Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

On May 31, 2015, in Palestine, Texas, a pair of cops responded to a call that a man had tried to shoplift a case of beer from Walmart. When they arrived, they were told by the employees that the suspect had gone to a nearby Applebee’s restaurant.

Sergeant Gabriel Green and officer Kaylynn Griffin found James Bushey inside the Applebee’s bathroom washing hands, and ordered him to step outside.

Once outside, Bushey pulled out a toy replica of Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun. Sergeant Green quickly responded by unloading his service weapon into the suspect. After the suspect fell down dead, officer Griffin pulled out her service weapon and popped three rounds into the corpse, cause you know – how could she pass up on the opportunity to participate in murder? Or maybe she watched Zombieland before putting on the uniform and thought the guy was a zombie she needed to double tap?

The jury ruled that the shooting was justified. If I were the jury, I’d ask – would a citizen be justified unloading into someone because they spotted him brandishing what could be a gun?

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Originally Published on: Jul 2, 2015 @ 21:02
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    1. Om my God Obli, I’m literally out in my car at 3 in the morning for lunch laughing my ass off! Thank you soo much for the fat white trash woman in the ball pit! I really needed that! And since my bday is on the 4th of July, to ALL my BG friends, BE SAFE & HAPPY 4TH YOU GUYS..I LOVE YOUR DIRTY DRAWERS OBLI!!

    2. You don’t have the freaking time to pause and examine a gun as its being pointed at you. That is what has pissed me off so much about the hispanic teen shooting in Cleveland. They cant charge these officers! I heard more than one person say it just took 2 seconds from the time the officers arrived and when they shot the kid. Well no shit! They had what could be a active shooter in a public place. They rolled up on the hispanic boy and in 2 seconds he reached for the gun. What the fuck are they supposed to do! If they took the time like in the above video they could of been shot and like the above video.. That man or in ohio that teen could then shoot a bunch of people. Then hell would of rained down when people bitched why did the officers not act.

      That man was a nut case… Anyone that would pull any type of gun on a officer is a danger to us all.

      1. You are a dumbfuck i live in Cleveland and what you say did not go down that way.. There is no audio on the body cams or security cams. They pulled up both opened their car doors guns drawn and they told him to put the gun down and fired killing him over a toy gun. There was no one else in the park at the time… The caller called from across the street in a home from looking out the window.. How do i know all this cause like i said i live here in Cleveland and followed the story.. Gunna comment on a story make sure you got the facts right…

        1. He wasn’t hispanic he was african american and HIS name is Tamir 12 yrs old playing in the park with a toy gun no one around. The caller called from a house across the street looking out the window. Dispatch states to officers man with gun in park.. If more detail from the 911 callers might just save lives… Pisses me off when COPS get away with murder and assholes like you defending them like a idiot.. There are good hell great cops but for the Tamir it was both bad COPS bad CALL BAD 911 Operator all around….

          1. Picture this, you are a police officer. All over the world you guys are being shot and killed out of no where. For no apparent reason. Now you don’t know if it’s a real gun or a toy. It’s hard to tell at a distance. So if you see someone with something that looks like a gun and they are holding it in their hand, you are going to do what you can to preserve your life. And maintain the safety of people around you.

        2. Thank you for pointing out the other posters point about reaction time. Do you know how body cams work or do you prefer to just assume shit vs educate yourself? Well, school is in session for you right now.

          The mass majority of agencies use body cam “autoactivation”. Confused as to what the means? Here are a few criteria to help you understand:
          -When an officer pulls a weapon from a holster
          -When a cruiser moves over a specific speed
          -When a cruiser runs with lights or siren
          -When multiple BWC cameras are within close proximity to an activated camera
          -When a cruiser door is opened
          -When an officer is running
          -When an officer issues specific verbal commands
          -When an officer enters a specific geographic area

          Does that help?

