Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

On May 31, 2015, in Palestine, Texas, a pair of cops responded to a call that a man had tried to shoplift a case of beer from Walmart. When they arrived, they were told by the employees that the suspect had gone to a nearby Applebee’s restaurant.

Sergeant Gabriel Green and officer Kaylynn Griffin found James Bushey inside the Applebee’s bathroom washing hands, and ordered him to step outside.

Once outside, Bushey pulled out a toy replica of Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun. Sergeant Green quickly responded by unloading his service weapon into the suspect. After the suspect fell down dead, officer Griffin pulled out her service weapon and popped three rounds into the corpse, cause you know – how could she pass up on the opportunity to participate in murder? Or maybe she watched Zombieland before putting on the uniform and thought the guy was a zombie she needed to double tap?

The jury ruled that the shooting was justified. If I were the jury, I’d ask – would a citizen be justified unloading into someone because they spotted him brandishing what could be a gun?

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Originally Published on: Jul 2, 2015 @ 21:02
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  1. This time the cops were justified what they did because they had no time to determine whether the gun was real, so they presumed it was and I agree with them. However the female cop didn’t have to waste those bullets on a corpse. The dude was asking to be shot and killed when he pulled out the gun.

    The McDonalds video made me laugh while drinking coffee, not easy to do; I think my desk got more of the coffee than I did 😉

  2. It is amazing to me how the administrators of this website all their Contributors to spout blatant lies about Police Officers. Granted in some cases what is stated is accurate but, in large, the contributors are talking about stuff that they have no clue what the fuck they are talking about. As far as I am concerned these Officers were put into an impossible situation where the suspect pulling the gun was the only one who controlled the outcome. Him getting shot to death was the only outcome that makes sense.

    1. Aye, Well said rja2008! Everyone has an opinion these days on what we should or shouldn’t do. Agree that a shit ton of folks here have an agenda/hate cops for many lame reasons, truth is, when you only have a millisecond to respond/react you will ALWAYS choose your life above anyone else. 99% of the smack talkers have absolutely no clue as to how fast we are forced to make decisions. I also do agree with many here on BG (? you all) that most cops are simply maggots hiding behind the badge & gun. I cannot stand most of my coworkers, they are some shitty, racist, worthless maggots BUT if needed they have my back & as I have theirs. Not all cops are bad folks, just 99% of them. 😉

    2. The police did no wrong that I saw. Except the last rounds she fired but I can understand the situation. Although a citizen would’ve been on the wrong because the threat was already gone when she drew sidearm. She is too short to be that girth and then vest and utility belt. Almost a t-rex trying to fast draw.

  3. WOW….they make em pretty stupid in Texas. Guy chooses to die instead of a minor misdemeanor ticket to appear for attempted shoplifting of a 15 dollar case of beer….evolution for the WIN here…..this guy deserved to die…..he is obviously too stupid to hold a job that pays enough to be able to buy a case of beer. What a dumbass.

  4. Good fucking deal one less dumbass on the planet. Good for the cops. Now go pop another retard. You still have time. Anyone who pulls any type gun at cops needs shot. I think fuckstick knew what would happen. Another case if suicide by cop. That’s my thoughts and good night.

  5. I don’t see the problem here, the dumbshit pulled out something that looked like a gun. A cop isn’t gonna ask you politely to examine it while you pull it out and point it at him/her. I mean if I were in the same situation I’d shoot him too if I had a gun.

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  7. Another report said he had 19 times the legal limit of alcohol in his body. That can’t be right as he wasn’t even stumbling around or anything. Maybe all the lead in his corpse fucked with the test.

  8. I was almost caught off guard by the near sighting of that woman’s gunt. Having been unfortunate enough to actually catch a glimpse of the upper gunt caused a mental picture of what the lower gunt looked like and the probable odors associated with said gunt that quickly reached my daily limit of seeing that type of gore.

