts and the cops shot him dead.

In the report, officer Bron Cruz claimed he feared for his life because he saw suspect reaching for a gun in his waistband. Turns out, the alleged suspect – 20 year old Dillon Taylor – had no gun, and was just listening to music and presumably did not hear the officers. Of course, we may never find out whether he did or didn’t, for they murdered him, because in a police state yours side of the story doesn’t matter – in a police state, you don’t get a chance to defend your actions in due process.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said that Bron Cruz was clearly justified in the shooting. Imagine that you as a citizen with a concealed carry license would walk up behind someone listening to music, follow them for 25 feet, then shot them when they turned around and walked slowly backwards – never in a million years would you be able to claim that this guy presented a reasonable threat to you. You’d be charged with a first degree murder and face the death penalty or life in jail. But when a cop does it, then it’s “clearly justified”.

In the USA, police killed more citizens in the month of March 2015, than police in England did in the entire 20th century, which includes decades of conflict with the IRA. At the same time, being a police officer remains one of the safest jobs in America, with one of the lowest death counts in the line of duty. You’ll find more honor and rules about violence against civilians among mafia contract killers.

One would hope that officer Bron Cruz will be hunted by images of Dillon Taylor spitting blood and convulsing as he’s putting handcuffs on his lifeless body for the rest of his life, but that presumes that officer Bron Cruz has conscience, which he seemingly doesn’t. Bron Cruz remains on the job – armed and dangerous, and out on the street encouraged by newly confirmed impunity.

The sad thing is – sheeple will still defend this murder. For them, anything other than instant, total, abject, and servile obedience to everything that comes out of a cop’s mouth warrants summary execution.

That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

~Morpheus, The Matrix

Notice how a short while after his partner asked about the bodycam status, the civilian killer proceeded to establish a defense for the camera and asked: “What were you reaching for, man?

Dillon Taylor was not black, so neither the mainstream media, nor the liberal spew-mouthers will care.

Props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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  1. I can easily understand the cop shooting him. He’s there to do his job – find the dangerous suspect. It’s not up to anyone to decide whether he wants to cooperate or not. You just have to – otherwise we would have anarchy. You play some stupid ghetto games, you pay the price.

  2. Out of all the Police shootings that i have seen on here over the years, this one is different. The cop arrives on scene with a suspect walking away from him as he repeatedly yells at him to stop. With the Cop having the full blur of sundown right in his face, the guy swings around quickly, and reaches for his waistband. You now have a couple of seconds to react, being that you are mostly blinded by the sun in your face. I would have reacted in the same manner, and lived to regret it later. I would call this one an accident, not a cop being trigger happy! Sad for all involved

    1. So much tension over there man, I couldn’t live like that.
      These incidents always leave me feeling utterly gobsmacked, it’s difficult to get one’s head round that mentality when one is just not used to living with that threat.

      Sad all round indeed.

  3. What I find most disgusting are all the police apologists. It isn’t about any one particular video or story one can pick apart and end up blaming the civilian. It’s the entire culture. Acneska is trying to show the bigger picture (I believe).

    No one seems to touch on the point that US cops killed more civilians in ONE MONTH than England did in 100 YEARS. WTF? People are defending this system of killing civilians by victim blaming and making excuses. I’m sure for every one video we see there are hundreds of incidents covered up that are far more obvious of police brutality and excessive force. We are letting them get away with murder. 😐

    1. Fuck off you retarded faggot. I hope someone robs and kills your whole family. American cops are the ONLY good cops on the planet. Those fucking pussies in week ass England couldn’t keep a paper bag safe.

  4. Out come the police apologists. I believe you need to look at the bigger picture as Acneska points out. Every videos we see there are people ready to point out what the victim did to get murdered or beaten by the cops.