          The reason there is no audio heard is because there is a certain amount of time (15-30 seconds after activation) that it is only video. Lets do the math together. Ready?
          Officer notifies dispatch that he is enroute to the call: bc activated +unknown response time +laying eyes on the criminal and seeing the gun = less than 30 seconds. Tell me at what point did the officer have time to say “excuse me, kind law abiding citizen, that gun you have pointed at me, might that be a toy gun or the real bang bang shooty kind?”

          I know everything I need to know about you just from that ignorant, uneducated, victim bandwagon comment. Are you allergic to common sense?

          1. @Iamnottheone: PROPS! Great “educational” response. The video should be used in training. The general public (esp libtards and minorities) are all too ready to fault cops…
            Also, the incident could be a “suicide by cop” case.

          2. I made an account just to reply to this. You are awesome. Everyone on this site just hates cops no matter what. People are literally saying she shouldve examined the gun instead of protecting her own life. Like wtf is that logic

          3. Ghandi…
            i made an account just because of the sheer ignorance in this thread. I have been in EMS for damn near 2 decades. I honestly try to stay out of the “fuck the police” threads but sometimes, especially when I see idiots climbing onto their soap boxes spewing ignorant verbal diarrhea and stating their “facts”, my head might explode from reading their comments if I dont respons. Police/Fire/EMS are getting such a bad rap lately but as soon as they need us, they get a sudden case of amnesia and forget all the shit they were talking. And if we don’t cater to them fast enough, then we are all racists and bigots.
            I come to this site every now and then to make sure I am still dead inside. 20 yrs as a medic in a huge tourist city has killed all of my feels and empathy for stupid people. The practice of thinning the herd is alive and well here.

          4. You are a dumbfuck period.. Tell me more you don’t know about him. Everything that you said i already knew just gave you the simple way for the simple mind you have to explain you did not know what you thought you know and by the way this happened before aduio was put in all bodycams you DUMBFUCK!!!

          5. Wait… are calling me a dumbfuck or are you talking about someone else? I guess I don’t speak “basement-keyboard-cowboy-ese” so if you could clarify that for me, that would be great.

            If you, in fact, are referring to me, I gotta claim ignorance I guess. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Its super hard for me to follow your comment because of your shit-tastic grammar and obviously your uneducated/angry rage took over and its nothing but gibberish to me.

            I read somewhere that if/when someone gets really irritated and flustered and is unable to form a coherent thought, try writing it out on paper (or in your case, ask someone to dictate it because, writing is hard) and proofreading (again, have someone help you with that) it before posting it.

            Honestly tho, even if I did understand what in the actual fuck you were trying to say, its difficult for me to take “constructive criticism” (big words, sorry, this may help from a piece of shit uneducated moron who chooses “clown” as his screen name because clowns are super BADASS and still lives in his moms basement just waiting for the chance when she gets drunk enough so you can FINALLY lose that V-card you have been dragging around for decades.

            Have a great rest of your night, Clown

      2. What in the… how dare you bring context and facts into a forum witchhunt. They dont want your reasoning and levelheadedness… they want zero explanation so they can continue on with their blinding victim mentality. Its almost like you actually know what you are talking about and ain’t nobody got time for your buzz kill shenanigans.

      3. I agree with you, this was completely justified. I’ve seen a lot of videos, and there are a lot of bad shootings that happen, but this was good. You shoot to eliminate the threat, and they did exactly that

      4. I’m a old pedantic bastard I know, but what the fuck does “could of been shot” mean? It’s “could have” or “could’ve” for short – “could of” Is baby-speak. Are two-letter words really beyond you? No wonder the English language Is being turned Into a bastardized pidgin version. Oh, and I, too, would have shot the guy…..I just wouldn’t have riddled him with bullets.

    3. Suicide by cop.

      Blatantly obvious.

      Acneska you’re only half right in asserting that pugs get away with murder. The female cop who was a hysterical, typically over emotional (doesn’t belong as a cop but thanks to kiken-vermin feminism and all…), and slow as fucking molasses on the draw had no business firing those three shots that late.