  9. Read all your posts dudes. The % breakdown is “roughly” like this

    75% of you approve officers actions
    25% of you not impressed with cops

    Almost 100% of you thinking “suicide by cop”

    Almost 100% of you thinking “get that clamp OFF the job”

    My take is ….the dude attempted to score some dough and was on his last legs of survival….he couldn’t even afford a piece of shit “Taurus” (gun owners will know what I mean) to pull off a score.

    He’s about to get pinched and all he can think is….fuck….this is my 3rd felony and I’m in the clink for LIFE now…..(and not looking like the toughest of the big house hombres he’s going to get punked “inside”) and says to himself…..FUCK IT : I’m OUT.

    Regarding the morality of the shoot. It’s EASY. Justified by the male cop.

    Regarding the competency of the shoot. Male cop : passed. Female cop: Bzzzzzzzzz: FAIL. In fact, in Canada she would probably at LEAST face administrative discipline if not a criminal charge. She will end up like 95% of all female cops. Promoted to a HQ spot or sucking cock under the desk in an inside job off the street. Never fired, never disciplined. The ultimate pussy pass.

    I’m surprised SS commented on the jury scenario like this. It’s TEXAS Bro. You fuck around with a gun in Lone Star land? Cop OR Citizen will put you in the ground and the jury will HIGH FIVE you. You will be a local hero.

    “Don’t mess with Texas” really means ; folks don’t fuck with other folks and if they do; they get FUCKED

  10. Murder? In Texas are you shitting me? There’s not a jury in the state that whould convict, cop or civilian. Doesn’t matter if it’s a toy or real, are you going to wait until there’s a bullet in you to verify.
    With that video, I doubt you would even be charged anywhere in the state. We’re not insane here like New York or California or Canada.

  11. I dislike cops as much as the next guy. But that motherfucker deserved to be shot. What kind of dumb fuck thinks you’re going to pull a gun out like that and get away without getting shot? WTF did he think was going to happen? Dumbass got killed over a case of beer lol! In most cities, all you get for petty theft is a municipal ticket. He wouldn’t even have went to jail. Lol! Good shoot.

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Hiya love.
            I didnt know where else to reply, because…. i got an email notification that you had tagged me, but when i tried to go to the conversation, i got an “oops/page deleted” type BG message?!

            SO… let me hazard a guess, eh?
            SOMEBODY made an activity page spewing lies and accusations [& maybe a thinly veiled threat or two]?…. the lies and accusations were met with truths and reasonable retort?… In return, the person who made the page, then deleted the page to hide the truth from other members?
            Am i on the right track?…. even a little bit? 😉

            I am no “genius”, but who needs to be a genius to predict a certain, and extremely basic pattern, eh?

            Rinse and repeat.

            My very, very,VERY BEST REGARDS to you, mate.
            Hope you are getting a bit of sun over there. Its been lovely here

  12. Really no point in defending that POS. He deserved what he got. Listen, if the gun was real he’d have the drop on the cops and would have shot the cops first. The cops could tell him to drop but as you can see there’s hardly a window open to give orders for him to drop it. It happened so fast. The dumbass probably took it out so he could try to escape running on foot.

  13. I am very critical of cops because they often do stupid shit. In the moment the cop’s actions were reasonable because they don’t have time to determine if it’s a toy or real. In the video it clearly was a gun and it looked real enough to me. I likely would have shot him too. Now the question becomes, if I as a citizen shot someone who drew a toy gun, would I be legally exonerated. I am reasonably sure I would be as long as there was video of him drawing the toy gun and the toy gun didn’t have an orange tip or otherwise easily look fake. Without video it would likely go to trial. That said, even without video I am reasonably sure the cops would be cleared expeditiously.

  14. This was no way close to murder, it was totally justified. If you pull out something that looks like a gun, expect to get shot. You might see it different watching it behind a screen but if you where there in person and your life was on the line, you wouldnt risk it, Becuase next time it might not be a toy and if you hesitate you die.

  15. ” how could she pass up on the opportunity to participate in murder?”