    Nobody comments on the issue of US cops killing more civilians in ONE MONTH than England has in 100 YEARS. WTF? You are justifying a system of police brutality and murder. For every video we see there are probably hundreds more cases covered up that show how bad it’s really gotten. Stop victim blaming and realize what the fuck is going on here. 😐

  5. Wow…totally fucked situation.
    To get shot for having headphones on is absolutely wrong.
    Yes he did call cop fool,in that stupid nigger affect,but might of been in nervous shock as 2 cops are pointing guns at him,and he’s just walking listening to loud music.he himself knows he did nothing wrong so he thought no way I’m gonna get shot…oh the irony. yea I’d too would be like wtf are these idiots doing pointing their weapons at me? Like how there was more concern for the well being of cop instead of innocent dead victim. Also wonder what last song whitey was listening to before execution?

  6. Policemen across the country are more scared now. A few bad seeds screw up and now tons of people blame all cops. Police are not being respected in the way they used to and people are fighting/talking back now when they didn’t do that before. Some of these guys are on edge now because of it and shoot first and ask questions later.

    Early this year a guy in a truck was flying down the interstate and got pulled over. Another guy in a truck pulled up behind them and started shooting. The cops didn’t know wtf was going on. One cop and one of the criminals got shot. Another cop had the mic/walkie on his shoulder shot, which made shrapnel tear up the back of his head and neck. They all lived though. It turns out that the guys had killed some people in one of the Carolinas and a body was under a mattress in the first truck. The guy on the second truck was the first guys dad and they were from Texas.

    Even after people found out they were murderers who had boxed in the cops and shot first, there where still people saying they didn’t feel sorry they were shot at. Wtf is wrong with people? I live in the middle of nowhere, traffic violations and store thieves are the big crimes here, these guys just happened to be driving through. Yet, they’re still getting blamed for shit that some other random cops from other parts of the country did! I just don’t get it.

  7. Nicely done.
    Someone called of a person with a gun.
    Headphones on or not he turned around and seen the police and started reaching in his pants saying what’s up fool.
    I would have shot as well.
    I call it justified.

  8. Awesome shot placement! And basic first aid, those are the words I used for my dying dog while bringing him back from the grave. Course you softies are too busy being mad at the cop to notice the beauty of the blood pool under the wetback =)

  9. Anyone making excuses that the guy couldn’t hear because he had headphones on, try watching the first twenty seconds of the video again. And watch very closely. When the cops are pulling in the fool is facing them. He wasn’t wearing shades and carrying a walking cane. The cops name wasn’t John Cena. Was this guy deaf and blind?
    When the cop gets out of his car. The victim has already turned around and started walking away in the opposite direction. Away from the cops and his family. Where the fuck was he going? Did he not realize he was walking alone?

    I don’t always side with the police. But in this case I don’t blame the cops. At least not for the shooting.

  10. I have watched a lot of videos of these officers killing people but that guy did NOTHING. sad part is he only took one bullet and he died instantly. WTF. that dude bled out like a faucet. Then the part that irritated me was the officer started acting like he was trying to save the guy….”Bitch you shot him first!!!!”
    Did i hear “he was reaching”? reaching for what?? his phone to change the song? ugh…cops are stupid these days.

  11. That’s point blank straight up murder!
    Wether the cop actually did fear for his life and the kid was suicidal. Why are you going to shoot someone in the head because you thought he was reaching for a gun after he said “fool” or whatever the fuck he said – who cares? The cop shot his head; that’s murder. End of story.

  12. Why does everyone think he was pretending to have a gun? Maybe he was pulling up his pants or his boxers or hell maybe even just a nervous habit. It happened so fast I’m sure he was confused as to what was going on. Pig overreacted.

  13. Seems to me like the guy asked for it by reaching for something in his pants. You don’t do stupid shit like that All you bleeding hearts would have done the same if you thought he was going for a gun. Admit it donkeys. Stupid foolsl.

  14. Initially I thought, oh no not again. Then I realized he was white. Phew that was a close one. No one cares about white people in the US. Guess there was so much backlash everytime they killed a black person they figured why not just kill the white ones.

    1. there was a time when there was honour in being a police officer. nowadays, they are just frat boys/college drop outs or ex military or worse, wanna-be-military douchebags who don’t have the faculties necessary to reach even that low bar.

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