      This was suicide by cop if I have ever seen one. And I justifiably fucking hate cops.

    4. When the hanks from Mid East do the killing its fine. When a Leo does it then there is always a problem.
      If you were removing some one from a property and they pulled a gun guess what you would shoot them to.
      Real messed up double standards. They can chop heads off throw people from roofs, shoot them with aaa guns.
      All fine. What would you do if they decided to put uniforms on ?

    5. Pulling out a gun is measured in milliseconds. No person can accurately determine whether the gun being pulled is real or not fast enough. Most perps know this and even though they choose to pull a fake gun they know damn well they will be killed by the Police.

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    1. Exactly…in my mind there is really only going to be one outcome when you pull out a gun, toy or not, in the presence of cops.

      In this instance, I think the cops understandably felt threatened, and reacted appropriately.

      1. Just the look on his face and you can tell he is retarded. Totally his fault though…cause even a retard knows cops have guns. And what the fuck was she doing? She pulled her gun and put it back down. She would have been dead if it was real and she was alone.

      1. @ThaDRIP
        Yah I noticed a strange retarded look on his face too, it was like a smirk, like he was up to something. Maybe he just snorted a fat line or something in the bathroom before the cops came in. Who knows.

        Another thing that is weird about this video (to me) is that the cops didn’t frisk him down for a weapon in the bathroom before they walked him through the restaurant . Rarely do you see a cop walk in front of a “suspect” with his back turned away, before they do a rough pat down for a weapon.
        At least the suspect reached for the “weapon” once he got outside, or else someone else in the Applebee’s could have lost their life to.
        Dude was wrong for pulling anything out of his pocket let alone a toy gun, but the cops should have done their part to possibly keep this from happening. If it had been a real, gun, and he decided to shoot up the restaurant on his way out, then I believe the cop may have hoped they had approached it a little differently, maybe.

        1. exactly man. Well said dude!!! I know if I was a cop, first thing I’d do is pat a suspect down for weapons. That was extremely sloppy police procedure and was the direct cause of that man being shot to death. The cops should have been punished for not doing their jobs properly. Like you said, if they had checked for weapons first, they could have avoided the situation altogether. What the hell is wrong with cops today?

          1. I have a different take. If he hadn’t drawn on them it would have been a different outcome.
            What it he had a real weapon, and went for it in the restaurant and started shooting to avoid being patted down and captured?
            Police can’t go into a public place with weapons drawn for a shop lifter who’s not acting aggressive.
            There’s multible scenarios, this one I think, came out well. Only the perpetrator was killed and no innocents injured.

  2. Have to side with the cops on this one. The act of pulling a weapon of any kind out suddenly like that at the very least escalates the scenario, one that includes law enforcement with authority to use guns. The fact that the weapon turned out to be a gun regardless if it is real or not compounded by the sudden brandishing in the midst of being questioned inevitably resulted in tragedy. Poor judgement on that guys part….what the hell was he thinking?

    1. Poor judgement on the cops part as well. You never know what you are dealing when you go into a situation sometimes. Your suspect could be crazy or looking to die or just wants to kill a cop period. Always, always check for weapons first. If they had checked for weapons first, they would have found the toy gun, which luckily in this case was not real, and they would not have put themselves in danger in the first place and that man would not have needed to be shot in the first place. being a cop is dangerous enough without being sloppy with police procedure. Rookies should be taught this before they graduate from the academy.

    1. What I don’t get is why would someone disagree with the idea that if someone pulled out something that looked like a gun that the cops are suppose to try and figure out if it is indeed a gun or not? The guy pulled it, then tried to run off with what looked like he wanted to shoot it. The cops were 100% in the right to shoot him dead at that point.