    Are you a special kind of retarded? You shoot until the gun is empty. Or should they have stopped and walked up and tried popping off a couple to see if it was real or even loaded? I guess they could have with the huge bundle of time they had to make that decision. You made yourself appear really stupid with that description of the video.

  16. Serious question: if a cop pulls a gun on me, do i have the right to react with deadly force because I fear for my life? Judging by videos like this, it would seem so..otherwise they would have to admit the cops have more rights than me.

    1. The cops DO have more rights than you because they are sworn to uphold laws and apprehend criminals and indirectly protect the public. Saying you have a right to defend yourself from lawful police action is moronic. If you’re committing a crime, any crime and police are there because of you the only legal course of action you have is to obey lawful commands. If a cop has pulled a gun on you you are doing more than just being an idiot. But go ahead and test that out I’d love to see you on here next!!

      1. @whateverrrr ask a valid question and I have wondered as well. I am not American and not a lawyer but I have read some things. I know nothing of what the real answer is in Murica or here.

        Yet , I would hope it is like this:

        Assuming I am doing nothing illegal and fear for my life and draw and shoot /kill a cop then I will not be convicted. Why? Because I was not doing anything illegal,the policeman was thus by definition not lawfully trying to stop /imprison me . Since I know my rights and know False imprisonment is a crime ,I did what I could in self-defence. Ergo Police will not press charges as they have very little chance of a jury convicting me. It makes no difference if the cop was mistakenly thinking he was in the right. What counts is that I knew I was in the right and thus he was acting unlawfully and thus scaring me into shooting them.

        I would love to hear other people’s view ,especially if they have legal knowledge.

        1. You are not going to win a self defense claim against any police officer unless they were acting outside their capacity as a police officer, for example, you have a loud party and your off duty cop neighbor shows up from next door to tell you to quiet down and for whatever reason it escalates and say he starts to beat the shit out of you on your own property and you or someone else shot him.

          Now on the other hand, you are beating the shit out of your wife in your living room and the neighbors hear and see it and your off duty cop neighbor comes to help and identifies himself or herself as a cop and you know they’re a cop and you turn around and attack them or brandish a weapon against them and they pull their gun you are not going to be able to claim self defense because at that point all you’d have to do is stop what you’re doing and comply. If you fly at the off duty cop and assault them they can shoot you dead.

          Put it this way. Not every state or even city or town has the same laws to self defense in America but in general, you have to be in fear for your life or great bodily injury. Now if you’re walking down the street and an on duty officer stopped you because you looked like a suspect description they are looking for you can respond however you like, but you’re supposed to comply and let them sort shit out. If you wanna be a dickhead and argue that you’re just minding your own business and escalate the situation and get argumentative you run the risk of a confrontation that you’re not gonna be able to claim as self defense.

          Soon as you pull a weapon on a cop and they react you lose the right of self defense.

  17. The gun was a BB gun replica and not a plastic toy you would find in a toy store. Also this guys Blood test showed he was many times over the legal limit of alcohol that was in his blood according to the Court documents. Pretty sure this was left out of the narrative above the video :). As an officer I would have patted him down in the restroom and found it but hey that’s just me. The BB gun was large, heavy and should have been fairly easy to find.

  18. A cop has a split second to decide if the scum bag has a weapon, not whether it’s a toy gun or a real gun. Once again, if you make a threatening move toward an officer with a weapon, toy or not, you are going to be shot. As always, why not comply? Why not just say yeah okay ya got me?

    What kind of moron thinks he is going to get aggressive toward a cop with anything, weapon or toy and think he’s going to come out of it unscathed? He got what he deserved and apparently the exact reaction he was looking for from the officer otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled a weapon.

    Good riddance. Darwinism at its core.

    1. My cousin’s friend tried a suicide by cop, but the officer didn’t fire, and get this, the friend is a black man. He got put on a psych hold and wasn’t even charged with any crime. The cop even visited him in the psych ward off duty to see if he was okay. Talk about bizarro land

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