Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun

On May 31, 2015, in Palestine, Texas, a pair of cops responded to a call that a man had tried to shoplift a case of beer from Walmart. When they arrived, they were told by the employees that the suspect had gone to a nearby Applebee’s restaurant.

Sergeant Gabriel Green and officer Kaylynn Griffin found James Bushey inside the Applebee’s bathroom washing hands, and ordered him to step outside.

Once outside, Bushey pulled out a toy replica of Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun. Sergeant Green quickly responded by unloading his service weapon into the suspect. After the suspect fell down dead, officer Griffin pulled out her service weapon and popped three rounds into the corpse, cause you know – how could she pass up on the opportunity to participate in murder? Or maybe she watched Zombieland before putting on the uniform and thought the guy was a zombie she needed to double tap?

The jury ruled that the shooting was justified. If I were the jury, I’d ask – would a citizen be justified unloading into someone because they spotted him brandishing what could be a gun?

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Originally Published on: Jul 2, 2015 @ 21:02
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231 thoughts on “Bodycam Video of Texas Cops Unloading It Into Guy Brandishing Toy Gun”

  1. Cops are terrorists but in this case i think pointing fake gun at pigs is a little bit stupid.
    this moron will have a better chance of running away from the cops by running simply unless he wants to die. Who win Suicide ? Stupidity ? Fake gun ? Pigs ? all of them ?

  2. I like this site, but dislike the people/person who writes the article of these videos. Always sounds like some sissy liberal douche. I mean the idiot pulled a gun on the cops and aimed it at them. The writer thinks the cops need to stop and examine if it’s real or fake? It’s clearly an identical copy of a 1911, he acted like he wanted to shoot the cops. Right there it’s justifiable.

  3. Bunch of cop hating crybaby pussies. This fucking asshole got what he deserved. And possibly what he wanted. If somebody aims a gun at you, there’s no fucking way you’re taking a minute to examine the gun. It looks real, therefore you must defend yourself. Nothing to say after that. Shoot the mother fucker

  4. What the fuck?!? Are there people that really don’t agree with the cops decisions? Really?!? What the fuck is wrong with you guys. That man pulled out a fucking pistol!! And who the fuck cares that After-and let me say this again-AFTER they killed him, they discovered the gun it was a toy. So, you supreme intelligent beings, what should they do? They should stop and try to check if the pistol was real? And if they couldn’t they had ask the man “excuse me sir, can u show us your gun, because we want to check if it’s real or not, otherwise we have to ask you to put the gun down, or we will shoot…..oh, ok, that’s a real gun, so it seemed you just tried to kill us, hold on and let us shoot you before you do”. Aham….. Jesus christ guys, can you understand how dumb is this? Let me explain you how it works. America has more Gun Markets than McDonald’s, everyday, every night, someone is killing someone else with gun. So, I see a man that while coming out with us starts to move quicker and apparently aggressive, and he tooks out what looks like (oh wait, it is) a gun? I empty my gun in your fucking head, you dumb. I mean the “dead one” knew that the gun was a toy, SO WHY THE FUCK HE DID THAT?! His stupidity killed him. That’s perfectly correct

        1. Not sure what’s up with svarg. From what I understand he hurt someone’s feelings and was put into censorship timeout. Or maybe he’s the new bass player with Putrid Pile and is out on tour.

          1. cool, PP is a fat cunt. lol. svarg probably deserved it, he had it coming… got a bit fucking annoying trying to put a right winger in his place on an online forum… he spread the svarg bug around a bit and people were just slagging each other off…

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            i dont know for what, but i tend to type american style english when im online… i hear my voice in my head as an american, fucking weird really… then like just then i slip out of it and im londoner matt again.

            anyway… never been a massive fan of putried pile, too fat. lol

            ive lost 34kg in 7 months now… fucking great. back to myself again! drugs are cool….

    1. the only thing about americans and america that i dont like is that they still assume the rest of the world are all just like americans are…. they dont really get educated to believe otherwise.

      thats the problem right there… sort it out donald.

  5. You all are retarded. Cops are trained to react to guns and knives. They asked for his I.D and dickface wanted to pull a gun and not his wallet. They reacted, they are trained to, ive done prison time for stupid shit. Ive never had a bad encounter with the police because im a man and own up to my shit that i cause, also, complying, and not being a little faggot because you are about to get in trouble goes a long way. If you dont make their jobs harder, they usually let dumb little shit slide. Not saying all cops are law upholding officers. There are cops who bust nuts on the power trip they get, 99% of the time though, they get caught. Stop being pussies and own up to your shit, you wont get shot.

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