  3. i mean he did pull out a gun, but he didn’t point it at the cops.
    people are lazy i guess and stupid, for reacting like that both the cops and the guy.
    the cops are just following ”protocol” and the dude was trying to be rebellious or funny or suicidal…

  4. have to side w/ the cops on this, I know “we” like to catch them doing something bad, but in reality, besides a few cases in the major cities, I think they try to do what’s right, as for the other vid, lol, we’re not exactly looking at a group of alphawomen

  5. Video1 I agree on the suicide by cop you know what’s going to happen around cops if someone puts their hand down their pants to scratch their ass they will get shot much less pulling anything that remotely resembles a gun.

    Video2 *gag* I really need to find something good to look at to erase the cellulite, spider veins, and the rest that went with that out of my brain, not what I want to see in my dreams lol.

  6. @acneska

    If you could truly imagine yourself in this gentleman officers position, would you really have waited until the idiot pulled the trigger a couple of times to “see” if it was real or not?

    Personally I think that the officers were a little too nice since they didn’t pat him down while they were in the restroom. They were going out of their way to act like you and the rest of the cop haters would want them to act and it could have cost them their lives.

    The dumb broad should not be a law-enforcement. Did you notice how she pulled out her Taser first, then holstered it and then pulled out her gun?

    1. We are not saying that white people don’t get shot by police. We are saying you don’t abuse or shoot people if they do not deserve to be. For instance, the guy in SC who ran from police and was shot several times in the back and killed. I don’t know but seems a bit excessive to me. The cop also tried to plant weapon on the dead suspect in order to justify the killing. I don’t here about a lot whites being harrassed and shot by police. Maybe we should show more videos of that to prove a point.

  7. Everybody in Texas is trigger happy when they supposedly have an excuse to shoot like in this situation. What a fuckin moron reacting that way. Pewpewpew….gun… Pewwww …. The lady cop….peewpew…pew. DEAD.

  8. No wonder they put Mc Donald’s restaurants in Walmart, they have the same clientele. I bet if someone was to stand at the exit in the “ball play area” with a frickin quarter pounder with extra cheese this bitch would find her way out of there in a millisecond.

  9. Police did the right thing. We don’t really have guns here but I had to teach my son from a young age not to run around with toy guns. One time he had a friend on a sleep over and the next day they went to little park we had across the road and took a toy rifle with them, they were about 10 but my son was tall. 5 minutes later they ran back home saying a crazy black guy had taken their gun. I went over there and it turned out it was this really nice black guy who worked for the council, he’d warned them several times that someone looking out from a building might report them to the police and an armed response team could turn up. I made the two boys go over and thank him for taking the trouble to look after them. Fact is, he was right, I should have considered that myself.

  10. Truth be told, I don’t think I can blame the cops for this one. If anything, I think they could have told him to freeze and give him a chance after pushing him away. He still had a chance to turn around and show true hostile intent, but that would be the only thing I could ever blame them for, if they were worthy of blame at all. Still, you can’t deny, Ackneska, it was a very silly thing to do to whip out a pistol in front of American cops, of all cops, however, this situation could have turned out a whole lot differently if there was no need to kill, as I feel these cops did posses. It was certainly what they chose to do in a rather confident way.

    1. Upon re-watching the clip again a few times, I noticed he practically was turned completely around when the first shot went off, however, they still didn’t tell him to drop the gun or freeze. No warning that they were going to fire. Although, I can’t make out but did the cop say “Get on the ground”? It fades out and I can’t make out what he says because that female cops voice is too fucking high pitched. Not turning my volume up. My hearing is messed up as it is.

  11. I felt sorry for the guy.., he looked like a happy go lucky guy who likes a good laugh and probably thot it would be funny or something funny would hap to tell his buddies.

    1. lol, well he won the darwin award if that is the case. how could that even be funny if you surprise cops by pulling out a toy gun best case scenario you’ll go to jail and get charged, but more likely get shot to death like here. yeah hat’ be a hilarious story to tell your buddies lol.

  12. What a dick head, if you wanna commit suicide this is the best way.

    Those wales just made me puke! Thats the kind niggers love to fuck! sick shit.. wonder how many of those balls went up her sick ass!

  13. Just look this redneck whale..
    What a disgrace and what a big pile of shit she is.

    It’s incredible to me that some people see they going to be fat pigs if continue to eat whatever they found on their way but still continue to eat EVERYTHING.
    Later they cry like baby’s. Fucking lunatics.

    About civilian killers..
    I have a friend in USA and i always told him on skype to get out from that police state because i sense big civil war&martial law there.

    1. How many failed applications as a security guard? Bitter cunt ; most cops hate suits: their blue collar. Your so off the mark you couldn’t hit the side of the barn with a shotgun.
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  14. Maybe he was drunk? He was trying to steal a beer after all. Or suicide?

    Anyways for once I sorta understand the cops. Yes they could of have tasered him. Or shot him twice rather then go in for the kill. But they had a decent reason to shoot.

    1. exactly, he was resisting with what looked like a gun, when you have a resisting guy with what looks like a gun in their hand going for a tazer or giving warning is kind of too late. should the cop be required to risk his life and get killed. but cops here could have prevented all this if they had patted him down in the beginning. they seem like rookies. America cops just have shitting training in general.

      1. @mstwntr44 – that is what i found weird. they had SEEN him steal on video, yet they just let him walk out of that place without even a hand on him…. usually US police would have any guy face down, with a knee in his back and a gun at his head before even asking a question?
        this whole video just seems weird…not to mention the cop “clearing a path” by moving the cutlery on the table?!

  15. this is both the cops fault and that idiot. first the cops failed to pat him down when they had a chance, if they had done that they would have found the toy gun and put him in cuffs and he would not have been shot. they failed to do that which lead to the incident. so again if they cops did their job properly this guy wouldn’t be dead.

    1. they were lucky that the gun wasnt real – and that he didnt pull a real gun out IN the restaurant and start shooting at customers – while the 1st cop was busy looking out for table setting misdemeanours, and the second cops little brain was too busy trying to come up with a witty, tough, “bruce willis” style put-down in reply to the guys “same page” comment?

  16. only a round is necessary to kill a man on the spot, maybe two if you miss the first head shot or hearth shot, maybe three if you are targeting a moving man but an entire mag is very stupid and unprofessional, seems like they discharge their tension with bullets. so if they have a 30 round extended mag or a glock 40 extended clip round will they discharge it all ? I think yes, iven if it is a 100 drum mag they will discharge it all-
    I’ve never seen such a stupid and poor shooting skilled police in the entire world as in the US even thai or brazilian police is more trained.

  17. hmmmmm… I bet this being a white guy killed by police a white cop wont create one single riot… and y is that… because us white people arent looking to loot stores, burn buildings…. hey sharpton where are u now??? fucker

  18. Then start your own site and run it as you see fit…honestly why would you bitch about the tireless efforts of the staff here to provide articles for us rather than just giving an opinion which may or may not agree with the author, but done in a manner that does not disrespect those who are working to make this site happen?

  19. Maybe, the woodentops (cops…sorry…English expression) could have fired a couple of non-lethal shots first…then found out the truth. But no…had they done that, they might have been found guilty of wounding an innocent and had their fucking arses sued off. No…just kill the poor fucker and blame it on the fact that they were being threatened by a plactic fucking gun.

  20. So, they question him as if he is already a suspect. Why didn’t they read him his rights, cuff and search him, instead of leading the alleged suspect through a crowd of people while asking him questions?
    Shifty cop service, they are too lax!! Cops need better training and training in regards to the public and their foolishness in general.
    If they cuffed him, searched him like they do all the black men I doubt he would have been murdered. Because he is a white man, he was given benefit of the doubt and did something so fucking drunk and stupid it cost him his life.

  21. How the fuck do these fat asses keep their jobs? I’ve got bolts and screws holding my spine together among other things, but I guarantee I could smoke that fat body doing anything physically demanding. That’s just sad.

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